BATS: A swing and a miss

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  • Best Buy stock may actually be a best buy 

    The electronics retailer's results beat forecasts. Strong smartphone sales were a big plus for Best Buy. Thanks, Apple and Samsung!

  • Good news for Walmart workers is bad for investors 

    Walmart's wage hike for employees hurt profits. The pay increase is great for workers. But Wall Street frowned. It didn't help that sales were disappointing either.

  • Ding dong! Fake Avon takeover calling! 

    Avon shares popped on a report of a buyout bid from a private equity firm. Problem? The offer turned out to be a hoax. But it just shows that the struggling Avon's only hope is to get acquired.

  • Psst. Did you hear about Apple and BlackBerry? 

    Bored traders are gossiping about Apple and BlackBerry merger rumors and other takeover chatter in Big Tech. The deals may never happen. But it shows the market wants Apple, Cisco, Microsoft and Google to put their cash to work.

  • Shake Shack stock is not appetizing  

    The food is delicious. But Shake Shack shares look ridiculously overvalued. The stock has been on a wild ride since its IPO.

  • You've got merger! Verizon scoops up AOL 

    Verizon is buying AOL for $4.4 billion, mainly for its video assets. Will this make Verizon a bigger threat to Google and Facebook in online advertising? And what's it mean for Yahoo and Twitter?

  • Surge pricing: Uber may be worth $50 billion 

    The ride sharing app is reportedly raising another round of financing that would make it more valuable than most of the companies in the S&P 500. How can Uber possibly be worth it?

  • Warren Buffett may be right about Whole Foods 

    Buffett joked that nobody smiles at the organic grocer. Investors aren't either. Shares of Whole Foods plunged due to weak sales growth. Will new stores with cheaper products be the answer to its problems?

  • Yahoo and Alibaba: Misery loves company 

    Alibaba's plunging stock price is terrible news for Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer. Yahoo plans to spin-off the rest of its Alibaba stake later this year.