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  • Who is Rupert Murdoch? 
    Who is Rupert Murdoch?(01:25)4:37am

    Worth more than $12 billion, Rupert Murdoch built a global media empire spanning film, television, internet services, and an array of other businesses.

  • Puerto Rico's debt crisis explained 

    Puerto Ricans voted yes to statehood. But becoming a state wouldn't solve the island's $120 billion debt problem. CNN's Christine Romans explains.

  • Watch smartphones dropped and bent for testing 

    Micromax is one of India's largest mobile phone makers, CNNMoney takes you to the company's production floor to show you how the smartphones are made piece by piece and tested for quality control.

  • Ransomware attack hits businesses around the world 

    A Ukrainian company sent out a compromised update to its tax software that contained malware according to Cisco Talos. After that, major companies around the world had to shut down their computer systems.

  • Italy's Finance Minster defends bank bailout 

    Italy's Finance Minister says the country was playing by the rules when it rescued two regional banks this week.The decision to save the banks led to concerns Italy was side-stepping new banking rules -- meant to stop taxpayer money from being used to bail out banks.Pier carlo padoan explains to Richard why he thinks Italy was playing fair.

  • This tattoo changes colors based on your biology 

    Created at MIT Media Lab and Harvard Medical School, this tattoo changes colors based on changes in your levels of glucose, sodium or pH balance.

  • Helicopter attack targets Venezuela's Supreme Court 

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has condemned what he called an "armed terrorist attack," which saw grenades and gunfire launched from a helicopter over the capital's Supreme Court building.

  • Facebook reaches 2 billion monthly users 

    Now that Facebook has reached 2 billion monthly users, let's take a look back at some of the social network's milestones along the way.

  • GM CEO: We need more diverse engineers  

    In an exclusive interview with CNNMoney, GM CEO Mary Barra explains why GM is investing millions in programs that teach women and minorities to code.

  • Boeing vs. Airbus: The middle of the market battle 

    Plane making giants Boeing and Airbus are battling it out to build the best plane for medium range routes. With the competition far from over, it should be the passengers who ultimately win.

  • Google fined record $2.7 billion by EU 

    The European Commission found that the U.S. tech giant used its search results to unfairly steer customers to its own shopping platform in a case that dates back to 2010.

  • iPhone 10 Years Later: The phone that almost wasn't 

    Arguably one of most transformative pieces of technology in the modern era, the iPhone's development was fraught with engineering problems, drama, and extreme stress. Former employees share their stories from inside Apple 10 years ago.

  • Boxed CEO reacts to partial reinstatement of Trump travel ban 

    The CEO of Boxed, a Costco for millennials, gets personal and explains the impact of the Trump Travel Ban on both him and his company.

  • Aeromexico CEO deepens links with U.S. despite border politics 

    Aeromexico increases flights, links with the U.S. thanks to its partnership with Delta Air Lines. CEO Andrés Conesa tells Richard Quest he believes the future is more about building relationships rather than building walls.

  • Arab nations call on Qatar to shut Al-Jazeera 

    Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt sent Qatar the list -- which includes a demand to shut down the Qatari-owned Al Jazeera news network -- and gave the country 10 days to comply with the demands.

  • Alec Baldwin will return to 'SNL' as Donald Trump 

    Alec Baldwin tells CNN's Chloe Melas he will bring back his famous Donald Trump impersonation to "Saturday Night Live" this fall.

  • Hands on with Amazon's Echo Show 

    Amazon's Echo Show comes with a touch video screen, new skills and video chat. CNN Correspondent Rachel Crane spends an afternoon testing out its features.

  • Airbag manufacturer Takata files for bankruptcy 

    Japan's Takata was brought down by the huge cost of its exploding airbag crisis. The company's faulty airbag inflators, which can blast shrapnel into drivers and passengers, have resulted in the recall of tens of millions of vehicles and been linked to 11 deaths in the U.S. and several others elsewhere.

  • Health care promises made by candidate Trump 

    While campaigning, President Trump promised voters that his health care plan would not cut Medicaid, lower deductibles and provide universal coverage.

  • This state line divides the Medicaid debate 

    In Texarkana, a town that straddles Texas and Arkansas, residents say their health care comes down to what side of the state line they live on.

  • When will Trump hold a press conference? 

    The president has been saying he'll hold a press conference about the fight against ISIS, but it hasn't happened yet. April Ryan, David Drucker and Michael D'Antonio discuss Trump's reluctance to answer questions.

  • Reporters hindered by off-camera briefings 

    "This is not about us. This is about the American public," April Ryan says. David Drucker says "we should be more aggressive in pushing back" when the government puts conditions on briefings and interviews.

  • Stelter: Fox & Friends is a Trump infomercial 

    In this essay, Brian Stelter says "Fox & Friends" showers praise on the president and tries to bury his opponents. Sometimes, he says, Trump seems to be parroting talking points from the show.

  • Donahue: What about people who didn't vote? 

    Phil Donahue says the press should pay more attention to "angry" Trump voters, but also to those who didn't bother voting. "Apathy is killing us," he says. He also describes how Trump's rallies "are being produced".

  • Phil Donahue says Trump is Elvis 

    The former talk show host talks with Brian Stelter about the media's fascination with Trump. "The coin of our realm is the size of our crowd, and Trump draws a crowd," Donahue says.

  • Kliff's Cliffs Notes on health care coverage 

    Vox's Sarah Kliff, who covers health care, says some Republicans are "lying" about "what this bill actually does." She describes confusion among voters she interviewed in southern Kentucky, who "took Trump's promises at face value."

  • Russia stories are a 'conspiracy trap' 

    Brian Stelter asks Russian-American journalist Masha Gessen about Russia-related conspiracy theories; why she believes Trump is an "aspiring autocrat;" and concerning cutbacks to press access in America.

  • Price won't say if health bill cuts his taxes 

    Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price avoided answering a question posed by billionaire Warren Buffett over whether his taxes would be cut because of the GOP health care bill.

  • CNN sends sketch artist to press briefing 

    The White House has prohibited cameras at some press briefings, so CNN decided to get creative.

  • The Senate GOP health care bill explained 

    Senate Republicans have finally revealed their replacement plan for Obamacare. CNNMoney's Tami Luhby takes a look at the most consequential changes in the bill.

  • Al Jazeera: What you need to know 

    CNN's Frederik Pleitgen takes a look at the controversies surrounding this global news network based in Qatar.

  • Police: Grenfell Tower fire started in Hotpoint fridge 

    London's Metropolitan Police said that the massive blaze originated with a Hotpoint fridge freezer manufactured by Whirlpool subsidiary Indesit.

  • Four factors that determine gas prices 

    Ever wonder why gas prices fluctuate constantly? CNN explains what goes into those fuel pump prices.

  • China's elevated bus is dead 
    China's elevated bus is dead(01:15)Jun 23 2017

    China's futuristic elevated bus has been standing idle for months, and workers have started to dismantle its tracks.

  • Ice Cube's BIG3 is a blast from basketball's past 

    What happens when a fan misses his favorite retired NBA players? If that fan is Ice Cube, he starts his own professional 3-on-3 basketball league. CNNMoney's Ahiza Garcia reports.

  • Mark Zuckerberg isn't done changing the world 

    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sits down with CNNTech's Laurie Segall to discuss how the world's most popular social media network needs to change

  • The iPhone: Evolved  
    The iPhone: Evolved (02:16)Jun 22 2017

    A detailed look at the evolution of the device that changed the mobile industry and made Apple the biggest company on the planet.

  • Qatar Airways wants to buy 10% of American Airlines 

    Qatar Airways has long been at odds with American Airlines. Now it wants to buy at least $808 million worth of stock in American, the world's largest airline.

  • President Trump's record on coal mining jobs 

    Donald Trump promised to put coal miners back to work on the campaign trail. Although Trump claims he has done that, the numbers are a bit more complicated.

  • Undergrads design medical devices 

    Duke mechanical engineering undergrads and surgeons team up to create 3D printed spinal cages.

  • 5 stunning stats about Nike 
    5 stunning stats about Nike(01:53)Jun 22 2017

    Superstars from Michael Jordan to LeBron James endorse Nike. See the statistics behind how the Nike "swoosh" became one of the most recognizable logos in the world.

  • The Zuckerberg Interview: Extended cut 

    CNNTech's Laurie Segall talks with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in an exclusive interview. They cover the company's new mission statement focused on building communities, political divisions, democracy and internet access around the world.

  • Zuckerberg: Internet for the world is good for democracy 

    In an exclusive interview with CNNTech's Laurie Segall, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says "unlocking access to the internet for the next 3 or 4 billion people" is one of the things he's most excited about.

  • Zuckerberg: We're divided politically, but have shared humanity 

    Mark Zuckerberg tells CNNTech's Laurie Segall how his travels around the United States gave him faith despite the country's political divide.

  • Zuckerberg: How we can have a more civil, productive debate 

    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says, "there need to be organizations in the world that stand for, not just helping people connect, but really bringing the world closer together."

  • Zuckerberg: 'We have a responsibility to do more' 

    Mark Zuckerberg tells CNNTech's Laurie Segall why Facebook is overhauling its decade old mission and why connecting people isn't enough.

  • Senate GOP unveils health care bill 

    Senate Republicans introduce their version of the bill to repeal and replace Obamacare. CNN's MJ Lee reports on what's inside.

  • Summer gas prices dip to 12-year low 

    The drop in the cost of oil has been a happy surprise for drivers, who are enjoying the cheapest gas prices at the start of summer in 12 years.

  • Inside India's first international baking academy 

    Featured on 2016's Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia List, Vinesh Johny is the co-founder of India's first international specialized baking academy.

  • Coal CEO sues John Oliver 
    Coal CEO sues John Oliver(00:55)Jun 22 2017

    On his show "Last Week Tonight," John Oliver roasted coal mining CEO Robert Murray for his business practices.