A Smashing Success
By Elizabeth Esfahani

(Business 2.0) – It's usually a lot more fun to watch Office Space than to live it. But not for the lucky cubicle dwellers whose employers are enlightened enough to rent out Austin's Alamo Drafthouse Cinema for the Ultimate Office Space Party. Patrons not only get to view the scathing cult favorite but also are invited to reenact the climactic scene in which the movie's protagonists annihilate a copy machine. Alamo owner Tim League first brought in a junked copier and sledgehammer for a corporate party two years ago; it has since become the Alamo's most popular themed event, drawing groups from locally headquartered companies such as Dell and Whole Foods. While the screening is always raucous, it's the copier that really fires up the crowd. "There are always some folks who get a little too into swinging the hammer," League says. "They just love strapping on plastic goggles and smashing the thing to bits." -- ELIZABETH ESFAHANI