Suits and Ladders

Why did Red Bull install a 29-foot slide at its London HQ? Because sometimes energy drinks aren't enough to keep the creative juices flowing.

By Monica Heger, Business 2.0 Magazine

(Business 2.0 Magazine) -- You'd think the folks at Red Bull would have no trouble staying sharp. But like the rest of us, those who work at the $2.5 billion energy-drink maker still need a little jolt to keep the creative juices flowing. Hence the new 29-foot slide at the company's renovated London office, which, says Helen Kirwan, who oversaw the $4 million makeover, "reflects our sense of fun" while also inspiring creativity. "People get a bit buzzy after going down the slide," explains Red Bull PR manager Ruth Szyszkowski. "They're energized and ready to talk business." As a bonus, it gives workers an incentive to look sharp too: It turns out that business suits work much better than casual clothes when it comes to picking up speed. Top of page

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