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Hyundai's new Elantra approaches perfection

Business News Videos
  • James Murdoch's $1 million donation to ADL 

    Was 21st Century Fox CEO James Murdoch's criticism of President Trump and contribution to the ADL just a PR move? Brian Stelter and Tanzina Vega discuss the disconnect between the CEO's action and Fox News Channel's coverage.

  • Newsrooms missing the mark on race coverage? 

    Race is too often treated "like a trend" rather than "something that people live," CNN's Tanzina Vega says. The NYT's Nikole Hannah-Jones describes some of the barriers to better, more thorough coverage of race issues, including framing by journalists and lack of understanding by newsroom leaders.

  • Press overreacting to Trump's terrible week? 

    Brian Stelter asks about the potential for an overreaction from the news media. Carl Bernstein says reporting, not opining, should drive coverage, while calling the current political moment "unprecedented." He said Trump's conduct begs the question of whether it is "time for the President to be urged to leave office."

  • How will Steve Bannon weaponize Breitbart? 

    Will Steve Bannon expand Breitbart? Maybe even launch a TV network? Bannon biographer Joshua Green says the former Trump strategist wants to "go global" with Breitbart's brand of nationalism.

  • Behind the scenes at 'both sides' presser 

    AP White House correspondent Jonathan Lemire describes the "sense of surprise" as Trump took questions last Tuesday. A Trump aide's mouth "literally dropped," Lemire told Brian Stelter. He also notes there has been relative silence from the White House since then.

  • What happens to governing if POTUS is unfit? 

    Presidential historian Douglas Brinkley says we are witnessing "the ramifications of what having a sick man in the White House means," which puts the government in the position of having to run "almost around the president."

  • Bernstein urges reporters to question GOP 

    Carl Bernstein says concerns about President Trump's fitness for office -- privately expressed by prominent Republicans -- are "an important, crucial, dangerous story that reporters need to start making their business."

  • Uncomfortable questions about President Trump 

    CNN's Brian Stelter says there are uncomfortable questions about President Trump's fitness to lead that journalists aren't asking often enough.

  • Timeline of attacks in Spain 

    The Spanish region of Catalonia experienced two terror attacks and an explosion in the space of just three days.