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GOP candidates on their tax returns

Business News Videos
  • Richard Branson: I should be in space in six months 

    For the first time since the deadly 2014 crash of Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo, billionaire Richard Branson tells CNN's Poppy Harlow his company will be in space in 16 weeks and Branson will be in space in six months.

  • Richard Branson: I'm a great believer in people working from home 

    Billionaire Richard Branson says he encourages his employees to work from home. The founder of the Virigin empire tells CNN's Poppy Harlow that flexibility in where you work can make all the difference for working parents.

  • The number of black CEOs keeps shrinking 

    With the retirement of American Express CEO Kenneth Chenault, there will soon be just 3 African-American CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.

  • Why rising stocks don't benefit everyone 

    The stock market keeps breaking records but not everyone is enjoying the gains. CNN's Richard Quest sits down with Atlanta Fed CEO Raphael Bostic in an exclusive interview.

  • Cuban to Mavs players: Let's 'control the message' on protests 

    Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban explains to CNN's Dylan Byers the "different circumstances" between the NFL and NBA in the wake of national anthem protests, and how he's addressing the protests with the Dallas Mavericks.

  • Women go public with Weinstein allegations  

    Several women have come forward alleging Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted and harassed them. Five women shared their experiences with CNN.

  • Remembering the worst day in stock market history 

    On "Black Monday" in 1987, the Dow plunged 22.6%, still the biggest one-day percentage drop in history. Christine Romans describes the panic of that day on Wall Street, and looks at whether it could ever happen again.

  • Mark Cuban: 'I'm considering running for office' 

    The billionaire entrepreneur (and frequent Trump critic), says working families were promised a better situation and the President isn't delivering.  He talks to CNN's Dylan Byers about health care, tax reform and his overall political aspirations.

  • Xi Jinping's rise to power 

    The face of China's President Xi Jinping is everywhere across the country. The growth of his personal power has mirrored the rise of China worldwide. CNN's Ivan Watson has more.