Can You Handle This?
With the latest bags, the answer's a resounding yes.
By Susanna Hamner

(Business 2.0) – The rollaboard, invented in 1989 by airline pilot Bob Plath, took the weight off travelers' shoulders. Now luggage makers are giving their rollers an upgrade, with handles that are easier on the wrist. These bags will zip you through terminals without putting your hands through the wringer. -- SUSANNA HAMNER


Plath's company has reinvented its original rolling case with a swing-out vertical grip that puts your wrist in a neutral position--an ergonomic design applauded by some chiropractors. Another stress-reducing feature: "No-tip" feet on the bottom of the bag keep it from falling over when you strap additional luggage on top. $329;


Leave that extra tote at home: The Transporter is a suitcase and garment bag in one, featuring a rounded, pivoting grip that lets you comfortably wheel the bag in any direction without hitting your leg. Hang your clothes in the removable fold-out suit compartment and secure extra luggage on top with the flip-up support bar. $495;


The maker of the Swiss Army Knife sliced 10 percent off the weight of its Werks line while stuffing it full of cool features. This 20-inch bag is equipped with removable mesh packing cubes for extra space and a curved swivel handle that locks into position with your palm facing in, reducing arm strain and bag tipping. $209;