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  • Bringing the immigration debate back to reality 

    Nicole Carroll, Sarah Ellison and Norman Pearlstine separate facts from fiction in the immigration debate. It's been "incredibly frustrating" this week, trying to get information on the detained children and access to the detention centers, Carroll says.

  • Trump supporters seize on Time mag controversy 

    Brian Stelter says Trump aides and right-wing websites used a dispute about a Time cover to "distract" from family breakups at the border. Time editor Ed Felsenthal says his goal is "fair and thorough" coverage. He points out: "The photos we're not seeing are far more disturbing than the photos we are seeing."

  • Brian Stelter's full interview with Glenn Beck 

    Glenn Beck has some sharp words for CNN's Brian Stelter in this interview. "You're driving people into the arms of Donald Trump," Beck says. The conversation comes to an abrupt end when Stelter asks Beck about the future of his company.

  • George Takei condemns Trump's 'big lie' 

    Actor and activist George Takei, a survivor of an internment camp during World War II, joins Brian Stelter to share his thoughts on the family separations at the southern border. He says Trump's rhetoric is a "big lie," calling it "grotesque and absolutely inhumane."

  • Pearlstine: 'Media is really Trump's cocaine' 

    Despite his constant media criticism, "media is really President Trump's cocaine. He cannot exist without it," veteran editor Norm Pearlstine says. He says there are two constants in Trump's world: Turmoil, and the "desire to remain the center of attention."

  • Norm Pearlstine on LA Times sale 

    Norman Pearlstine, the brand new editor of the Los Angeles Times, joins Brian Stelter to discuss the paper's plan for rebuilding and his desire to find a worthy successor.

  • "Game of Thrones" stars Kit Harington and Rose Leslie tie the knot 

    The actors have been dating for several years but kept their relationship low key until last fall. The wedding took place in Aberdeen, Scotland.

  • Tom Arnold, ahead of upcoming show on Viceland, says he has tapes of Trump 

    While appearing on CNN's "Erin Burnett OutFront," Tom Arnold was asked by CNN's Poppy Harlow about his upcoming show for Viceland - and about President Donald Trump.

  • Americans LOVE Football (aka soccer) 

    Richard may have met his match with Roger Bennett of 'Men in Blazers.' You will want to watch this one as two Liverpudlians debate their adoptive home's love of soccer/football. (Yes, they tackle that one, too.)