Cuba is finally coming off the U.S. terror list: Corporate America cheers

American companies are eyeing ways to enter Cuba, but they don't want to go while Cuba is still on the the terrorism watch list.  More

Will Hillary Clinton support a $15 minimum wage?

President Obama had advocated raising the minimum wage to $10.10, but advocates have now set the bar at $15. Will Hillary Clinton support that large a hike?  More

Economy dominates UK election debate

The economy is at the forefront of British voters' minds. CNN's Nina dos Santos looks at how to get Britain firmly back on track.  Play

Nearly 90 percent of Americans have health coverage

The percentage of those without insurance has fallen sharply in the last two years due to Obamacare law.  More

U.S. runs out of investor visas again as Chinese flood program

The United States has depleted its annual supply of EB-5 immigrant investor visas for the second year in a row after a huge wave of applications from rich Chinese.  More

China's economic growth drops to slowest pace since 2009

China's economy has dropped to its lowest quarterly growth pace since 2009, increasing pressure on the central government to roll out economic stimulus plans.  More

Oops. U.K. firm says big oil find not so big after all

Remember that 100 billion barrel oil find in Britain? Turns out the company got it wrong.  More

CEO takes 90% pay cut to give workers huge raise

Dan Price, CEO of Seattle payment processing firm, cutting his pay from nearly $1 million to $70,000 so that his lowest paid worker can also get $70,000.  More

India is world's fastest growing major economy. Can it last?

India is holding its ground during a shaky time in the global economy. While most emerging nations have struggled mightily against the strong U.S. dollar and falling commodity prices, India is above water.  More

'Screw inequality': Men fight the wage gap their way

The United Nations HeForShe initiative asks men to stand up for wage equality on Equal Pay Day.  More

U.S. economy still on track for best year since 2005

Despite a poor start to the year the U.S. economy should still expand by 3% in 2015 but slower emerging markets will drag on global growth, according to the International Monetary Fund.  More

You aren't spending enough to boost economy

Retail sales finally bounced back in March. But the gains were not as big as economists expected. Consumers still aren't spending ... and that will hurt economic growth for the first quarter.  More

This Indian city has the world's worst air

While the world has grown accustomed to images of near-apocalyptic pollution in Beijing, the world's worst air can be found in New Delhi.  More

Get ready: Interest rates are going to rise, but how fast?

All the fuss is over when the Fed will begin hiking rates. June? September? But the key is what comes next.  More

78 cents on the dollar: The facts about the gender wage gap

It's 2015 and gender pay inequality persists. Plus, it's worse for some, like women of color or those with children. Here's what you need to know.  More

Canada's economy is a disaster from low oil prices

Canada is still a resource dependent economy. That's bad news when oil and gas prices plunge.  More

China is poised to report worst growth since the financial crisis

China looks set to report its worst quarterly growth since the financial crisis, according to a CNNMoney survey of economists.  More

Saudi Arabia boosts military spending to record level

Saudi Arabia boosted its military budget by 17% to nearly $81 billion in 2014, the biggest increase among the world's top defense spenders.  More

Hillary Clinton's economic plans need an overhaul

Clinton has stayed mum lately on the economy -- something she hammered during the 2008 campaign.  More

The Obamas paid $93,362 in federal income taxes

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama reported about the same amount of income in 2014 as they did in 2013, and paid nearly 20% in federal income taxes.  More

'The Hand That Feeds' details nasty food fight for rights

A new documentary shines a light on the York food industry and how a group of undocumented workers united to fight deplorable conditions.  More

Whoa. The Russian ruble is having a 'miracle' surge

The ruble has been on fire in 2015, gaining over 20% against the U.S. dollar and 35% against the euro.  More

Opinion: Want to save Social Security? Embrace Latinos

From 2000-2010 the population of Latino children increased by 4.8 million, while white children decreased by 4.3 million. Were it not for Latinos, the nation's population of children would have declined.  More

Who needs McDonald's? Russia to launch its own national fast food chain

Russia is looking into investing nearly 1 billion rubles ($19 million) into a national network of restaurants to rival Western fast food companies.  More

U.K. Election: Why Europe matters to Britain

Britain's future in the world's biggest trading bloc may soon be thrown into doubt because May's election could lead to a vote on membership of the European Union.  More

Google doesn't care where you went to college

Laszlo Bock, Google's Head of People Operations, says experience has taught him that it's not just the Ivy Leagues, but that there's exceptional kids at many other places, from state schools in California to New York.  More

Sarah Silverman: Women get paid less and it's 'sh***y'

Sarah Silverman -- and other powerful women -- share their experiences with the gender pay gap in a bid to spread awareness of the issue for startup Levo's #Ask4More campaign.  More

Top 400 taxpayers' average income jumps to $336 million

Not only did the top 400 taxpayers make far more in 2012 than in the prior two years, they ended up paying a lower percentage of it to Uncle Sam.  More

Oops. Apple's diverse emoji turn into aliens

A bug in the new Apple iOS 8.3. displays the new racially diverse emoji as aliens to some users.  More

Fed rate hike reverse: September now more likely

The Fed's committee members seem concerned about the dollar's pressure on the U.S. economy, according to minutes from its March meeting released Wednesday.  More

Forget GDP. These nations are doing better than the U.S.

The United States might be the world's biggest economy, but when it comes to social progress, things are not looking so rosy.  More

Home health care workers sue employers for back pay

Home health care workers in Washington, D.C., file a class-action lawsuit, claiming they were not paid the hourly wage they were entitled to and were denied overtime and sick days in violation of the law.  More

Ben Bernanke's new book talks of 'moral courage'

The former Chairman of the Federal Reserve has a new book coming out in October.  More

Bond king: Stop buying energy stocks

Jeffrey Gundlach has a warning for investors: The price of energy stocks needs to drop way more to make up for the fact that oil has crashed over 50% from its 2014 peak.  More

Michael Bloomberg: I'm giving $30M to fight Big Coal

In 2011, Bloomberg Philanthropies gave $50 million to the Sierra Club's Beyond Coal initiative. Wednesday, former New York City mayor Michael R. Bloomberg announced an additional $30 million to reduce U.S reliance on coal.  More

What Rand Paul's flat tax plan would look like

The new presidential candidate's proposal for a one-rate tax system will be a key hallmark of his campaign.  More

China's taxman is coming for Alibaba

China stands to collect billions of dollars in taxes from Alibaba insiders who can now sell their shares for the first time since the Chinese tech firm's record-breaking market debut last September.  More

Rand Paul sounds like Frank Underwood on jobs

Senator Rand Paul and the fictional President Underwood sound very similar on their jobs plans.  More

Oil fallout: U.S. companies kill over 51,000 jobs

Pink slips are flying across the U.S. as companies linked to the oil industry react to the sharp decline in oil prices.  More

Greece: Germany owes us 279 billion euros

The Greek government claims Germany owes it 279 billion euros, or roughly $300 billion, for war reparations.  More

Rand Paul 2016: Breaking down his economy policy

The Kentucky Senator announced his plans to run for president on Tuesday. Here are 4 of his economic plans.  More

Greece: We have the money to avoid default

After searching government accounts -- and maybe under the sofa cushions -- Greece appears to have found the money needed to make a crucial debt payment.  More

Kansas wants to ban welfare recipients from buying...

Kansas lawmakers approve a bill that would prevent residents from spending state aid at theme parks, swimming pools, tattoo parlors and race tracks.  More

Warning sign: U.S. economy only adds 126,000 jobs

Unemployment remains low at 5.5%, but March had the weakest hiring since December 2013.  More

Indian companies in mad rush to find women board members

Hundreds of Indian companies have failed to add a single woman to their boards, in violation of a new government mandate.  More

Opening Day victory: Oil and stocks soar

After a rough jobs report Friday, U.S. stocks rallied Monday, which many experts didn't see coming.  More

Good news: More workers are quitting

Workers like Ben Baxter are seeing 30% pay increases by changing jobs frequently. It's actually a good sign for the economy.  More

Where the highest U.S. earners live

In terms of paycheck, New Yorkers do better on average than the rest of the country. But if the focus is on investment income and overall income, residents in one Wyoming county take the top spot.  More

Did China profit from corrupt Sri Lanka deals?

Construction deals between Chinese state-owned firms and Sri Lanka have come under scrutiny, tarnishing the legacy of former president Mahinda Rajapaksa.  More

McDonald's gives workers a raise, but is criticized for not going far enough

McDonald's is under fire for offering a raise to workers at company-owned stores, which account for just 10% of its workforce.  More

Get up to speed with the Greek debt crisis 3.0

Here is what you need to know to get up to speed with the third round of Greece's debt crisis.  More

Looking for a job? Follow the money

Many of the companies that increased their headcount by a lot in 2014 have stocks that are doing well too.  More

Why Wall Street isn't cheering wage hikes yet

Pay hikes at McDonald's and elsewhere are great news for Main Street. However, they will increase costs on companies and may not help the stock market unless consumers increase spending.  More

Everyone wants to go to Cuba now. Too bad for the rest of the Caribbean

With Airbnb's announcement Thursday, it's clear Americans will go to Cuba soon. The rest of the Caribbean could suffer.  More

Atlanta Fed cuts U.S. growth forecast to zero

The first few months of 2015 aren't off to a great start for the American economy.  More

Buffett: No stock market bubble, but few bargains

Warren Buffett isn't predicting a stock market crash but said there aren't many values right now. He also discussed income inequality and why tax reform may help more than a minimum wage hike.  More

Cheap gas is saving Americans $750. So far, they aren't spending it

Americans were expected to spend big this spring after pocketing a lot in savings at the pump. But so far, that's not happening.  More

U.K. election: A scary prospect for business

Both of the main parties fighting to form Britain's next government are giving businesses reasons to worry.  More

Surprise! Green energy surged despite cheap oil

Global investment into renewable energy sources surged in 2014, despite record low oil prices.  More

Jack Lew: China's currency is not ready for prime time

U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said Tuesday that China's yuan is not yet ready to join an elite grouping of currencies used by the International Monetary Fund.  More

Biggest loser from the strong dollar: Emerging Markets

The dollar's rapid rally is hurting many emerging market nations. Investors are getting out of dodge.  More

Iran deal could unlock huge economic potential

Iran's economy offers huge potential but its growth has been stunted by decades of isolation. A nuclear deal could change all that.  More

Elizabeth Warren tells Wall Street: 'Bring it on'

Warren calls reports that big banks might withhold campaign dollars from Senate Democrats 'a serious threat'  More

World's worst cities for rush hour traffic

So you thought your city had the worst rush hour traffic in the world?  More

Russia's Gazprom: Profits plunge 70%

Gazprom, the world's biggest gas producer, saw its net profit fall 70% in 2014 as weak ruble and the conflict in Ukraine weighted in.  More

Score one for China! U.S. loses Asia bank tussle

China has come out on top after a tussle with the U.S. over Beijing's plans to create the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, a regional alternative to the World Bank.  More

Americans just aren't spending

The economy is fueled by consumer spending. But consumers aren't spending that much. Uh-oh.  More

Ben Bernanke: from Fed Chair to blogger and tweeter

Ben Bernanke, the former chairman of the Federal Reserve, launched his blog Monday, choosing an interesting time to opine about monetary policy.  More

Boom! The Dow surged more than 260 points

Investors woke up Monday with a smile thanks to mega mergers and talk of more stimulus from China.  More

5 travel spots that just got cheaper for Americans

The strong U.S. dollar will take you far. Here are 5 countries where you get more bang for your buck today.  More

The U.S. economy is showing cracks

America's job market is surging ahead, but consumers and businesses still aren't spending much.  More

Janet Yellen: U.S. economy not good enough yet

The Federal Reserve chair thinks the job market and overall economy are improving, but she's not popping champagne corks.  More

Half of Americans are saving next to nothing

When it comes to saving, most of us are falling short of the recommended target.  More

More undocumented workers moving into management

Some 13% of undocumented immigrants are managers or professionals, up from 10% in 2007.  More

China pulls back tax breaks for foreign companies

China is ordering local governments to roll back tax breaks promised to foreign businesses.  More

More than half of middle-class kids fail to earn bachelor's degrees

Lots of attention is paid to college graduation rates of lower-income students, but many middle-class kids don't finish their bachelor's degrees either.  More

Oil surges after Saudi strikes in Yemen

Oil prices are bouncing higher as Saudi Arabia launches airstrikes in Yemen, raising concerns that a regional conflict could disrupt supplies.  More

American cash is flooding into European stocks

U.S. investors are throwing money at European stocks lately, but they are careful to hedge the currency risk.  More

The average tax refund is now $2,893

The IRS has paid out more than $191 billion in refunds so far this tax season to 66.1 million filers.  More

The middle class is getting smaller

The middle class is shrinking in every state. While some Americans are moving up the economic ladder, others are falling down.  More

Distraught Germanwings pilots refuse to fly

Several Germanwings pilots refused to fly on Wednesday, a day after the airline's flight crashed in the French Alps, killing 150 people.  More

What next for Singapore after Lee's death?

Lee Kuan Yew's death will usher in a period of uncertainty for Singapore as the growing middle class seeks more control over its future.  More

The Ted Cruz economy: Reality-checking his talking points

The U.S. Senator from Texas has lots to say about the economy. But his points require more context.  More

Ohio may legalize pot this year

Ohio could be come the fifth state to legalize marijuana after a ballot initiative to allow medical and recreational use receives initial approval for a November vote.  More

China's factories slump amid growth concerns

China's factories slumped in March, dropping to its lowest in 11 months, according to an early gauge of activity in the country's all-important manufacturing sector.  More

5 ways Obamacare has helped Americans

On Obamacare's 5th birthday, CNNMoney looks at 5 ways the health care reform bill has made more Americans healthier.  More

Problem: The bond 'conundrum' is back

Investors keep buying bonds. That shouldn't happen as the Fed gets ready to hike interest rates.  More

India to surpass China in economic growth

IMF chief Christine Lagarde says India's economic growth rate could soon top that of China, long the world's fastest growing economy.  More

China loves buying European companies

China's buying spree in Europe has moved up a gear as it makes an $8 billion play for Italian tiremaker Pirelli.  More
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