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Concerned citizen goes off the grid

Business News Videos
  • Is Trump's attack against the NFL racist? 

    Former NFL wide receiver Donté Stallworth says that when it comes to the word "racist," "I don't sling [that] around lightly." Regarding Trump and the NFL, Stallworth says "I don't need to say whether he's a white supremacist or a racist because his own actions speak for themselves."

  • NFL preaches unity in response to Trump 

    Coy Wire, Christine Brennan, and Donté Stallworth discuss the president's battle with the NFL. "If there's one group of people in this country that might have more of a megaphone than Donald Trump, it's probably the NFL," Brennan says.

  • Ravens, Jaguars kneel during national anthem 

    Players from the Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars took a knee during the national anthem at London's Wembley Stadium just days after President Trump suggested they should be fired for doing so.

  • See the 'unity' ad the NFL is airing after Trump's attack  

    With President Trump taking aim at the NFL and its players who protest during the national anthem, the league is broadcasting a message of unity: a one minute ad that it produced for the Super Bowl earlier this year. It was originally made to "demonstrate the power of football to bring people together," the league said.

  • Warner: We need to make Russia-linked ads public 

    Democratic Senator Mark Warner tells CNN's Brian Stelter that he wants a public hearing for Facebook and Twitter executives to discuss issues relating to political ads.

  • Trump: I wish NFL owners respected US flag 

    President Donald Trump criticized some in the National Football League at a rally for Alabama Republican Senate candidate Luther Strange, saying team owners should fire players for taking a knee during the national anthem.

  • Economic growth suffers when corruption flourishes 

    A huge scandal in South Africa has ensnared global companies like McKinsey, SAP, and KPMG. CNN's Richard Quest asks Christine Lagarde about the best way to clean up corruption.

  • Hurricane Maria leaves trail of devastation 

    The hurricane ripped through the Caribbean, hitting islands from Dominica to Puerto Rico.

  • Meet Ireland's Trump betting expert 

    Joe Lee recently scored a job managing Trump-related betting at the gambling firm Paddy Power in Dublin, Ireland.