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DC restaurant workers receive $2,000 tip

Any smart business owner knows the importance of good customer service. One restaurant patron in Washington, DC got exactly that and generously expressed his appreciation.

FIFA 16 adds women to the roster

EA Sports' popular "FIFA" video game series will include female soccer players in its next release.

The bro-iest burger in America

A burger topped with chips and a hot dog. A Sports Illustrated swimsuit model on an aircraft carrier. That's just the latest over-the-top offering from Carl's Jr and Hardee's, a company known for their big burgers and barely-clothed models.

Tracy Morgan settles with Walmart

The comedian settled a lawsuit with the retailer for an undisclosed amount after a 2014 crash left him seriously injured.

The view from One World Trade Center's observatory

One World Observatory is set to open Friday. It's expected to attract 3.8 million visitors a year.

FIFA sponsors respond to corruption scandal

FIFA's sponsors, including Visa and Coca-Cola, weigh in on the controversy.

1980: CNN's first hour in 2 minutes

Lois Hart and David Walker anchored the Cable News Network's inaugural broadcast 35 years ago. Gun violence, airline troubles and political primaries made the headlines.

This text message will crash your iPhone

A new hack will crash your iPhone when you receive a particular text message.

FIFA officials charged with corruption

Swiss police arrested six FIFA officials on corruption charges from the United States.

Moments with Mary Ellen Mark

In the weeks before the death of renowned photographer Mary Ellen Mark, CNN joined her in New Orleans. She captured the recovery of the city 10 years after Hurricane Katrina.