Smart people buy generic brands

Americans are wasting about $44 billion a year on name brands, when they could be buying the exact same products if they switched to cheaper store brands, says a new paper by economists from Tilburg University in the Netherlands and the University of Chicago.  More

Russians pay higher price for isolation

Russia is paying an ever higher price for its growing isolation over the crisis in Ukraine.  More

Thanks Obamacare! Check is in the mail for 6.8 million people

The government says health insurers are charging lower premiums, thanks to a provision in Obamacare.  More

Global economy still limping along

The world economy is still stuck in low gear even as the risks to growth mount, the International Monetary Fund says as it cuts its 2014 forecast.  More

Argentina is now very close to default

Argentina will default in just a few days unless the country can strike a deal at the eleventh hour with holdout creditors.  More

Rotten bosses come in at least 6 different flavors

CNNMoney readers rip managers who micromanage to death, play favorites, throw their staff under the bus and steal credit for their work.  More

Your mail delivered. After dark.

With cost-cutting at the U.S. Postal Service more letter carriers are working later and later to deliver your mail. About 38% of mail is delivered after 5 p.m. in cities nationwide. And areas like Atlanta, Washington and South Florida, it's 70%.  More

Why is Belgium buying so many U.S. bonds?

Belgian holdings of U.S. debt have skyrocketed in the last year, though many suspect China is the reason why.  More

China's factories power ahead to 18-month high

Manufacturing activity is at an 18-month high in China as factories roar to life after a dismal start to the year.  More

When U.S. companies dodge taxes, is it unpatriotic?

Corporate inversions are on the rise. A U.S. company can greatly lower its tax bill by merging with a foreign firm and legally moving its headquarters abroad. Lawmakers from both parties are unhappy with the trend and want to change the rules. In the meantime, some are saying the move is unpatriotic.  More

Face of Obamacare subsidy: $3,600 at stake

One recently retired airline worker on Obamacare said his tax credit for 2014 will return him $3,600 for the year, or 23% of his annual income. He's watching the dueling court rulings closely.  More

Obamacare confusion for 4.7M Americans

Two opposing court rulings issued Tuesday sowed confusion about whether 4.7 million Americans can keep their Obamacare subsidies.  More

Avoid the rush! Some ERs are taking appointments

Hospitals are hoping online ER appointments will help attract patients anxious to avoid long waits in a crowded and often chaotic environment.  More

Indonesia markets cheer Widodo victory

Indonesian markets rallied Wednesday morning after government officials declared Joko Widodo as the winner of the country's second-ever presidential election.  More

It's 'peanut butter jelly time.' PBJ costs fall

Food prices have been rising, but don't fear: Not all groceries are more expensive. All the fixings for peanut butter and jelly are cheaper now than they were a year ago.  More

Europe threatens Russia with tough sanctions

Europe has threatened Russia with tough economic sanctions if it fails to halt the flow of arms to rebels in Ukraine and cooperate over the Malaysia Airlines crash.  More

Sanctions: Top 10 Russian targets

As Europe edges toward tougher sanctions on Russia, here's a list of the 10 most important companies and businessmen already targeted by the U.S.

You're more likely to get a raise now

Workers rejoice: Economists say their companies are granting more pay raises this year.  More

Military family groceries won't be cut, for now

The Senate joined the House and backed off plans that would have forced grocery stores for military to offer fewer discounts due to slashed budgets.  More

Detroit's turnaround is moving fast

Voting results due Monday will determine if Detroit can emerge quickly from the nation's largest municipal bankruptcy.  More

Look out: 'Burrito inflation' is here

Many big restaurant chains and food companies have announced price hikes recently as wholesale prices for many basic ingredients have soared.  More

Only 63% of adults are in labor force

The job market is improving, but don't get your hopes up that the labor force participation will rise significantly anytime soon.  More

Billionaire suggests 3-day work week

Carlos Slim, world's 2nd richest man, advocates three-day work week along with longer work days and later retirement age.  More

Fed hawks: Start draining the punch bowl!

In the last week, three vocal Federal Reserve officials have been urging their colleagues to stop filling up the proverbial punch bowl.  More

Ukraine may need new bailout

The conflict in eastern Ukraine is driving the economy even deeper into crisis and could force the government to seek another international bailout.  More

Homeless valedictorian moves to dorm

Homeless valedictorian leaves shelter for college dreams  More

Obamacare help was in high demand

Americans needed help from enrollment counselors to sign up for Obamacare, a new study shows. Many required up to two hours of assistance.  More

Yellen on human toll of unemployment

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen on the 'exceptional psychological trauma' of being unemployed.  Play

Yellen: Economy still needs Fed stimulus

Although the job market is improving, it's still not strong enough to fully satisfy Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen.  More

Homeless valedictorian moves to college

Follow 18-year-old Rashema Melson on her journey from a D.C. homeless shelter onto one of the country's most prestigious college campuses, Georgetown University.  Play

China economic growth picks up by a hair

China's economic growth picked up slightly more than expected in the second quarter, amid continued worries over the country's runaway real estate sector.  More

Despite dropping deficits, debt picture a concern, watchdog says

Congress has yet to make the hard decisions about how to reduce the long-term imbalance between spending and revenue. If policies are left unchanged, the growth in the country's debt "cannot be sustained indefinitely," warns the Congressional Budget Office.  More

Go to law school. Rack up debt. Make $62,000

Since the recession, lawyers have seen falling wages -- and a big run up on debts  More

Hospitals face major government crackdown for injuring patients

Medicare is cracking down on hospitals with high rates of patient injuries and infections.  More

Economists are really worried about China's massive property sector

A runaway real estate sector poses the greatest risk to growth in China, according to a CNNMoney survey.  More
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