Table of contents: VOL. 6, NO. 11 - December 1, 2005
We asked 30 business visionaries, collectively worth over $70 billion, what single philosophy they swear by more than any other--in business, life, or both. Here are the secrets of their success. (more)

Tight supply and soaring prices have some experts predicting the demise of the petroleum age. But those very economic forces are also spurring innovation that could keep us in black gold for years to come. (more)
Forget condos and strip malls. Domain names, the real estate of the Web, have been delivering far greater returns. How some of the savviest speculators on the Net are making millions from their URL portfolios. (more)
How the founders of a hot young photo-sharing site are helping to change the focus of the search engine giant--and turning its fight with Google into a battle of man vs. machine. (more)
America's cotton subsidy program has morphed into a budget-busting mess so twisted it even sends taxpayer money to the French. Now it threatens to ignite a perilous trade war. Which leads us to a question for the U.S. Congress: Are you out of your cotton-pickin' minds? (more)
Google CEO Eric Schmidt gives us his golden rules for managing innovation. (more)
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what's cool
Try these time-saving techniques to have a pain-free business trip. (more)
When a work trip goes awry, there are ways to assess--and repair--the damage. (more)
It starts with sex appeal. But once you begin driving Maserati's new four-door, its strength and intelligence conspire to forge a deep and lasting bond. (more)

what's next

At Kleiner Perkins, he nurtured seedlings that grew into the Valley's mightiest oaks. Now, out on his own, Vinod Khosla is tilling the startup fields again. (more)

Business is booming for the 50-plus hangover remedies now on the market. (more)
Anshe Chung is raking in real money in an unreal online world. (more)

VCs looking to fund startups and flip them to Google are facing an unlikely rival: Google. (more)

Trader Joe's pioneered the concept. Whole Foods took it upscale. Now there's Supervalu. (more)

what works
Web-based programs lack Ivy prestige, but they can boost aspiring executives' fortunes. (more)
The PC maker's newest and biggest factory makes its other state-of-the-art plants look like slowpokes. (more)
Networking gets you into parties, but business success often demands doing deals with complete strangers. (more)
It's not black, not shiny, and not as heavily advertised. Yet the DS has gained ground on the PSP, thanks to clever software that shows off what the hardware can do. (more)
For highly trafficked websites, bubble-era buyouts are back. (more)
At, execs shell out to find the high-salaried gigs. (more)
At this convenience chain, the "green" runs deeper than veggie wraps and solar-roasted coffee. The gas is eco-friendly too. (more)
A fridge for Korean kimchi? A microwave for Iranian kebabs? LG stands out in emerging markets by catering to national lifestyles. (more)
Metaphase blends aesthetics with ergonomics to design products that look good, work better--and sell more. (more)
Lindland Clothing launched a fashion mini-hit by rotating traditional designs 90 degrees. (more)
Impressive credentials are nice. But character and values are the qualities that matter most when making a hire. (more)
Our annual rankings show another banner year for the businesses leading the tech revival. Here's who is out in front and how they got there. |more|
It's getting crowded on the Web 2.0 frontier, but we highlight the newcomers most likely to strike gold in 2007. |more|
See the video, test your Dumbest knowledge, and let us know what you think was the year's most boneheaded moves. |more|
The real estate slump could get worse before it gets better. Here are smart strategies for today's turbulent market. |more|
It just may be possible to have it all. Business 2.0's guide shows you how to live large now - and bankroll your future. |more|