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Yes, Focus really does park itself

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  • Spicer: Sometimes we disagree with the facts 

    White House press secretary Sean Spicer addresses the media following a controversial weekend about veracity and facts.

  • Newsrooms beefing up investigative units 

    The Washington Post's David Fahrenthold and the panel discuss political coverage and the importance of covering various governmental agencies.

  • "Alternative facts" are lies 

    "Alternative facts," proffered by Kellyanne Conway, is a "George Orwell phrase," Washington Post reporter Karen Tumulty says. In college, "we will flunk you if you use alternative facts," Frank Sesno says.

  • Clinton's ex-spokesman discusses Spicer 

    Brian Fallon, who was the Hillary Clinton campaign's press secretary, says Sean Spicer clearly "lied" and should be called out for it. Fallon suggests that "he should have resigned rather than go out and take the podium."

  • Reporters rebuff talk of a "boycott" 

    "It is our job to stay in that briefing room," Karen Tumulty of The Washington Post says. Lynn Sweet says Trump does not change the jobs of journalists: "You go to briefings, you work your sources, you see what's true, what's not true."

  • 'Will President Trump deny reality?' 

    In this essay, Brian Stelter lists 50 questions about the Trump administration, trust and the truth. "What will you believe?"

  • Who's "delegitimizing" who? 

    Trump aides allege that the media is trying to "delegitimize this president." Reporters from The Chicago Sun-Times, NPR, The Washington Post and other outlets respond.

  • Trump says he is at "war with the media" 

    The "Reliable Sources" panel reacts to President Trump's "war" talk and press secretary Sean Spicer's angry lecture. Spicer's statement "was absolutely surprising and stunning," W.H. correspondents association president Jeff Mason says.

  • On 'SNL,' Putin brags about buying America 

    On the first episode of 'Saturday Night Live' after President Trump's inauguration, a smug Vladimir Putin brags about Russia's role in the election.