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What's cool: 4 professionals on the business tools they can't live without.

SAN FRANCISCO (Business 2.0) -- From CEOs to Major League pitchers, the professionals who rely on technology the most have the best ideas for products that can make your life better.

This month, Colorado Rockies hurler Jason Jennings explains how his new video iPod helps him get crucial intelligence ahead of games. (more)

Douglas Krone, CEO of Dynamism, turns on readers to eyedrops that can give a much-needed energy boost on long flights. (more)

Sandy Jen, co-founder of Meebo.com, uses a digital scratch pad to save random ideas that would otherwise have ended up in the trash bin. (more)

Mike Farmer, director of strategic partnerships for Kozoru, finds himself waking up more refreshed than ever thanks to a new watch that doubles as a sleep monitor. (more)

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