Don't Leave the Office Without 'Em
By Matthew Maier

(Business 2.0) – Connected Camera

The world does need Wi-Fi-enabled digicams, and the Kodak EasyShare-One aims to prove it. The 4-megapixel point-and-shoot allows you to beam back high-quality pictures--of, say, your overseas plant--from any hotspot, and it just as easily accesses photos stored at a Web-based library ( One catch: The camera won't be available until late spring. $698, with SD Wi-Fi card;


Chances are, the conference room you're camped out in has an Ethernet broadband connection. But what if you want the whole crowd online? The Netgear Wireless Travel Router turns any meeting space into a hotspot with high-speed access as fast as 54 Mbps. And its 128-bit encryption ensures that your data won't leave the room. $99;

All-Purpose PDA

The Audiovox 6601 Pocket PC smartphone wants to be all things to all business travelers, and it just about is. A numeric touchpad appears on the 6601's big screen, which hides a decent slide-down keyboard for e-mailing. Gather your clients and call up the PowerPoint presentation stored directly in the 6601's 64MB of memory, then hook the Audiovox up to a projector. $549;

Peripatetic Projector

Extended tours and anvil-like projectors don't mix. Fortunately, even at a light 4 pounds, the diminutive Dell 3300MP puts on a heavyweight show: Its digital light-processing chip and 1,700 lumens give it the ability to highlight subtle colors even in well-lit rooms. Plus, a single bulb will run for a whopping 5,000 hours. $1,599;


Pack the requisite charging devices along with your laptop, PDA, and digital camera, and your carry-on bag will barely close. A better option: Just take the iGo EverywherePower 7500 recharger. The gizmo plugs into not only wall outlets but also the sockets in cars and airplane seats, and it connects to virtually any laptop. Its second port will simultaneously charge the portable electronic device of your choice. $140;