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$25,000 sundae and you keep the spoon

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  • Why abandon Sky, Rupert? 

    After years of trying, why does Rupert Murdoch no longer want the UK's Sky TV? Former ITN CEO Stuart Purvis talks to Richard Quest.

  • 'SNL': Trump trims Christmas tree with 'losers' 

    "Saturday Night Live" spoofed a festive White House with Alec Baldwin as President Donald Trump decorating the Christmas "tree of shame" with "haters and losers" from 2017.

  • The year feminism fought back 

    Many thought 2017 would be the year the of the woman -- the year the ultimate glass ceiling would shatter with a woman entering the White House. Instead, it began with the Woman's March -- the first of many counterpunches against a perceived assault on women's rights. Laurie Segall takes you through the year feminism fought back.

  • Morgan Spurlock says he's part of the problem 

    The "Super Size Me" filmmaker admitted to sexual misconduct on his social media account.

  • Disney-Fox deal gets White House praise 

    President Trump congratulated Rupert Murdoch on the Disney-21st Century Fox deal, which will combine two of the biggest players in Hollywood. CNNMoney's Brian Stelter reports.

  • Cartoonist draws lines in Saudi culture 

    Abdulaziz Al-Muzaini is the co-founder of Myrkott, an independent animation studio in Saudi Arabia that touches on controversial subjects in its cartoons and pushes the boundaries of freedom of speech in a closed traditional society.

  • Acosta: Sanders threatened my press access 

    CNN's Jim Acosta says White House press secretary Sarah Sanders told him if he asked a question of President Trump at a bill signing, she couldn't promise he would be "allowed into a pool spray again."

  • Royals join 'The Last Jedi' cast on the red carpet 

    Prince William and Prince Harry walked the red carpet at the European premiere of "Star Wars: The Last Jedi."

  • NFL Network sued for sexual harassment 

    A former employee for NFL Network is suing for sexual harassment and wrongful termination. The suit involves current and past on-air talent for the network.