Four immigration fixes that could turbo-charge tech

When President Obama announces plans for immigration reform tonight, the tech community hopes he'll address visa policies for high-skilled, legal immigrants.  More

Obesity costs global economy $2 trillion

Obesity costs the global economy $2 trillion per year, or almost as much as armed conflict or smoking, according to a new report by McKinsey.  More

Big jump in Medicaid spending after Obamacare

States saw an 11% increase in Medicaid spending after Obamacare Medicaid expansion kicks in. The federal government shouldered the majority of the costs.  More

The Fed is worried about the stock market

The Federal Reserve admitted that the market volatility is a concern.  More

Millennials are closing the gender wage gap

The wage gap between men and women has narrowed among millennials early in their professions, but the good news ends there.  More

The Obamacare tax at center of Gruber firestorm

The controversy sparked by economist Jonathan Gruber centers on the Cadillac tax on employer-sponsored health insurance, instituted by Obamacare.  More

5 reasons to worry about the world economy

Is the global economy on the brink of a new crisis? Here are 5 things to worry about.  More

Fact checking Keystone jobs claims

As debate in Washington comes to a head, job claims getting most of attention overstate jobs impact.  More

The ultra wealthy get $2 trillion wealthier

Congratulations to the 12,040 new people who now have more than $30 million in net assets. We salute you!  More

Shoppers not feeling Black Friday this year

Most Americans won't shop on either Black Friday or Cyber Monday this year, according to a new report. Just 28% of Americans plan to shop in a store on Black Friday.  More

$325 million deal may be riskiest contract in sports

The Miami Marlins' $325 million contact offer to Giancarlo Stanton raises eyebrows  More

Japan gets another sugar rush but needs more

The world's third largest economy just got another shot of emergency pain relief, but the radical surgery it needs risks being pushed back yet again.  More

Federal agents arrest debt collectors

Preet Bharara, the U.S. Attorney in Manhattan, warns that this could be the first of many such crackdowns.  More

Americans don't like Obamacare, even if enrollees do

Obamacare gets low approval ratings as insurance exchanges open for enrollment.  More

The push to keep Washington's impartial budget wonk

Well-known economists urge Republicans to reappoint Douglas Elmendorf, who they are praising for his impartiality as head of the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.  More

5 reasons to worry about the world economy

Is the global economy on the brink of a new crisis? Here are 5 things to worry about.  More

Can the Republicans balance the budget?

Republican Senator Jeff Sessions may end up in charge of the Senate Budget Committee. One of his goals: Balancing the budget within 10 years. That may be possible on paper, but in reality it's unlikely to fly.  More

Half work, half vacation: Meet the 'work-cation'

More people are combining work and vacations -- going away yet actually putting in full days on the job.  More

Dismal quarter pushes Japan into recession

The Japanese economy slipped into recession in the third quarter, a surprisingly poor performance that could delay a planned sales tax hike.  More

5 things to know about income inequality

Income inequality - most everyone agrees it has gone up. But by how much depends on how it's measured. And whether that growth is a problem is another area of dispute.  More

Obamacare 2.0 kicks off with few hitches opened for business Saturday and so far so good.  More

Walmart workers plan Black Friday protests

Workers will protest the company's alleged retaliation against colleagues who call for better pay and fair schedules.  More

Europe dodges recession - barely

Germany may have dodged another recession and Europe is growing again but it's way too soon to celebrate.  More

Feds go after Swiss banker

A federal indictment says the man helped to hide hundreds of millions from tax collectors.  More

3 reasons you'll likely get a raise in 2015

More Americans are getting back to work, but they aren't getting paid more. That may change next year.  More

Good news: more people are quitting their jobs

America's 'job quits' rate is at a six-year high. It's another sign the economy is picking up and wages are likely growing.  More

Angel fund commits $3.5M to immigrant entrepreneurs

Unshackled is a new angel investment fund that aims to help foreign entrepreneurs work legally on their startups in the U.S.  More

Employees pay more out of pocket for healthcare

Employees that have insurance benefits at work will pay 55% more in premiums and out-of-pocket costs in 2015, according to a new study.  More

Can quitting your job help end war?

David Gross lives off of $20,000 a year in order to avoid paying federal income tax, which funds military action he is morally opposed to.  More

Obamacare 2.0: What you need to know

Enrollment begins on Nov. 15. Here are the straightforward answers to commonly asked questions.  More

Cannabis be true? Colorado pot sales fall

Sales of recreational and medical marijuana fell in September for the first time since Colorado legalized it in January.  More

Financial pain leads to NY church closures

Over 100 churches will be closed in the state of New York as the archdiocese cites financial burdens and other issues.  More

Obama's China climate deal: Job killer or worth the cost?

Republicans and industry say U.S. can't afford the cost of cutting greenhouse gases to battle climate change. But the EPA, environmental groups say inaction will cost more.  More

Gas at $3 a gallon can't last

Plunging oil prices may cause a long term problems and hamper the U.S. shale oil boom, the International Energy Agency warned.  More

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg's advice: become a plumber

The former New York City mayor advises people to consider professions like plumbing before committing to college.  More

Is China's favorite climate excuse still valid?

China has long insisted it should not be held to the same climate standard as developed nations. How long will that line work?  More

Liberals and conservatives blast the Fed

A coalition claims the Federal Reserve is out of touch with Main Street and should prioritize getting people back to work.  More

Does the GI Bill even work?

The GI Bill provides more than $10 billion a year in education and job training programs, but there is almost no data to show whether it's actually helping veterans.  More

The tech behind smart cities

From floating solar farms to streets that store energy, these tech concepts could drastically alter urban life, making cities smarter, safer and more efficient.  More

China and Qatar buying London properties

London is the top investment choice for sovereign funds in the world, attracting four times more capital than the runner-up, Manhattan  More

White House explains why its visa reforms are a big deal for the U.S. economy

President Obama has announced an agreement with China that extends the validity of tourist and business visas to 10 years and student visas to five years.  More

Target is giving away money to get you to shop

The company revealed holiday season deals on Monday with a keen focus on drawing online and mobile shoppers into its stores.  More

It just got easier to visit China for business and pleasure

For many Americans, getting a Chinese visa is a huge pain. But that might be changing.  More

Obamacare enrollment likely to fall short of 2015 goal

Federal officials lower Obamacare enrollment goals to 9 million range, down from 13 million.  More

You may never have to rescue a bank again

The days of taxpayers stumping up billions to bail out failing banks may be coming to an end.  More

Window shopping for Obamacare premiums starts

Consumers can start comparing premium prices on Obamacare plans before open enrollment opens Nov. 15.  More

5 reasons Russia may face worse times

Things in Russia are going from bad to worse as the country continues to struggle with falling oil prices and growing economic isolation because of Western sanctions.  More

How a war started Daylight Saving Time

It all began in 1907 as the brainchild of an English home builder named William Willetts, but didn't catch on until World War I.  More

Black women struggle to fund startups

The challenge for most minority women isn't the entrepreneurial spirit, it's having sufficient access to funding.  More

4 things about China's delicate relationship with the U.S.

Fresh off a brutal electoral drubbing, President Obama is headed for Beijing to face another vexing issue: The rise of China, and America's response.  More

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz gives Washington 30 days to prove itself

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is putting dysfunctional DC on notice, calling on Congress and the White House to "stop the polarization and dysfunction."  More

Elizabeth Warren blasts lobbyists for the 'rich and powerful'

Senator Elizabeth Warren took a swipe at Washington lobbyists she said are trying to cash in on last week's election results.  More

Smoke pot legally? You can still get fired

While voters in Alaska, Oregon and D.C. just OK'd marijuana legalization, these new state policies don't necessarily protect you from getting fired at work for smoking pot.  More

America's dual economy

The slow-burn recovery is clearly better, but it's leaving some people behind.  More

Detroit bankruptcy case ends

The nation's largest municipal bankruptcy nears ends as judge approves Detroit's plan to emerge from bankruptcy.  More

Coming to America: Chickens from China

U.S. food safety regulators give four Chinese companies approval to export cooked chickens to the United States. But those chickens must be born, raised and slaughtered in America, Canada or Chile.  More

San Francisco's million-dollar bet on education

Kindergarten to College, San Francisco's universal children's savings account program, is the first of its kind.  More

U.S. has added 2.3 million jobs this year

Employers added 214,000 jobs in October and unemployment fell to 5.8%, another solid month of hiring.  More

Despite 'Lean In,' workplace equality remains abysmal

A report by consulting firm Mercer warns gender quality could take decades unless companies dramatically alter their policies.  More

The 'temporary' recession tax you're still paying

Imposing a temporary tax is one way states shore up their budgets during tough times. And 14 states did just that during the latest recession. But a new report finds many of those 'temporary' recession taxes are still in place.  More

Russia's currency won't stop falling

Russian President Vladimir Putin could be facing a full-blown currency crisis.  More

Postal Service launches Sunday delivery for the holidays

The U.S.P.S. is expanding its holiday delivery schedule and expects to handle up to 470 million packages this season.  More

Hong Kong's growing wealth gap fuels protests

Hong Kong is a gorgeous city: shining skyscrapers, deep blue waters and towering green mountains. But behind all that rumbles a growing frustration with income inequality and crazy high real estate prices.  More

Millionaire tax: Illinois voters say 'Yes,' but it's a long shot

The citizens of Illinois voted for a millionaire tax on Tuesday, but that doesn't mean it's going to become law.  More

India's economy will get its "big bang"

India's new finance minister Arun Jaitley says the changes he's planning will amount to a 'big bang' for the economy over time.  More

The ultimate guide to shopping on Thanksgiving

Again this year, some of the country's largest retailers aren't waiting for Thanksgiving to be over -- or even for it to be Friday -- before launching their Black Friday deals.  More

What's driving San Francisco? Beer

While it's the tech scene that usually gets the spotlight, San Francisco's manufacturing sector is growing in importance.  More

Standby. European Central Bank is preparing new stimulus

European Central Bank President Mario Draghi is readying new ways of injecting cash into the region's ailing economy.  More

San Francisco: The best city to make things

From electric motorcycles to death shrouds, San Francisco's manufacturing sector is booming.  More

I bought pot legally and it was weird

I visited a store in Washington, one of two states where recreational weed is legal, and it was nothing like walking into a liquor store.  More

What now for taxes after Republican sweep?

Tax reform will still be a tough slog to achieve even though Republicans will now control both the House and the Senate.  More

Luxembourg: The tax haven at the heart of Europe

Hundreds of companies have saved billions of dollars in tax thanks to deals done with Luxembourg over a period of many years.  More

Why voters hate the Obama economy

These four charts explain why many Americas are frustrated with their financial situation.  More

New Berkeley soda tax costs 68 cents per two liter bottle

Berkeley voters pass a 1-cent-an-ounce tax on soda and sugary drinks by a three-to-one margin but a more expensive tax failed to pass in San Francisco.  More

CEOs put on their best smiley face

What me, worry? Leading executives are still pretty bullish about their prospects thanks to a resilient U.S. economy. But how long can that last if Europe and China weaken?  More

San Francisco votes in $15 minimum wage

San Francisco joins Seattle as the second U.S. city to raise the minimum wage to the highest level in the nation.  More

Red-leaning states say yes to a higher minimum wage

The midterm elections have been rough on Democrats. But they did well on one key issue they've been championing for months -- a higher minimum wage.  More

Doing business in India: Bureaucrats and bribes. New leader vows to change all that

Six months on, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a concerted campaign to make India an attractive place to do business - and to jump start the economy.  More

Income inequality is stealth issue in midterm elections

Candidates may not be talking about inequality directly, but their views on taxes, Obamacare and the minimum wage will affect inequality.  More

Save the turtles? Your reusable bag just might.

Money, animals, the environment -- there are a lot of reasons to ditch plastic bags. But how much does it really matter?  More

San Francisco votes on $15 minimum wage

San Francisco residents are set to vote on a proposition that would rise the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2018.  More

How startups are solving D.C.'s poverty problem

Washington, D.C., has the highest poverty rate of any U.S. city but innovative social startups are filling in the gaps where city programs stop short.  More

Cheap gas reignites America's love affair with gas guzzlers

Americans celebrate gas below $3 by snapping up the big SUVs and pickups they had been waiting to buy.  More

Is another holiday delivery fiasco ahead?

Online spending is projected to grow by $10 billion this year, or about 13%, according to a new report.  More

Municipal bonds are on fire, buyer beware

Municipal bonds are on a tear, but investors need to be cautious  More

Singapore tops the list of best places to do business

The World Bank puts out an annual ranking of business hotspots. Singapore tops the chart for ninth year in row, with New Zealand and Hong Kong trailing close behind.  More

Taj Mahal casino workers want $175 million bailout from Atlantic City and New Jersey

Taj Mahal would be fifth casino to close in Atlantic City without bailout.  More

You won't believe these everyday items are knock offs

It's not just fake designer handbags and watches consumers need to be wary of. Counterfeit products are pretty much everywhere.  More

Floating train could whisk you from D.C. to N.Y. in an hour

Two proposals from the private sector could bring futuristic high speed rail to the United States.  More

How one government spends your taxes

The U.K. government has just begun mailing personalized summaries that break down exactly how individuals' income taxes are being spent.  More
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