AlannaPetroff: Deflation is as scary as Darth Vader. "It's an annihilation" @Scaramucci #CNNDavos http://t.co/zYqQnNmg3H http://t.co/ecfxOTsYwJ 1 day ago
  AlannaPetroff: How do you feel about the economy? See how people around the world are answering: http://t.co/CMH0YaQyfc #CNNDavos http://t.co/u6DQyacPMj 2 days ago
  annastewartcnn: #CNNDavos by numbers: 100 guests, 7 heads of state, 10 finance ministers..and 70 bags through swiss customs! #Davos http://t.co/aRbIfB4dIh 4 days ago
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