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Vegas desperate to move past vice

Business News Videos
  • The 'SNL' sketch we've been waiting for 

    As "Saturday Night Live" prepares to raise the curtain on it's 42nd season, political junkies eagerly await Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump and Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton. CNN's Brian Stelter takes a look at how the not-ready-for-prime time players could help shape the narrative of this election.

  • Head to head: Women for Trump and Clinton make their case 

    She's the most qualified. He's more trustworthy. CNNMoney spoke with two women who volunteer for the Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump campaigns. Who is the best person to be President?

  • Daymond John: I've been stop-and-frisked twenty times 

    FUBU Founder Daymond John tells CNNMoney's Christine Romans that the controversy of stop-and-frisk resonates with him, and how recent tragic shootings can open up a larger dialogue.

  • Brexit? What Brexit? Business is booming 

    A hundred days after the U.K. voted to leave the EU, London's restaurant scene is booming. Nina dos Santos finds out why Brexit has not curbed Britons appetite or their spending.

  • Dodgers announcer Vin Scully retires 

    Vin Scully retires from announcing for the Los Angeles Dodgers after 67 years.

  • Review: 'Westworld' keeps your interest 

    "Westworld" depicts an amusement park for adults, populated by realistic robots. The HBO series stars Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Jeffrey Wright, and Evan Rachel Wood.

  • Mark Cuban: My players can join anthem protest 

    Billionaire Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban tells CNNMoney's Christine Romans why he met with his players and gave his blessing for possible protests during the national anthem.

  • Wells Fargo CEO pummeled by House committee 

    CEO, John Stumpf, sought to defend his bank and his role in the creation of up to 2 million fake accounts. He appeared before a very hostile audience of members of the House Financial Services Committee.

  • Deutsche Bank is a $2 trillion problem 

    Deutsche Bank is half the size of Germany's economy, but its foundations are shaking due to huge fines, disappearing profits and a share price collapse.