Russians pay higher price for isolation

Russia is paying an ever higher price for its growing isolation over the crisis in Ukraine.  More

Thanks Obamacare! Check is in the mail for 6.8 million people

The government says health insurers are charging lower premiums, thanks to a provision in Obamacare.  More

Global economy still limping along

The world economy is still stuck in low gear even as the risks to growth mount, the International Monetary Fund says as it cuts its 2014 forecast.  More

Argentina is now very close to default

Argentina will default in just a few days unless the country can strike a deal at the eleventh hour with holdout creditors.  More

Rotten bosses come in at least 6 different flavors

CNNMoney readers rip managers who micromanage to death, play favorites, throw their staff under the bus and steal credit for their work.  More

Your mail delivered. After dark.

With cost-cutting at the U.S. Postal Service more letter carriers are working later and later to deliver your mail. About 38% of mail is delivered after 5 p.m. in cities nationwide. And areas like Atlanta, Washington and South Florida, it's 70%.  More

Why is Belgium buying so many U.S. bonds?

Belgian holdings of U.S. debt have skyrocketed in the last year, though many suspect China is the reason why.  More

China's factories power ahead to 18-month high

Manufacturing activity is at an 18-month high in China as factories roar to life after a dismal start to the year.  More

When U.S. companies dodge taxes, is it unpatriotic?

Corporate inversions are on the rise. A U.S. company can greatly lower its tax bill by merging with a foreign firm and legally moving its headquarters abroad. Lawmakers from both parties are unhappy with the trend and want to change the rules. In the meantime, some are saying the move is unpatriotic.  More

Face of Obamacare subsidy: $3,600 at stake

One recently retired airline worker on Obamacare said his tax credit for 2014 will return him $3,600 for the year, or 23% of his annual income. He's watching the dueling court rulings closely.  More

Obamacare confusion for 4.7M Americans

Two opposing court rulings issued Tuesday sowed confusion about whether 4.7 million Americans can keep their Obamacare subsidies.  More

Avoid the rush! Some ERs are taking appointments

Hospitals are hoping online ER appointments will help attract patients anxious to avoid long waits in a crowded and often chaotic environment.  More

Indonesia markets cheer Widodo victory

Indonesian markets rallied Wednesday morning after government officials declared Joko Widodo as the winner of the country's second-ever presidential election.  More

It's 'peanut butter jelly time.' PBJ costs fall

Food prices have been rising, but don't fear: Not all groceries are more expensive. All the fixings for peanut butter and jelly are cheaper now than they were a year ago.  More

Europe threatens Russia with tough sanctions

Europe has threatened Russia with tough economic sanctions if it fails to halt the flow of arms to rebels in Ukraine and cooperate over the Malaysia Airlines crash.  More

Sanctions: Top 10 Russian targets

As Europe edges toward tougher sanctions on Russia, here's a list of the 10 most important companies and businessmen already targeted by the U.S.

You're more likely to get a raise now

Workers rejoice: Economists say their companies are granting more pay raises this year.  More

Military family groceries won't be cut, for now

The Senate joined the House and backed off plans that would have forced grocery stores for military to offer fewer discounts due to slashed budgets.  More

Detroit's turnaround is moving fast

Voting results due Monday will determine if Detroit can emerge quickly from the nation's largest municipal bankruptcy.  More

Look out: 'Burrito inflation' is here

Many big restaurant chains and food companies have announced price hikes recently as wholesale prices for many basic ingredients have soared.  More

Only 63% of adults are in labor force

The job market is improving, but don't get your hopes up that the labor force participation will rise significantly anytime soon.  More

Billionaire suggests 3-day work week

Carlos Slim, world's 2nd richest man, advocates three-day work week along with longer work days and later retirement age.  More

Fed hawks: Start draining the punch bowl!

In the last week, three vocal Federal Reserve officials have been urging their colleagues to stop filling up the proverbial punch bowl.  More

Ukraine may need new bailout

The conflict in eastern Ukraine is driving the economy even deeper into crisis and could force the government to seek another international bailout.  More

Homeless valedictorian moves to dorm

Homeless valedictorian leaves shelter for college dreams  More

Obamacare help was in high demand

Americans needed help from enrollment counselors to sign up for Obamacare, a new study shows. Many required up to two hours of assistance.  More

Yellen on human toll of unemployment

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen on the 'exceptional psychological trauma' of being unemployed.  Play

Yellen: Economy still needs Fed stimulus

Although the job market is improving, it's still not strong enough to fully satisfy Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen.  More

Homeless valedictorian moves to college

Follow 18-year-old Rashema Melson on her journey from a D.C. homeless shelter onto one of the country's most prestigious college campuses, Georgetown University.  Play

China economic growth picks up by a hair

China's economic growth picked up slightly more than expected in the second quarter, amid continued worries over the country's runaway real estate sector.  More

Despite dropping deficits, debt picture a concern, watchdog says

Congress has yet to make the hard decisions about how to reduce the long-term imbalance between spending and revenue. If policies are left unchanged, the growth in the country's debt "cannot be sustained indefinitely," warns the Congressional Budget Office.  More

Go to law school. Rack up debt. Make $62,000

Since the recession, lawyers have seen falling wages -- and a big run up on debts  More

Hospitals face major government crackdown for injuring patients

Medicare is cracking down on hospitals with high rates of patient injuries and infections.  More

Economists are really worried about China's massive property sector

A runaway real estate sector poses the greatest risk to growth in China, according to a CNNMoney survey.  More

Germany busts sausage cartel

Germany's world-renowned sausage makers have been ripping off retailers and consumers for years by operating a cartel to raise prices.  More

Asia grads searching for Google jobs

Asia's top university students are hoping to hook up with Western firms including Google, Apple and Deloitte when they enter the workforce.  More

These food workers have to work while sick - a risk to all of us

The nation's health watchdog is telling food workers to stay home when they're sick. But without paid sick days, workers say they can't afford to.  More

Buffett, Adelson & Gates: Pass immigration

CEOs with ties to Democrats and Republicans plead with Congress to break the impasse and overhaul immigration in a New York Times editorial  More

Immigration reform now: Not enough workers

Business groups are pushing for Congress to overhaul immigration laws, saying it's will help fuel new economic growth.  More

China's growth stagnates as property threat grows

The pace of China's economic growth is stagnating, according to a CNNMoney survey.  More

Argentina vs. Germany: By the econ numbers

The World Cup final matchup between Argentina and Germany pits a hot emerging market against a stable, mature economy.  More

Hispanics' massive wealth gap

Hispanics make up 16.3% of the U.S. population but own only 2.2% of the wealth.  More

Uninsured rate plummets under Obamacare

The number of uninsured Americans has dropped steeply since Obamacare insurance took effect this year.  More

Yes, the economy is getting better

The economy is getting better. So much so that the Fed is likely to end its bond buying program in October.  More

Can India boost growth rate by 50%?

India's new government unveiled its first budget, promising a big boost to economic growth over the next three years.  More

Is there a 'retail funk'?

The Container Store stock is down more than 8% after the company blamed a 'retail funk' for its slow sales.  More

Breakfast takes a bigger bite out of your wallet

Food prices are up, especially bacon, eggs and coffee.  More

More companies bail on U.S. for lower taxes

A new analysis found 47 companies have relocated to home bases with lower rates in the past 10 years through a merger process known as inversion.  More

10 best cities to launch a startup

Access to funding, labor and the cost of living can make or break a new business. Based on a NerdWallet study, these 10 cities are the best in the country to launch a startup.  More

L.A. hotel workers could get $15.37 an hour - the highest minimum wage in the U.S.

Sandra Diaz clears tables in L.A., where hotel workers could soon be earning the country's highest minimum wage of $15.37  More

Vatican turns to Wall Street to fix bank

The Vatican is turning to big-hitting Wall Street players for help as it tries to leave its scandal-tainted banking past behind.  More

Congress wants to clobber my company

As House Republican aims fury at the Export-Import Bank, and some smaller businesses say they're worried.  More

Teamster walkout could disrupt economy 'far and wide'

Truck drivers target 3 companies at ports that handle of 40% of the nation's imports.  More

Housing market is a 'crapshoot'

Karl 'Chip' Case created the Case-Shiller home price indexes. He's worried about the U.S. housing market and says consumers should only buy for the long haul.  More

Mortgage rates drop to near 4%

Rock-bottom mortgage rates moved even lower this week, hitting 4.12 for a 30-year fixed rate loan.  More

Highest July 4 gas prices in 6 years

The holiday weekend begins with a bang at the pump! The highest Fourth of July gasoline prices since 2008.  More

Obama wants more financial reform

The President says big banks need additional restraints from making bets that leave taxpayers "holding the bag."  More

Minimum wage boost for 4 million Germans

Good news for nearly four million German workers: Lawmakers passed a bill Thursday to introduce the country's first national minimum wage.  More

Great jobs report: Strong hiring, unemployment down

The U.S. economy added 288,000 jobs in June, the fifth straight month of 200,000 or more job growth. And the unemployment rate dipped to 6.1%.  More

Your commute could get even worse

Transportation Secretary said the agency can't pay bills, this could make your commute even worse.  More

8 Presidents and the jobs that got them started

Obama worked for minimum wage or close to it, scooping ice cream and waiting tables. These eight former Presidents also started at the bottom before they took the highest office.  More

It pays to work for the White House

White House released its annual review of staff salaries, which are high-paying jobs.  More

Fed won't raise rates just to burst bubbles

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen is not about to have the Fed raise interest rates merely to burst bubbles.  More

#Newjob selfies popular on Instagram

People are so happy about their #newjob that they are taking work selfies on their first day and posting them on Instagram.  More

U.S. adds 281,000 private-sector jobs

Businesses are getting rosier about the U.S. economy, and they're creating the jobs to prove it, according to a report by payroll processing firm ADP.  More

Were Obamacare applications accurate? Who knows?

Obamacare exchanges couldn't resolve most inconsistencies in applications for insurance and subsidies, federal inspectors found.  More

Unions take hit in Supreme Court ruling

The Supreme Court limited the ability of unions to collect dues from non-union workers.  Play

Who will be affected by Hobby Lobby ruling?

The Supreme Court decision on whether employers must provide contraceptive coverage could have broader impact than just Hobby Lobby.  More

Employers value skills over college degrees, workers say

Your college degree is less important to your employer than the skills you've picked up post-graduation, according to Glassdoor's quarterly employee confidence survey.  More

Autopsy of America: Photos of dead shopping malls

Seph Lawless photographed the ruins of Rust Belt shopping malls for his book 'Black Friday.' The images are meant to be disturbing.  More

Obama delivers on promise to donate $20,000 to the U.S. Treasury

To share in the sacrifice of federal workers who faced unpaid furloughs as a result of spending cuts, the president in 2013 donated 5% of his salary - or $20,000 - to the Treasury Department's General Fund.  More

2 victims' families reject GM's $1 million offer and want their day in court

Two families who lost children to GM Chevy Cobalt accidents say they plan to bypass the deal announced by Ken Feinberg and will take the company to court.  More

Bulgaria tries to contain bank run

Bulgarian authorities have made seven arrests and pumped more than $2 billion into the country's financial system to prevent a bank run spiraling out of control.  More

Enough with Millennials. Here's what Gen X thinks

Everyone is focused on the Millennials and Baby Boomers. Here's who Gen X, America's neglected middle child, are.  More

Should happiness, more than GDP, define a nation's success?

Gross domestic product isn't the best measure of a nation's success, some say. They want policymakers to also regularly assess quality-of-life issues and citizens' sense of well-being.  More

Bob McDonald: Not the first turnaround for Obama's Veterans Affairs pick

For the most challenging turnaround job in the federal government, President Obama wants to tap a former CEO.  More

A $15 minimum wage is 'daunting'

Seattle just passed a $15 minimum wage bill, and San Francisco will vote on one in November. It's a hot topic among lawmakers around the country, and business owners are concerned.  More

Obamacare = opportunity for insurers

Insurers are expanding onto more Obamacare exchanges, giving consumers more choices for 2015 coverage.  More

Stocks: 2014 half-time report

It's 4th of July week, and that means it's time for a look at what's hot and what's not at the mid-year point.  More

Millennial-driven housing boom seen on the horizon

A Harvard study says economic gains may mean the boomerang generation is ready to head out their parents' homes for good.  More

Americans still hesitant to spend more

Incomes are rising gradually, but at the same time, Americans are tightening their purse strings.  More
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