Motorola Razr V3
By Matthew Maier

(Business 2.0) – The Razr proves that form and function aren't mutually exclusive, even in the technically arcane world of high-end cell phones. Not since 1996's Startac had Motorola scored a killer design, so the company gave its industrial designers free rein to pursue the materials they coveted--with few cost constraints. The result was the first phone made solely of demanding metal alloys that didn't sacrifice next-generation features such as Bluetooth technology and a high-resolution VGA digital camera. Taking its design cues (and name) from razor blades, the slim, lightweight phone has been a hit with both gearheads and the fashion-conscious, reestablishing Motorola as a design-minded brand. "There's no way this is a one-hit wonder," predicts judge Michael Moritz. -- M.M.