How to Pack Like a Pro
Ten days, one carry-on. Think it can't be done? Road warrior Kevin Knox does it all the time. Here are his tricks.
By Elizabeth Esfahani

(Business 2.0) – After logging more than 150,000 miles a year as a vice president at Advanced Micro Devices, Kevin Knox has packing down to a science. Even on 10-day trips to Asia, he never takes more than a carry-on and a briefcase. "The key is coming to terms with the fact that you can't pack for every single day and occasion," he says. Instead, Knox suggests packing with the assumption that you'll send out laundry and err on the dressy side. Knox uses a Samsonite 700 Series expandable upright ($320) that is slightly bigger than a traditional carry-on but still fits easily into an overhead bin. Here's a closer look at how he fills it. --Elizabeth Esfahani

1 Undergarments Underneath Knox packs in the same order in which he dresses in the morning. First he puts in 10 sets of the essentials, rolling the T-shirts (A), laying the boxers (B) flat, and placing the socks (C) around the borders. If he decides to bring an extra pair of shoes (D), they go in next, facedown, in cloth shoe bags, one along each side of the case.

2 Uniform in the Middle Next come the shirts (E), all of which are button-down, lightweight, and in neutral colors. Knox takes five or six (some solid, some striped), folds each over once, and places them on one side of the bag. (Though he tries not to wrinkle them, he presumes he will either do some ironing or send them out to be pressed when he arrives.) The other side is reserved for pants. Knox typically brings two suits, a sports coat, and slacks, wearing jeans on the plane and packing the suit pants and slacks (F).

3 Finery on Top Next come the ties (G), which are laid across the length of the bag. This is the one item Knox will overpack, taking along as many as 15 ties in order to leave his options open. Knox then puts in his jackets (H) lengthwise, folded once. Finally, he adds a light sweater (I) for the return trip and a small leather toiletries bag (J). If he brings gym clothes, these are stuffed in the outside pockets.