The World has a Lot of Problems ...

Now meet nine for-profit companies that are fixing them.

GREENHOUSE GASES The average American's use of transportation and electricity releases 10 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year. The goods and services she consumes are responsible for 14 tons more. That leads to ...

GLOBAL WARMING By 2050 the melting of Greenland's land-based ice cap into the Atlantic will raise the sea level worldwide by 23 feet - and put these cities at risk.

BOSTON (20 ft. above sea level)


NORFLOK (10 ft.)


NEW ORLEANS (11 ft.)

MIAMI (11 ft.)

GALVESTON (10 ft.)

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1950-2048: DYING OCEANS By 2048 all species of commercially caught fish could decline to less than 10 percent of 1950 levels.

FAMINE Every minute 12 children worldwide die of hunger.

1981-2006: SUPERBUGS Just 25 years ago, roughly 3 percent of the common but deadly staph bacteria were resistant to antibiotics. Today almost 60 percent are.

1999-2005: TRASH China generated 784 million tons of industrial waste in 1999. In 2005 that number was 1.3 billion tons.

UNCLEAN WATER One out of five people lacks access to uncontaminated drinking water.

EPIDEMICS There are 300 million cases of malaria annually - 90 percent of them in Africa.

AIR POLLUTION South Asia is covered with a two-mile-thick toxic cloud that kills 500,000 people a year in India alone.

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