Brainstorm Green Videos
Former EPA chief: Keystone XL will be built

Christine Todd Whitman says there are valid environmental concerns with the Keystone XL pipeline but thinks it'll ultimately be built.

A Republican supports Obama's climate plan

Former EPA chief Christine Todd Whitman says the federal government has to take proactive steps to combat the effects of climate change.

Where cell phones go to die

Much of the world's electronic waste ends up in Guiyu, China, where old parts are recycled but chemicals like mercury leak into the water.

Philippines tap energy from Earth's core

The Philippines is the second largest producer of geothermal energy, but the country is looking to export its renewable energy program to other nations.

Battle lines set over Keystone pipeline

The Obama Administration is expected to decide the fate of the pipeline project in 2013, and the debate between protestors and TransCanada continues.

Vertical farms solve land problem

With land prices at a premium in Singapore, vertical farms with rotating vertical racks present a sustainable solution while cutting down pollution.

Making an island energy independent

Renewable energy has been used in Corsica, France, for decades. Now the island is considered an experiment for the newest technologies.

Profiting from pulling nasty weeds

Aquatic hyacinth is overtaking Africa's Lake Victoria, but entrepreneurs are using the invasive weed to create baskets and rope to sell.

Gas guzzlers need to go on a diet

CNN's Fareed Zakaria reports that cars have gotten increasingly heavier and looks at one scientist's design for the lighter car of the future.

The Waldorf's new guests: Honey bees

New York's iconic Waldorf-Astoria hotel is playing host to a swarm of bees in return for fresh honey offered exclusively to guests.

Empire State Building gets a makeover

The New York skyscraper is switching its iconic lights from incandescent bulbs to brighter and more energy efficient LEDs.

How U.S. fracking helps India

The U.S. fracking boom is creating a big demand for guar, a substance used in drilling, and is benefiting thousands of guar bean farmers in India.

New battery could be solar power's BFF

Startup Liquid Metal Battery is developing a low-cost battery they say will store wind or solar electricity for when there's no wind or sun.

Where cell phones go to be reborn

While most old mobile phones end up in landfills, increasingly they end up in the hands of eRecycling Corps who restores them to be resold.

A Republican's push for a carbon tax

Former U.S. Representative Bob Inglis is pushing for higher taxes on gasoline and coal to fight climate change, offset by tax cuts elsewhere.

FedEx's electric truck challenge

FedEx has set goals to cut fuel consumption and reduce emissions, but the high cost of electric trucks has slowed down their fleet modernization.

Turning wood pellets into gasoline

New Jersey-based Primus Green Energy has developed a process to turn corn, wood and even natural gas into high-octane gasoline for cars.

Startup targets fracking water filtration

Austin-based startup Omni Water Solutions has developed a water filtration system that fits in the trailer of a big rig truck.

How one ski resort went trash-free

A Steamboat Springs, Colorado ski resort has cut its waste by 70 percent by using only recyclable or compostable eating utensils.

Cutting through the Keystone XL hysteria

CNNMoney breaks down the bitter debate between environmentalists, Congress and energy companies over the proposed 1,700-mile pipeline.

TransCanada: No plans to back off Keystone

TransCanada says it will resubmit plans to build the Keystone XL pipeline in the U.S.

Public project $100M under budget ... really!

Tampa Bay Water built a treatment plant that solved their water problems for $100 million less than their initial projections.

SolarReserve: We're not another Solyndra

Solar Reserve CEO Kevin Smith says his company will avoid the problems that plagued Solyndra, the failed solar company.

Renewable tidal energy's reality check

The Snohomish County Public Utility outside of Seattle is experimenting with tidal power but implementation has been sluggish.

Turkey's massive ship recycling program

In Aliaga, Turkey, large ships from around the world are dismantled, and the steel is recycled and sent to mills.

Gas pipeline CEO backs more regulation

Enbridge CEO Pat Daniel says that more regulation of oil pipeline safety will give the public greater confidence in the oil industry.

Building a greener steel mill

Hyundai Steel has spent $5.5 billion to construct one of the world's first eco-friendly steel mills in South Korea.

Next locally grown craze: beer hops

The growing trend to source locally has resulted in a revival of hops farming on the East Coast of the US.

The greening of the Empire State Bldg.

The Empire State Building is undergoing a $20 million energy retrofit, creating hundreds of jobs and cutting energy use by 38%.

GE's $1 billion Hudson River clean-up bill

Inside the EPA's $1 billion settlement with GE to dredge the company's chemicals from the river's bottom so fishing might someday return.

Reno goes all in on geothermal power

The 'Biggest Little City in the World' draws all of its residential power needs from geothermal energy, but can geothermal work in other cities?

Making lightbulbs from silicon

Bay Area lighting company Bridgelux is developing technology to make cheaper LED lights from silicon.

Selling solar to the Marines - Ooh-rah!

CNNMoney takes a look at the different types of renewable energy technology that vendors are trying to sell to the U.S. Marines.

Frontline troops push for solar energy

The U.S. Marines are testing renewable energy technologies like solar to reduce costs and casualties associated with fossil fuels.

The city, CUNY and the Department of Energy are using tools like the NYC Solar Map to encourage solar installation and ease the grid's burden.

Solar power scrubs NYC subways clean

The world's largest subway operator is cutting emissions and costs by using solar thermal power at its Coney Island facility to wash the front of train cars.

Can solar power compete with coal?

SunPower founder Tom Dinwoodie explains how solar power is now as cheap as energy from new coal plants.

Recycled milk jugs return as new toys

Green Toys, an Oakland, California-based company, is making children's toys out of locally recycled plastic and making a profit.

Iraq War made me switch to solar

Former US Army medic Patrick Padilla explains why his experience serving in Iraq helped him decide to switch to solar power when he came home.

Is natural gas really a clean fuel?

American Gas Association CEO Dave McCurdy refutes claims that natural gas is dirtier than coal and says it can be extracted safely.

Four Loko's second act

At MXI's recycling plant, failed alcoholic products like Four Loko are turned into fuel-grade ethanol for vehicles.

Volt and Leaf score on crash test

The Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf plug-in cars both earned top marks from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Generating power from volcanoes

While most Rwandans face a power shortfall, Lake Kivu in western Rwanda has enough methane gas in its volcanic lake bed to power several countries.

Why GE is going back to the lab

GE gives CNNMoney a tour of its renewable energy lab where the company is working on carbon capture, battery and solar panel technology.

How we'll 'out-innovate' the world

A GE solar researcher says we need to encourage kids to study science to fulfill the president's call to 'out-innovate' the world.

Super-charged electric sports cars

Check out the 2011 Detroit Auto Show's hot, completely electric sports cars from Mercedes Benz, Venturi and Li-ion Motors.

Home improvement goes green

Ecohaus, a Seattle-based building and supply store, is targeting a growing number of eco-conscious consumers.

Seattle stadiums greener than grass

Qwest Field and the ShoWare Center are two of the most energy efficient stadiums in sports. See how they do it.

Ghosn: Leaf promotes clean energy

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn says the all-electric car brings awareness to carbon-free sources of electricity.

Plastic bottles to pet beds

Pet product-maker Worldwise takes recycled bottles from Walmart and makes them into beds for your pooch.