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Greece, Italy ... is France next?

Business News Videos
  • When will Trump hold a press conference? 

    The president has been saying he'll hold a press conference about the fight against ISIS, but it hasn't happened yet. April Ryan, David Drucker and Michael D'Antonio discuss Trump's reluctance to answer questions.

  • Reporters hindered by off-camera briefings 

    "This is not about us. This is about the American public," April Ryan says. David Drucker says "we should be more aggressive in pushing back" when the government puts conditions on briefings and interviews.

  • Stelter: Fox & Friends is a Trump infomercial 

    In this essay, Brian Stelter says "Fox & Friends" showers praise on the president and tries to bury his opponents. Sometimes, he says, Trump seems to be parroting talking points from the show.

  • Donahue: What about people who didn't vote? 

    Phil Donahue says the press should pay more attention to "angry" Trump voters, but also to those who didn't bother voting. "Apathy is killing us," he says. He also describes how Trump's rallies "are being produced".

  • Phil Donahue says Trump is Elvis 

    The former talk show host talks with Brian Stelter about the media's fascination with Trump. "The coin of our realm is the size of our crowd, and Trump draws a crowd," Donahue says.

  • Kliff's Cliffs Notes on health care coverage 

    Vox's Sarah Kliff, who covers health care, says some Republicans are "lying" about "what this bill actually does." She describes confusion among voters she interviewed in southern Kentucky, who "took Trump's promises at face value."

  • Russia stories are a 'conspiracy trap' 

    Brian Stelter asks Russian-American journalist Masha Gessen about Russia-related conspiracy theories; why she believes Trump is an "aspiring autocrat;" and concerning cutbacks to press access in America.

  • Price won't say if health bill cuts his taxes 

    Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price avoided answering a question posed by billionaire Warren Buffett over whether his taxes would be cut because of the GOP health care bill.

  • The Senate GOP health care bill explained 

    Senate Republicans have finally revealed their replacement plan for Obamacare. CNNMoney's Tami Luhby takes a look at the most consequential changes in the bill.