Where Fight Club Meets The Office
By Amy Cortese

(Business 2.0) – Can't stand the sight of that jerkwad in business development? If you work anywhere near Manhattan, you can do more about it than exchange four-letter epithets--you can try to knock him into next week without fear of a pink slip or lawsuit. Assuming that your sworn enemy is similarly inclined, the trick is to sign up for the Grudge Match package at the Trinity Boxing Club (www.trinityboxing.com). For $200, Trinity owner and professional boxing coach Martin Snow offers four weeks of training, the use of protective headgear, some oversize boxing gloves, and a three-round match. Snow hit on the idea two years ago, after getting multiple requests from pairs of co-workers looking to rent the ring. Since then he has refereed and judged about a dozen such clashes, which have featured everyone from white-shoe attorneys to Wall Street traders. The results, however, tend to be the same: "By the end, these guys are always hugging," Snow says. -- AMY CORTESE