America's Hottest Jobs

The best jobs in the hottest markets
The great American hiring boom is slowing down -- but as labor cools with the rest of the economy. A few choice regions will stay red-hot. You just have to know where to look. (more)

Video: Playing with big kid toys Imagine working with robots and getting paid up to six figures for it. Business 2.0 highlights some of the new careers of the 21st century. (moreVIDEO
Quiz: Do you deserve a raise? Find out if you're getting paid what you're worth -- or if it's time to ask for a salary hike or polish the resume. (more)
Interactive map See where the jobs are -- and which ones are in highest demand. (more)
Cost of living calculator Thinking about moving to a new city? See how much you should earn to maintain the lifestyle you have now. (more)

The new new careers
The United States may keep shedding jobs to foreign countries, but it cranks out new occupations like no one else. Here are just five of the hottest you can get into now. (more)

The hottest jobs
Here are the most in-demand professionals nationwide, and the cities where they're most coveted. (more)

The hottest salaries
Here are popular job categories in which wages are growing the fastest. (more)

The hottest spots for knowledge workers
Here are the cities with the highest job-growth rates for college-educated tech and business professionals. (more)

Social networking has been great for the kids, but not of much use to business - until now. With Reid Hoffman's MySpace-for-grown-ups at a tipping point, these days you're either LinkedIn or left out. (more)
Need a change? Find the latest job listings in your city -- or any place you want to go. (more)