How to fix wealth inequality

If we want to narrow the wealth gap, we need a better path to homeownership for low-income families.  More

How companies shrink their tax bills

There are many ways an American company can score a lower tax bill by reincorporating in a foreign country through an "inversion." Here are 3 of the biggest.  More

Secrets to success from Smalltown USA

Utah State professor Michael Glauser cycled 4,000 miles this summer, visiting 100 entrepreneurs across the country. Here's a snapshot of how they grew their businesses.  More

IMF chief Lagarde under investigation in France

Christine Lagarde, the head of the International Monetary Fund, has been placed under formal investigation for her alleged involvement in a long-running fraud case.  More

Bill Gates and his wife give $1 million to gun control push

Supporters of Washington State effort to require background checks on gun purchases report $1 million donation from Bill and Melinda Gates.  More

3 reasons why Californians shun quake insurance

Cost, real estate, and mistrust. Three big reasons keeping Californians from buying earthquake insurance.  More

Despite risk, most Californians don't have earthquake insurance

Only about one in ten Californians have insurance to cover the damage to their homes and property, according to the California Earthquake Authority.  More

The 10 most expensive U.S. earthquakes

The the 6.1 magnitude quake, which left extensive and widespread damage, is likely among the most expensive in terms of damage to homes and other infrastructure.  More

Retirees' Social Security cut for student loans

Social Security checks garnished for old student debt has tripled since before recession  More

Janet Yellen: Job market not recovered

Though America's job market has improved considerably, problems remain.  More

5 disturbing stats on black-white inequality

The financial inequality between black and white Americans is staggering.  More

Mortgage rates hit 2014 low

Mortgage rates have dropped to their lowest level in over a year.  More

World getting 'super-aged' at scary speed

The world is aging rapidly and that's bad news for the global economy, according to a new report by Moody's Investor Service.  More

Income is on the rise ... finally!

Median income is up 3.8% since 2011, though it's still down since the economic recovery began in 2009.  More

'Is it safe to hire?' Business owners don't trust recovery

Small business owners say the economy is still their biggest challenge, which keeps them from expanding and hiring, according to a CNNMoney-Manta survey.  More

Stylist gives free haircuts to the homeless

When hairdresser Mark Bustos isn't cutting the hair of fashion designers and real estate moguls, he's traveling around the world giving free haircuts to the homeless.  More

Ferguson store manager: 'We're gonna close'

Destruction and looting of businesses in Ferguson, Missouri has some residents concerned over the future of their community.  Play

Branson, biz leaders seek Ukraine solution

Billionaire Richard Branson and 15 major business leaders from around the world are calling for an end to the Ukraine-Russia conflict.  More

San Diego defies mayor, raises minimum wage

Workers in San Diego will see a higher minimum wage starting in January and will receive five paid sick days a year.  More

Hospitals in battle to pay people's Obamacare premiums

Low-income consumers struggling to pay their insurance premiums may soon be able to get help from their local hospitals or United Way.  More

Stock market bubble warnings grow louder

Some of the brightest minds in finance are sounding the alarm about the risk of a market bubble.  More

Local police get billions in military equipment

Local police departments are looking more and more like small armies, stocked with billions of dollars worth of military-grade equipment.  More

Average cost to raise a child hits $245,000

New parents be warned: The average cost of raising a child to the age of 18 has reached nearly a quarter of a million dollars, according to the latest estimates from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  More

Europe pays farmers to destroy food hit by Russian ban

European farmers will be paid to destroy fruit and vegetables, or give them to charity, to prevent prices collapsing after Russia banned imports.  More

Ferguson restaurants see sales plummet 50%

Local Subway and Quiznos franchises are losing up to 60% of daily sales because of crowded parking lots and fearful residents.  More

China targets executive pay at state-owned firms

President Xi Jinping has pledged to limit executive pay at China's powerful state-owned companies.  More

Money divides blacks and whites in Ferguson

Across the country, racial segregation between communities is often coupled with a wide economic divide between blacks and whites. Ferguson, Missouri is no exception.  Play

Does the $100 bill need to go?

The U.S. "Benjamin" is a favorite of criminals.  More

U.K. CEOs make 131 times more than workers

Chief executives of big British companies were paid 131 times their average employee wage in the last financial year, according to new research.  More

8 job killing companies

Despite the stronger economy, these companies have slashed thousands of jobs this year.  More

More teens are hearing 'You're hired!'

Youth unemployment falls to 13.5% in July, the lowest summer level since the recovery began.  More

Ferguson's economy: Tough times, but with signs of progress

Ferguson's economy has both a high poverty rate for many residents but some signs of economic success as well.  More

Putin factor snuffs out European growth

European growth evaporated in the second quarter, as Russian meddling in Ukraine helped send the German economy into reverse and France stagnated.  More

Big dogs suffer as Hong Kong status symbols

Large dogs are the ultimate status symbol in Hong Kong -- owning one conveys you're rich enough to afford a giant house in the densely populated city where real estate prices are sky high.  More

Mexico puts out the welcome mat for Big Oil

Mexico is opening up the its vast oil and gas reserves to private investment, ending a 76-year state monopoly.  More

7 surprising things about corporate taxes

Politicians are concerned U.S. companies are trying to dodge their fair share of taxes. But the real problem is the outdated tax code. Here's a cheat sheet for sounding smart at your next Washington cocktail party.  More

I'm 57 and owe $152,000 in student loans

Rosemary Anderson represents the 50-and-over crowd, who owns 17% of the $1.2 trillion outstanding student loan debt -- a 30% increase since 2005.  More

Fake IRS callers take $5 million from victims

The IRS says a phone scam has duped 1,100 victims out of $5 million.  More

These resume lies are whoppers

Most hiring professionals say they have caught lies on resumes and some are more creative than others.  More

How close are you to a 1%-er?

Check out where you rank against 1%-ers like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates.  More

Japan GDP growth collapses amid sales tax shock

Japan's economy suffered its worst contraction since 2011 in the second quarter after a sales tax hike went into effect.  More

Wages are falling in this booming economy

Britain's economy is growing faster than any other developed nation, but you wouldn't know it by looking at your pay packet.  More

Government breaks up ring that circulated counterfeit $100s for 15 years

Charges announced for 13 defendants charged with passing at least $77 million of sophisticated bills.  More

Slowing the school 'summer slide'

While at Cornell University, 22-year-old Karim Abouelnaga started a summer enrichment program with a mission to close the achievement gap. Slowing the school 'summer slide'  Play

Iraq crisis: Why aren't gas prices spiking?

Iraq is on the brink of an all-out war, yet oil prices are still below $100 a barrel. How is this possible?  More

Cafe charges customers 35 cent "minimum wage fee"

Diners are mad about the way a Minnesota restaurant is passing along the costs of a new minimum wage law.  More

The 'Disney economy' is back

Visits to Disney World and Las Vegas are up. It's another sign the U.S. economy is improving  More

Corporate America's 'report cards' are strong

Earnings and sales have been better than expected in the second quarter. In short, companies are doing very well lately.  More

Kansas runs afoul of the SEC over pensions

Regulator says state didn't tell investors how badly state employee pensions were underfunded  More

Spending on Senate barbershop trimmed 50%

Taxpayer-subsidized haircuts are a little known congressional perk, but government spending on lawmaker grooming has fallen sharply.  More

Thanks Putin! Market correction has begun

Germany's main stock market index has dropped 11% from its June peak as investors worry that an escalating trade war with Russia will hurt the economy.  More

The price of Russia's food import ban

Russia's ban on food imports could cost Europe billions in lost exports while pushing up prices at home.  More

Under Obamacare, some workers to be auto-enrolled in health plans

An Obamacare provision that could be implemented as early as next year requires employers with 200-plus workers to enroll them in employer health insurance. Employees could opt-out.  More

Obama wants to plug tax 'loophole'

It is a change of tone for the administration, which even recently has seemed cool to proposals that do not require congressional action.  More

Job searching crushed my soul

For 3 million Americans considered long-term unemployed, looking for a job can be depressing work, and is terrible for mental health, studies show.  More

University president takes $90,000 pay cut to give 24 workers a raise

It will boost pay for 24 low wage workers on campus, including custodians, grounds keepers, and clerical workers. They will now earn $10.25 an hour, up from Kentucky's minimum wage of $7.25 an hour.  More

'The Big Bang Theory' actors get $25,000 an hour

Just how sweet of a deal are 'The Big Bang Theory' actors getting? They now make more per hour than big-time corporate lawyers.  More

Obama tells rich: Keep your fancy homes

In an interview with The Economist, the President talked about why he worries about income inequality and other things.  More

Russian chill gives Europe the shivers

Fear of a trade war with Russia over the crisis in Ukraine is sending a chill through Europe's fragile economy.  More

Youngest car shoppers are buying more cars

Generation Y car shoppers are buying more new cars than the older Generation X.  More

BMW sales top one million. Thanks China!

China's love of luxury cars continues unabated, helping drive BMW sales to a record one million vehicles in the first half of 2014.  More

Obama's favored African nation hits the skids

The small west African nation is seeking help from the International Monetary Fund.  More

What I did after losing my job

Frustrated with their job searches these workers decided to stop looking for traditional jobs. Some retired, while others are reinventing themselves.  More

Lowest August gas prices in four years

Gas prices are also forecast for four-year lows at year's end.  More

India move halts $1 trillion trade deal

A trade deal that could have added $1 trillion to the world economy has collapsed after India refused to ratify a pact struck last year in Bali.  More

Construction workers on jobs: 2009 vs. now

CNNMoney revisits a labor union that it profiled in 2009, during the depths of the recession. Now times are better as construction work is beginning to pick back up in northern New Jersey.  Play

Jobs recovery marches on, but at slower pace

The U.S. economy added 209,000 jobs in July. But that's lower than the number of jobs added In June ... and it was not as strong as what economists expected.  More

Middle class jobs are finally coming back

It took a long time, but middle class jobs are finally on the upswing.  More

Red Lobster bets on fancier-looking plates to turn things around

But Red Lobster is pulling back from deep discounting and presenting food on the plate in a more vertical fashion, in the manner of upscale restaurants.  More

RadioShack's days are numbered

With RadioShack burning through cash, investors and credit rating agencies believe its days are numbered.  More

There are a lot more 50-somethings working 3 jobs

At an age when they should be thinking about retirement, these workers are working harder and in more jobs than ever.  More

Russia sanctions: West's top 15 targets

Here are the 15 most significant targets of U.S. and European sanctions:  More

BofA hit with $1.3 billion mortgage penalty

The case involves bad mortgages sold by Countrywide Financial ahead of the Great Recession and its multi-billion dollar rescue by Bank of America.  More

Europe hits Russia's biggest banks

Europe cranked up the pressure on Russia on Thursday by including the country's top two banks on a list of sanctions.  More
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