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Huntsman's tax-cutting economic plan

Business News Videos
  • Recycle 120 billion bottles? Coke wants to do it 

    Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey unveils the company's plan to recycle the plastic equivalent of every bottle they put out into the world. He also responds to environmental critics who say the company still isn't doing enough.

  • Relive Trump's first year in two minutes 

    Take a look back at some of the major moments from Trump's inauguration through to 2018's immigration debate.

  • Do you have stock market FOMO? 

    The rally in stocks has been stunning. But now, are you wondering if it's time to get out? Or maybe you want to put more money in. CNNMoney's Christine Romans breaks down how to approach your portfolio.

  • American auto manufacturers bet on trucks 

    Here are the new trucks Chevrolet, Ford and Dodge are betting on while their foreign competitors focus on sedans and crossover SUVs.

  • SAP taps new source of talent: Refugees 

    The German economy keeps booming and there is a shortage of talent to meet high demand for labor. Particularly in demand are IT specialists, engineers and technicians. CNN's Atika Shubert reports.

  • Here's why real progress could be made at Davos 

    This year at Davos, the focus is supposed to be on creating a shared future in a fractured world. But the man many blame for the divide, President Trump, is attending. CNN's Richard Quest explains what's at stake this year.

  • Trump: Government 'very well could' shut down 

    President Donald Trump told reporters at the Pentagon that the worst results of a possible government shutdown would be the impact on the U.S. military.

  • Venezuela's economy on the brink of collapse 

    It used to be the wealthiest country in Latin America, now Venezuela's currency is almost worthless.

  • What is Davos?  

    This small town in Switzerland has become the meeting ground for the global elite. This year, President Trump is attending and will likely make it one to remember.