Bair: Banking rules could be tougher

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  • Will insurer mergers raise healthcare costs? 

    The five major health insurers will soon become three. Cigna and Anthem are merging. That follows Humana and Aetna. UnitedHealth just completed a big deal too. There are concerns these companies will now have more clout to boost premiums.

  • The battle of the brands 

    General Motors and Under Armour both reported strong earnings on Thursday, while McDonald's is having a tougher time keeping up with its competition.

  • 'Old' companies top Apple 

    Coca-Cola and Boeing both reported earnings that topped Wall Street's forecasts, while Apple reported disappointing results.

  • IBM investors sing the Big Blues 

    IBM's sales disappointed again. The strong dollar is partly to blame. But IBM has been dead money since Ginni Rometty took over as CEO in 2012 while other techs have thrived.

  • 3 reasons gold prices are falling 

    Anthony Chan, managing director at JP Morgan Chase, explains why gold is at a five-year low.

  • Google wows. Will Apple, Amazon and Facebook follow? 

    A strong second quarter earnings report from Google raises the bar for the other so-called Four Horsemen of Tech.

  • HACK opens NYSE day after glitch 

    Cybersecurity ETF rings the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange one day after a technical glitch brought trading to a halt.

  • Pepsi's earnings are sweet, but ... 

    The soda and snack food giant reported solid sales and profits. That's good news. But the rest of Corporate America may post results that are underwhelming.

  • The China Market Collapse Explained 

    CNN correspondents on opposite sides of the world explain why the Chinese stock market has been crushed, what the government is trying to do about it, and how it affects you.