Ohio may legalize pot this year

Ohio could be come the fifth state to legalize marijuana after a ballot initiative to allow medical and recreational use receives initial approval for a November vote.  More

China's factories slump amid growth concerns

China's factories slumped in March, dropping to its lowest in 11 months, according to an early gauge of activity in the country's all-important manufacturing sector.  More

5 ways Obamacare has helped Americans

On Obamacare's 5th birthday, CNNMoney looks at 5 ways the health care reform bill has made more Americans healthier.  More

Problem: The bond 'conundrum' is back

Investors keep buying bonds. That shouldn't happen as the Fed gets ready to hike interest rates.  More

India to surpass China in economic growth

IMF chief Christine Lagarde says India's economic growth rate could soon top that of China, long the world's fastest growing economy.  More

China loves buying European companies

China's buying spree in Europe has moved up a gear as it makes an $8 billion play for Italian tiremaker Pirelli.  More

Keeping Greece in the euro: Mission impossible?

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras warns of debt default before cash crunch meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.  More

Millennials: More educated, fewer employed than Gen X

According to new data from Pew Research Center, Millennials are more likely to have college degrees, but less likely to be employed than Gen Xers.  More

This man helped turn China into an economic power

Singapore's founding father, Lee Kuan Yew, who has died at 91, was one of the first to identify the coming rise of China.  More

Fed's profit jumps 30% to $101 billion

The Fed gave almost all of its earnings to the Treasury Department. And that amount was a record. But critics may not be happy to see the Fed's balance sheet grow even more last year as well.  More

Jack Lew: Higher minimum wage = stronger economy

As Walmart, Target and TJ Maxx hike pay, the White House is pushing again for a minimum wage increase.  More

Greece needs to behave like a startup

What does Greece have in common with a struggling startup? Not much cash, problems getting its message across and a loss of talent to rivals.  More

Thank you, Janet Yellen! Stocks surge after Fed

The stock market jumped over 200 points after the Fed suggested rate hikes are coming, but they won't be too dramatic.  More

Secrets ending for Swiss bank accounts

Switzerland has agreed to share financial information with the European Union, making it much harder for Europeans to hide cash away from tax authorities.  More

What an interest rate increase means for real people

Life is about to get better for savers and a little harder for borrowers.  More

Fed removes 'patient': Prepare for an interest rate hike

The Federal Reserve is signaling that the U.S. economy is healthy enough to start raising interest rates soon.  More

Bond king tells Fed: Don't be a blockhead

Jeffrey Gundlach is worried the Federal Reserve will rush to raise interest rates and regret it.  More

Seattle workers win fight over $15 minimum wage

Judge backs Seattle's $15 minimum wage, saying franchises are not at risk of going out of business.  More

America's most unequal cities

Atlanta is America's most unequal city in terms of income. San Francisco and Boston are close behind.  More

Britain hikes minimum wage by 3%

The U.K. government has just published its last budget before an election in May, including a higher minimum wage and small tax cuts on beer.  More

Violent protests target the European Central Bank. Why?

Riots have erupted at the European Central Bank in Germany as protestors rage against an institution they blame for ruining the lives of millions in the eurozone.  More

New British £1 coin designed by a teenager

The U.K. has unveiled a new 12-sided one pound coin that features a design by a 15-year old student.  More

Meet the new debt ceiling: $18,113,000,000,000

Congress last suspended the debt ceiling in February 2014, making the issue temporarily disappear. Now that suspension has ended and Congress will eventually have to deal with it again.  More

Greece vs. Germany: It's getting really ugly

A row over whether Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis made a rude gesture to Germany two years ago threatens to poison relations.  More

Oil price slump is choking this OPEC economy

Nigeria's finance minister predicts a very difficult year for the once booming economy due to the oil price collapse that has trashed the country's revenues, currency and stock market.  More

The big picture behind Brazil's protests

Millions protested in Brazil on Sunday. It's a reflection, in part, of an economy running on empty.  More

2015: The year Main Street beats Wall Street

America's middle class could finally have a breakout year as hiring picks up and gas stays cheap.  More

Worst cities to be a renter

Rents nationwide have increased 15% over the past five years, while household income is up only 11%, according to a new report.  More

Is Greece running out of money?

Greece has some hefty repayments to make this week and its cash reserves are drying up quickly.  More

In Abe's Japan, everyone (hopefully) gets a raise

Toyota Motor is set to offer its Japanese workers a hefty raise, giving Prime Minister Shinzo Abe his first major victory in a campaign to hike wages in the country.  More

This is the U.S. dollar's fastest rise in 40 years

The strong dollar is showing no signs of a pullback any time soon.  More

Big question: Will the Federal Reserve stop being 'patient'?

All eyes will be on the Fed Wednesday to see if it removes 'patient' from its statement. If so, expect a rate hike in June.  More

Macau's economy slumps 17% after anti-corruption drive

Talk about a bust. Macau's economy shrank by a whopping 17.2% in the fourth quarter.  More

West Coast port goes back to work

Port of Oakland's container terminal was shut Wednesday by dispute over staffing levels despite recent deal between union and management on five-year contract.  More

Stop crying about Fed rate hikes!

The Federal Reserve is going to raise rates. It's actually a good thing. It's a sign that the economy is back.  More

Russia's economic misery deepens

Russia's central bank cut interest rates by 1% to 14% Friday, highlighting the dire state of the country's economy.  More

Cleveland's rents soar ahead of Republican convention

When the politicians move into downtown Cleveland for the 2016 Republican National Convention next summer, many residents will be moving out -- and renting their homes for more than 10 times the normal cost.  More

How companies are keeping new moms on the job

Family-friendly workplace policies aren't just about paid maternity and paternity leave.  More

UK-China trade bromance a blow to White House

The White House is steamed over the U.K.'s decision to join a new China-backed financial institution modeled on the World Bank.  More

Japanese stocks are on fire. But why?

Japan's benchmark stock index has been on a roll in recent months. Can the rally last?  More

3% raises are (likely) back in 2015

A Duke University survey shows that 70% of U.S. businesses expect to increase wages this year.  More

Skies will be more crowded this spring

Airlines expect to have more fliers than 2007 in the spring, and are scrambling to add additional seats to handle the surge.  More

China's rubber-stamp parliament is a billionaires' club

Want to meet a billionaire? Head to Beijing, where more than 100 are taking part in the annual gathering of China's rubber-stamp parliament.  More

How billions of rubles flow secretly into the U.K.

About $1.5 billion in cash flows into the U.K. each month under the radar, and nearly half that amount comes from Russia.  More

Obamacare's second round attracts more Americans

Nearly 11.7 million people signed up for Obamacare 2.0 coverage for 2015.  More

How world leaders' salaries stack up

Russian President Vladimir Putin just took a pay cut. See how his salary stacks up against other world leaders.  More

Obama to offer help for student borrowers

President Obama will announce new steps to improve how the Department of Education and its contractors manage student loans.  More

Uber's lofty goal: Hire 1 million women drivers

Uber says it will work with the United Nations on new ways to encourage women to become drivers for the ride-sharing service.  More

The first city to open its own pot shop

Cannabis Corner opened in the tiny city of North Bonneville, Washington, on Saturday. And unlike any other recreational marijuana store, it's owned by a government agency.  More

Obamacare will cost less than thought

Obamacare will cost 29% less than projected in 2012, says Congressional Budget Office.  More

President Obama slaps sanctions on Venezuela

The White House sanctions 7 Venezuelan officials as the outcry escalates over human rights abuses in Venezuela.  More

New York Times tells Fed: wait on rate hike!

The New York Times editorial board is urging the Federal Reserve to wait to raise rates until more people get jobs.  More

Europe finally starts pumping markets with cash

The European Central Bank started buying bonds issued by governments in the eurozone Monday, marking the beginning of a one trillion euro ($1.2 trillion) program aimed at boosting inflation and reviving the economy.  More

Where the jobs are now

The U.S. added about 3.3 million jobs in the past year. Here's where you're likely to find a good job in 2015.  More

Greece wants tourists to spy on tax cheats

Greece is planning to recruit tourists, housekeepers and students as undercover tax inspectors in a desperate bid to raise more money.  More

U.S. unemployment at lowest in 7 years

The U.S. added 295,000 jobs in February and unemployment fell to 5.5%, the lowest level since May 2008.  More

Americans need a raise. Is it (finally) coming?

Wage growth has become the central focus of the economy's health. It will impact workers and investors.  More

Germany's new 30% rule for women on boards

Germany is making its biggest companies appoint women to 30% of non-executive board seats from 2016.  More

Putin gets tough, slashes own salary as economy tanks

Russian President Vladimir Putin cut his salary by 10% as his country faces the worst economic crisis in years.  More

Company offers moms 16 weeks off on full pay, even in the U.S.

Vodafone is rolling out a global paid maternity leave policy -- even in countries where they are not required to do so.  More

Adidas to close 200 shops in Russia

Adidas announced it would close 200 shops across Russia due to the poor economic situation.  More

Warning: Greek drama is far from over

Mario Draghi, the European Central Bank's president, revealed Thursday that its loans to Greece had more than doubled over the last month or two -- to about €100 billion.  More

Three reasons to cheer Europe's economy

Europe has been a top risk for the world economy for years. Is that about to change?  More

China's rubber-stamp parliament: 3 things you need to know

Three thousand delegates are gathering in Beijing this week to kick off China's annual rubber-stamp parliamentary meetings.  More

Britain's fraud squad probes Bank of England

Britain's top fraud busters are investigating the Bank of England over potential wrongdoing stretching back to the financial crisis.  More

Revved up car loans blow past record in 2014

Car buyers borrowing record amounts to buy cars, resulting in record average payments.  More

It's time to put a woman on the $20 bill

Women on 20s wants to replace Andrew Jackson with a woman.  More

The latest China vs. U.S. showdown: Latin America

China's new business friends can be found in Latin America, a region America once dominated.  More

Reserve Bank of India cuts rates in yet another surprise

The Reserve Bank of India unexpectedly cut key lending rates yet again on Wednesday.  More

What could kill Obamacare

If the Supreme Court rules that enrollees on the federal Obamacare exchange can't get subsidies, it could destroy the individual insurance market. The court will hold hearing on King v. Burwell on Wednesday.  More

IRS delaying refunds for thousands of Obamacare enrollees

National Taxpayer Advocate Nina Olson said the IRS is delaying refunds for tens of thousands of Obamacare enrollees.  More

'House of Cards': Why Frank Underwood's economic plan is crazy

House of Cards' season 3 starts with Frank Underwood trying to pass a bogus economic policy  More

Deflation risk is now a worry even for China

The specter of deflation has settled over vast tracks of the global economy, forcing large and small countries alike to examine the cost of falling prices.  More

Michael Jordan joins billionaires' club

Michael Jordan is among the newest names on Forbes' annual list of the world's richest people. The basketball star made his fortune through endorsement deals and his ownership of the Charlotte Hornets NBA team.  More

Everyone in Colorado may get a pot tax refund

The state is expected to pull in $59 million this year from pot sales, but it may have to give it all back to taxpayers thanks to a quirky rule only in Colorado.  More

Rick Perry: 'Unemployment rate is a sham'

Potential presidential candidate says that improvement in unemployment rate is due to millions of jobless not being counted.  More

6 big ideas from India's budget

The government of India has released its latest budget to great fanfare, presenting reforms that investors hope will finally deliver sustained and rapid growth.  More

Obsolete jobs: Meet the guy who fixes Tom Hanks' typewriter

Self-described 'Last of the Mohicans' is still fixing typewriters after 55 years.  More

They're getting cash, free products, and YouTube-famous

FameBit is helping brands place their products in YouTube videos.  More
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