Hunger Games tips odds in Lionsgate's favor

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  • Lilly Pulitzer sale creates chaos at Target 

    The iconic resort brand debuted at Target, selling out in minutes while crashing the retailer's site.

  • OMG! Stocks are tanking! Relax. 

    Investors threw a hissy fit due to concerns about new stock market regulations in China, more worries about Greece and the rest of Europe and weak earnings in the U.S. But it's not the end of the world. We are long overdue for a correction.

  • AmEx stock: Do leave home without it 

    American Express is the worst performer in the Dow and things are not looking promising. The strong dollar and the end of its partnership with Costco will hurt sales and profits.

  • Greed is good -- and it's back at Goldman 

    Business is booming at Goldman Sachs and it's rewarding employees with average compensation of nearly $130,000 for the first quarter. Nice work if you can get it.

  • Delta cutting flights to Brazil, Russia 

    Delta Air Lines is cutting back on international flights because of the strong dollar and decline in oil prices.

  • Quit your crying, Jamie Dimon! 

    JPMorgan Chase reported a solid first quarter profit and the stock is rising. It's time for CEO Jamie Dimon to finally stop whining about regulation.

  • Pandora is not dead! 

    The online radio veteran is still hanging around despite a lot of competition. And the stock is getting a boost after rival Spotify reportedly raised more money. But why?

  • What's better for stocks: bad economic data or good? 

    Until now, bad data has driven the market higher. Could that change this year?

  • Want a job? Try tech 

    IT consultants Cognizant and Accenture added a lot of jobs in 2014. So did Amazon and Apple. Costco, Kroger and Starbucks were some of the bigger job creators outside of tech.