Billionaires double since financial crisis

However the gap between the rich and the poor has widened rapidly, a new Oxfam report on inequality finds. It's also a dangerous trend and could lead to more violence.  More

The richest women around the world

Wal-Mart heiress Christy Walton tops the list of richest women by region of the world, according to a new report from Wealth-X.  More

Gas is $3 a gallon or less for most drivers

About two-thirds of the stations nationwide are now charging $3 or less for a gallon of regular, as the national average falls to the lowest level in nearly 4 years.  More

Can Ted Cruz audit the Fed?

The Texas senator says a Fed audit is a top Republican priority for 2015, but some question his rationale.  More

These 2 charts show QE worked ... for some

Critics complain that the Federal Reserve's bond buying didn't help the economy. They may be right. But QE helped the broader market ... and banks in particular.  More

Chipotle workers sue for overtime pay

Chipotle workers say the burrito chain had policies in place that required them to work extra hours without pay.  More

Legal pot on the ballot

Ballot initiatives in Alaska, Oregon and D.C. are letting voters decide whether or not to make marijuana legal for adults this November.  More

Oil trades at $80. Russia is budgeting $100

Russia's budget uses an 'alternative economic reality' where oil trades for at least $100.  More

Millionaire tax on the ballot in Illinois

It's the only state to put the idea to a vote this year, but Illinois is hardly the first one to consider a millionaire tax.  More

U.S. is 65th in world on gender pay gap

The global gender gap in the workplace is closing slowly, the World Economic Forum said.  More

Larry Summers: Beware of China and India

Larry Summers warns that it's no slam dunk that China and India will continue with their red-hot growth. In fact, history suggests otherwise.  More

Paying thousands before health insurance even kicks in

More and more workers will have to pay out thousands of dollars as high-deductible insurance plans proliferate.  More

U.S. vs. Europe: There's a clear economic winner

America is growing faster and providing more jobs than the Eurozone. Can it last?  More

What happens if Republicans win the Senate

If Republicans control both chambers of Congress, hard-line party members could try to drive the fiscal agenda. Or pragmatism could win out. Here's what the political analysts say.  More

Election issue: Why people still feel the economy stinks

The midterm elections are around the corner, and the economy remains a top concern. With unemployment down and inflation low, why do people still feel the economy stinks?  More

25 of Europe's top banks fail stress test

Regulators have revealed the results of an extensive health check of Europe's top 130 banks as they try to weed out the weaklings.  More

Is the U.S. holding too much oil in reserve?

With oil and gas prices falling, some in Washington are questioning whether it makes sense to hold 106 days worth of supply in storage.  More

Just how sick are Europe's top banks?

Regulators are about to reveal the results of an extensive health check of Europe's top 130 banks, indicating which may need a cash infusion.  More

China one of top 3 destinations for expats

Many Chinese want to swap Beijing pollution for greener foreign shores, but it seems plenty of expats are happy to head in the opposite direction.  More

Jimmy John's under fire for worker contracts

House lawmakers urge the Labor Department and Federal Trade Commission to investigate Jimmy John's.  More

What next for Turkey's roller-coaster economy?

Turkey's finance minister is cautiously optimistic about the future despite slowing growth and regional unrest.  More

U.S. companies return to Mexico's one-time 'murder capital'

American companies are ramping up investment in Juarez, Mexico, after years of drug violence.  More

Colorado health officials want to ban pot-laced candy

The recommendation was made Monday during a meeting of a state task force that is working on new rules to require retailers to clearly label food with marijuana.  More

Wealth is outpacing income...and that's a scary sign

More wealth in America is always good news. Except when it grows too fast compared to income.  More

China's economy suffers its worst quarter since the financial crisis

China's economy has clocked its worst quarter in more than five years, raising concerns over Beijing's ability to meet its own annual growth target.  More

Slave labor in America today

Foreign workers, lured by false promises of good jobs and benefits in America, soon find themselves enslaved in plain sight as victims of labor trafficking, a report from the Urban Institute finds. Here's how it can happen.  More

Fed official: Big banks should clean up their acts

The Fed official overseeing Wall Street says things need to change, and if the risky culture isn't turned around, it may be time to break up the big banks.  More

How the Twin Cities got transit right

Big projects often divide cities. But Minneapolis' light rail line is creating jobs and driving development in underserved areas.  More

Why Chicago is mandating coding education

In three years, all Chicago high school students will have to take a coding course in order to graduate.  More

'I bought a house for $1,000'

Detroit has 80,000 dilapidated properties and 100,000 empty lots. It's trying to get more people like Antjuan Wyatt to buy them.  More

Debt-laden 'zombie' firms threaten China's economy

Economists concerned over rapidly rising corporate debt levels in China are sounding the alarm, warning that major changes are needed to avoid an increase in "zombie" banks and firms.  More

How to make $2.7 billion in a week

Host a furniture market. Here's how small town High Point, N.C. rakes in this much money -- twice a year.  More

Rich-poor gap 'concerns me': Yellen

Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen says economic inequality is near the highest levels in the past hundred years.  More

Dallas hospital hit by Ebola losing patients and money

Texas Health Presbyterian has only 300 patients for 900 beds since Ebola outbreak which killed one patient and infected two nurses who treated him.  More

3 black eyes in the U.S. job market

Millions of Americans are still unemployed or underemployed.  More

Employers measure workers' waistlines

Companies want their employees to lose weight. They are offering carrots and sticks to entice people to shed pounds and become more active.  More

China is poised to report its slowest growth since the financial crisis

China's economy is likely to have clocked its worst quarter in more than five years, according to a CNNMoney survey of economists.  More

Over 48 million Americans live in poverty

A report by the Census Bureau Thursday shows that government programs do help lift people out of poverty.  More

26 arrested for protesting outside Walmart billionaire's New York home

Hundreds of people, including some workers from Walmart, McDonald's and Zara, protested in New York and D.C. Thursday asking for higher pay.  More

These urban icons used to be WHAT?

Railroad beds become parks, power plants become aquariums and slaughterhouses are now art centers as an industrial past turns people-centric.  More

What the heck should the Fed do now?

The market is in free fall just as the Federal Reserve plans to take its foot off the gas.  More

Bond limbo: How low can rates go?

Investors continue to plow into bonds. It's a sign that the rest of the world thinks America is a safe market to invest in. This may be good news for consumers. But how much longer can that last?  More

The future of tech: Your local library

Libraries have long been a key resource to immigrants and low-income residents. Chicago's public library not only offers Internet access, but 3D printers, laser cutters and robots.  More

Why deficits have fallen so dramatically

On back of a revenue surge and spending cuts, the federal deficit hits lowest level since Obama took office.  More

Gas prices go below $3

Gas prices below $3 a gallon are becoming common across the country and more low prices are on the way.  More

Putin puts a chill on German economy

It's official: Germany is hurting from the Ukraine crisis and mediocre global growth.  More

Ireland closes tax loophole for tech giants

For years, some of the world's biggest companies have set up shop in Ireland to dodge taxes. Now, Ireland is taking a key tax break away.  More

Bill Gates: Piketty's inequality book has 'flaws'

The world's richest man criticized Thomas Piketty's book on income inequality in a blog post Monday.  More

The Chinese like capitalism more than Americans

According to the latest global polling, the free market is still viewed as the best system.  More

Is your city the next Portlandia?

Portland has long been ahead of the curve in terms of urban planning. And now the rest of the world wants a part of it.  More

It pays to be a dad

Fathers earn 40% more than men without children, a new report shows. But mothers have much lower incomes than dads.  More

French economist wins Nobel for tackling monopolies

French economist Jean Tirole has won the 2014 Nobel prize for economics for his work on how to regulate powerful companies.  More

Behind the 78 cent wage gap

Women make 78 cents for every dollar made by men. But the wage gap isn't that simple.  More

How Boston is getting dropouts back to school

Boston has garnered national attention with its innovative policies on education and has lowered its dropout rate to 4.5%.  More

Elizabeth Warren: Obama's economic team chose Wall Street over 'families'

Elizabeth Warren has plenty to say about how consumers are getting a raw deal in the economy in a new interview in Salon.  More

Karma? Microsoft CEO skewered on Twitter

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said it's good karma when women don't ask for a raise. The social blow back has been fast and fierce.  More

Did Silverman's 'vagina tax' video miss the mark?

The transgender community is not amused by Sarah Silverman's joke that the wage gap is so bad she's getting a sex change.  More

Quiz: What innovative city is right for you?

We all need help making big decisions. Whether you're the girl who bikes to work or the guy obsessed with micro apartments, we've got you covered.  More

Greatest urban projects of all time

From King Solomon's Temple to New York's massive water tunnels, infrastructure experts say these are the grandest things ever built in cities.  More

Risk of third German recession pressures Europe

Germany risks slipping into its third recession since the global financial crisis, piling pressure on Europe to do more to stimulate its stagnant economy.  More

Business schools are on a hiring spree

Over 15,000 business professors have joined the ranks since 2008.  More

What it takes to get ahead in life

Hard work and a good education aren't enough in some parts of the world.  More

Norway's new currency is art

Norway unveiled news artistic bills that will debut in 2017  More

America more pessimistic than poor nations

People in developing economies like China and Vietnam are more positive on the future than ones in richer countries like the U.S.  More

Debt has some college students thinking about dropping out

Nearly half of students surveyed said they're thinking about quitting school because they're worried about debt.  More

Sarah Silverman is tired of the 'vagina tax'

In a video released Wednesday, the comedian announced a crowdfunding project aimed at getting working women the trillions she says they're owed.  More

New York: America's most innovative city

The city is a leader at mining Big Data and tapping private sector funding. But efforts at improving infrastructure -- particularly flood defenses -- drew the most attention from experts.  More

Seniors in 49 states are struggling to afford retirement

Seniors in almost every state in the country don't have enough income to get by comfortably.  More

Loans empower immigrant entrepreneurs

A Minneapolis programs gives immigrants and minorities the tools and money to start their own businesses.  More

Women at the top struggle for funding

A new report found that women at high levels of business still struggle to secure outside capital.  More

America's most innovative cities

From technology and infrastructure, to job creation and sustainability, these 10 cities are leading the pack when it comes to creatively solving urban issues.  More

Minimum wage for home health workers is delayed

The new requirement that visiting aides and nursing assistants and companions be paid minimum wage and higher overtime rates will still take effect in the new year -- but only on paper.  More

Deficit drops yet again - sharply

CBO estimates deficit fiscal year 2014 will be $486 billion, or almost $200 billion less than the year before. As a share of the economy, the U.S. government's borrowing needs shrank by a third.  More

Wal-Mart cuts health benefits for 30,000 part-timers

Wal-Mart has said its healthcare costs will be $500 million more than expected this year because of increasing enrollment.  More

'Mediocre' growth plagues world economy

The IMF has cut its world economic growth forecast again.  More

Can rich countries afford the Olympics?

Hosting the Olympics may become the preserve of authoritarian regimes and developing nations as Western governments find it ever harder to sell the cost to voters.  More

Why cities matter

The heart of urban innovation is a desire to improve the quality of life and economic opportunities for the people living in cities. CNNMoney's Most Innovative Cities list provides a snapshot of the people and programs that are doing just that.  More

The Shanghai Free Trade Zone is a dud

The Shanghai Free Trade Zone was hyped as a laboratory for economic reform, but analysts say the project has not delivered.  More

Why the middle class feels squeezed

Middle class income is back to where it was in 1995 — but people are paying more for many things, including college, homes and even a movie ticket.  More

Voters to decide on raising minimum wage

Further proof that states aren't waiting for Congress to act: Measures to raise the minimum wage will be on the November ballots in four states and two cities.  More

Thomas Piketty: We don't know enough about inequality

The rock star economist is still touting tax reforms and warning about the influence of wealth on politics.  More

Unemployment lowest since July 2008

Employers add 248,000 to payrolls last month, while unemployment rate falls to 5.9%.  More

Would you move abroad for a job?

A new international survey finds that 64% of us said we would. The United States tops the list of most appealing countries to work among non-U.S. citizens, whereas the United Kingdom and Germany were the favorites of would-be American expats.  More

Good news is really good news. Finally!

Stocks sometimes fall on strong economic data because investors worry about the Fed raising rates. That didn't happen Friday. It's a sign the world realizes America's economic recovery is on track.  More

Ben Bernanke can't refinance: Tough lending standards

Former Fed chairman Bernanke says he was turned down when he tried to refinance his home and that it's a sign tight lending standards are 'probably excessive.'  More
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