Millennials are staying put at mom and dad's place

Young adults don't seem to be in a hurry to get married, have kids -- or buy a home. In fact, many of them are still living with their parents. And that has pushed the homeownership rate among this group to a new low of 13.2%, according to an analysis of Census Bureau data.  More

Judging by inflation, it's good to be American

U.S. inflation came in below expectations. That's good news for Americans and certainly a lot better than what's happening in Europe, Japan and Argentina.  More

What the Fed is really saying

The Federal Reserve has huge influence over the economy because it controls monetary policy. Here's how to read the Fed's statement and actually understand it.  Play

Ready for the Fed? Watch these two words

When will the Fed raise rates? It all depends on whether the phrase 'considerable time' is or isn't in the Fed's statement.  More

Poverty rate drops for first time since 2006

America still has 45.3 million people living in poverty, and median income remains level at just under $52,000.  More

4 million fewer uninsured as Obamacare kicks in

First official government report shows big decrease in uninsured after Obamacare kicks in and more Americans gain health insurance.  More

The richest middle class ... that isn't near NY and DC

The middle class in a Denver suburb have a median income of $100,000.  More

Japan needs more women at work

Millions of educated Japanese women are not working because of a male-dominated corporate culture, a lack of leadership opportunities and inflexible maternity leave policies.  Play

Where the middle class is most unequal

CNNMoney looks at the five states with the biggest differences in middle class incomes.  More

Investors tell Fed: don't fumble interest rates

It's game time for the Fed this week, and investors are trying to read its playbook on interest rate hikes.  More

Uber CEO: We'll run your errands

Uber isn't going head-to-head with FexEx, but it is claiming a piece of the delivery market.  More

Student debt over $50K is on the rise

More Americans are taking out 'mega loans' to go to college. It's costly, but they still say it's worth it.  More

Why Atlanta is ripe for innovation

Atlanta has the country's highest level of income inequality, but civic entrepreneurs can close the gap. Here's how.  More

California becomes second state with paid sick days

The new law could impact 6.5 million workers, making it the most widespread paid sick day law in the nation.  More

VA needs to hire 'tens of thousands' of workers

The beleaguered Veterans Affairs department is launching a major recruitment campaign to bring aboard legions of doctors, nurses and other health care professionals.  More

5 ways you pay more for health insurance

Workers are shelling out more for premiums, deductibles, doctor visits and drugs as employer health insurance costs rise.  More

Student loan debt surges for senior citizens

Student loan debt among seniors has shot up by more than 600% since 2005, according to a new government report.  More

America has 4.7 million job openings

Good news for job seekers: there are more positions open and employers are hiring more.  More

Super rich are getting super richer

A new study from the Federal Reserve finds that the wealthiest 3% of American households control 54.4% of the nation's wealth.  More

5 reasons to worry about Scottish vote

A Scottish divorce would end a 307-year union with England and have far reaching consequences for the economy, currency, banks and industry.  More

Americans air worries about age bias in jobs

CNNMoney readers asked Labor Secretary Tom Perez about how to get the jobs market back on track in a live chat hosted by Christine Romans.  More

Deportation: Its cost - and human toll

As Washington grapples with immigration reform, the deportation system grinds on - hundreds of thousands of people and billions of dollars.  More

The cost of Scottish independence

From administrative costs to currency questions, debt payments to banking upheaval, if Scotland votes for independence, it will likely cost them billions in the short term.  Play

Scotland's banks threaten to leave

Scotland stands to lose the heart of its financial services industry if it votes in favor of independence from the United Kingdom.  More

The big money behind Scotland's independence vote

Scotland's independence vote is too close to call but those who want to keep Britain united won this year's campaign funding race by some distance.  More

Market Basket fight may have sapped retail jobs

August jobs report says "employment disruptions" at a New England grocery chain made a dent.  More

Jobs: Signs of strength, pockets of pain

Job market remains weak for young workers and minorities, but drop in long-term unemployment, underemployment suggest real improvement.  More

Whoops! Jobs recovery lost steam in August

Is the hiring recovery osing momentum? Only 142,000 jobs were added in August, well below forecasts.  More

Elizabeth Warren: The market is broken

Senator Warren took her 'market is broken' message to New York City on Thursday.  More

It's official: Nevada gets Tesla's Gigafactory

Tesla announced that Nevada beat out four others for its $5 billion battery factory.  More

5 big trends shaking up the job market

From youth to baby boomers to women, America's labor market is changing. Here's what you need to know.  More

How to read the jobs report like a pro

As the government releases its monthly report on the health of the labor force, CNNMoney's Paul La Monica breaks down three numbers that really tell the story.  Play

U.S. economy is No. 3 in competitiveness

America takes third place behind Switzerland and Singapore in a new ranking of economic competitiveness.  More

Private sector jobs are coming back

Private employers added 204,000 jobs in August, bringing the 5-month total to more than 1 million, says ADP.  More

ECB takes leaf out of Fed playbook

Mario Draghi announced that the ECB will start purchasing securities in the private market to inject more capital into the struggling European economy. But it will be a more complicated program than in the United States.  Play

ECB goes all-in to boost economy

The European Central Bank has cut interest rates and announced plans to buy private-sector securities in a bid to head off the risk of deflation and another recession.  More

Health spending on the rise

Health spending will rise to 5.6% in 2014, up from historically low rates, said the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.  More

Help wanted: College degree not needed

Hiring of recent college grads has flatlined, but the degrees are still worth it, says New York Fed report.  More

Arrests start in fast-food worker strike

Protesters in Detroit and New York arrested for disorderly conduct as promised civil disobedience materializes.  More

New jobs coming to battered city Ferguson

Centene plans to build facility in St. Louis suburb adding up to 200 jobs.  More

IRS eyes tax on Silicon Valley's free lunches

The IRS is debating when to tax the free lunches often given to employees at Silicon Valley firms. But tech workers probably won't see this perk disappear anytime soon.  More

Why you should worry about Europe

Europe is in rough economic waters again. Russia, deflation, and stagnation in major countries should have you worried.  More

L.A. mayor calls for $13.25 minimum wage

If approved by Los Angeles city council, the plan could raise wages for 567,000 workers by 2017.  More

Gun violence costs taxpayers $500 million

Urban Institute: Tax payers pay majority of hospital costs from gun violence.  More

America's cheapest gas is in this town

Gas prices are falling to nearly $3 a gallon in some parts of South Carolina, and that will soon be common in much of the country.  More

American businesses feel targeted by China

An increasing number of American businesses say they feel less welcome in China amid a government crackdown.  More

Morgan Stanley predicts stock market surge

Morgan Stanley thinks the S&P 500 could surge to 3,000 because the economic recovery is not even close to being over.  More

Colorado's missing marijuana taxes

Voters were told the state would make $33.5 million from two new taxes in the first 6 months of recreational pot. The projections were way off. Here's why.  More

Russia's currency whacked as new sanctions loom

The Russian ruble has hit its lowest level ever against the U.S. dollar as new sanctions from Europe loom large.  More

5 surprising labor market facts

From freelancers to youth to women to baby boomers, here are some stats that you probably didn't know about the current state of the labor market.  Play

The economic cost of the war in Gaza

The August 26 ceasefire between Israel and Hamas is giving aid workers access to the rubble to size up the damage.  More

Why Buffett's son bought Rosa Parks' papers

Howard Buffett talks to CNNMoney about what drove him to bid on - and eventually pay $4.5 million for - a historic collection of documents and other things belonging to the late civil rights icon Rosa Parks.  More

Indian economy gets a jolt

India's economy expands at a 5.7% annual rate in the spring, busting a long streak of quarters when growth failed to impress.  More

U.S. runs out of investor visas as Chinese overwhelm program

Staggering interest from the Chinese in an immigration program has led the U.S. to run out of available visas for the first time ever.  More

Japan's economic revival is in jeopardy

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been trying to reshape Japan's economy. Can he end deflation and deliver a revival?  More

Longer work-week looms for French workers

France's new economy minister is reportedly considering loosening strict government regulations that enforce 35-hour work weeks.  More

2008: Worse than the Great Depression?

Former Fed chief Ben Bernanke believes the 2008 financial crisis was the worst in global history, topping even the Great Depression.  More

Your Labor Day BBQ will cost more

The bad news: meat prices are up from last year. The good news: beverage prices aren't.  More

7 companies that keep more than $50 billion offshore

Companies like Apple, GE, and Microsoft that do business abroad can delay paying U.S. taxes on the billions of dollars they keep offshore -- indefinitely.  More

How to fix wealth inequality

If we want to narrow the wealth gap, we need a better path to homeownership for low-income families.  More

How companies shrink their tax bills

There are many ways an American company can score a lower tax bill by reincorporating in a foreign country through an "inversion." Here are 3 of the biggest.  More

Secrets to success from Smalltown USA

Utah State professor Michael Glauser cycled 4,000 miles this summer, visiting 100 entrepreneurs across the country. Here's a snapshot of how they grew their businesses.  More

IMF chief Lagarde under investigation in France

Christine Lagarde, the head of the International Monetary Fund, has been placed under formal investigation for her alleged involvement in a long-running fraud case.  More

Bill Gates and his wife give $1 million to gun control push

Supporters of Washington State effort to require background checks on gun purchases report $1 million donation from Bill and Melinda Gates.  More

3 reasons why Californians shun quake insurance

Cost, real estate, and mistrust. Three big reasons keeping Californians from buying earthquake insurance.  More
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