Road Warriors Video

  • $30,000 for ultra first-class in the air 

    Singapore Airlines offers couples private suites with double beds on the A380 jet.

  • Poppy Harlow crushes car with tank! 

    In Kosota, Minnesota, a small business lets people drive battle tanks and crush cars ... no joke!

  • I get paid to tailgate 
    I get paid to tailgate(2:31)Nov 15 2011

    Meet the man who makes his living tailgating his way across the nation in an RV.

  • Travel tips from the 10 million mile man 

    Seasoned road warrior, Tom Stuker, shares tips from more than 6,000 flights and millions of miles logged in the skies.

  • Travel secrets from a savvy TV host 

    Victoria Stillwell, host of Animal Planet's 'It's Me or the Dog,' offers tips on how to stay calm on long flights and staying in touch with your family while on the road.

  • How one of TV's biggest food critics travels 

    Travel Channel's food critic Andrew Zimmern spends 32 weeks a year exploring foods from around the world. Here's a few travel tips he's picked up along the way.

  • Diet of a storm chaser 
    Diet of a storm chaser(1:13)Sep 26 2011

    Storm chaser Reed Timmer spends nearly 200 days a year on the road living off a diet of energy drinks, beef jerky and adrenaline.

  • Stars and their cars 
    Stars and their cars(2:14)Sep 23 2011

    From 'Entourage's' Perrey Reeves to the Knicks' Amar'e Stoudemire, celebrities and athletes gush over their favorite wheels.

  • Pimp my golf cart 
    Pimp my golf cart(01:34)Sep 21 2011

    Zoom around your neighborhood in a customized Hummer, Cadillac Escalade or even a limo golf cart.

  • Travel like golf pro Stewart Cink 

    One of golf's biggest stars, Stewart Cink, shares a few travel tips he's picked up traveling and competing in tournaments around the world.

  • Share a jet with the uber-rich 

    For clients who don't want to buy the whole jet, Flexjet offers fractional ownership of its fleet of 85 planes.

  • Pete Carroll's travel game plan 

    The Seattle Seahawks coach shares his tips for handling travel hassles.

  • Rudy Gay's NBA odyssey 
    Rudy Gay's NBA odyssey(1:40)Jul 8 2010

    The Memphis Grizzlies star shares his travel quirks and tips for surviving life on the road.

  • CEO in the pilot's seat 
    CEO in the pilot's seat(3:15)Jul 6 2010

    Andrew Davidson says he saves his company time and money by piloting a small plane for most of his business trips.

  • JetBlue CEO to flyers: Be nice 

    Dave Barger says travelers can have a more enjoyable trip by being patient with flight attendants and ticket agents.

  • Andy Roddick's travel challenge 

    The tennis star stays relaxed on the road by packing light and practicing patience at the airport.

  • How Zo keeps his travel groove 

    Former NBA star and philanthropist Alonzo Mourning shares his experience and tips for life on the road.

  • 'Never check luggage' 
    'Never check luggage'(2:31)Jul 7 2009

    Music consultant Gregory Tait shares his tips for speeding through airport lines.

  • Carl Edwards' life on the track 

    The NASCAR star says bringing his family to the races helps keep him sane on the road.

  • Miss America's 365 day road trip 

    Katie Stam shares her tips for living and working comfortably on the road.

  • Surviving long travels 
    Surviving long travels(2:32)May 21 2009

    Traveling 250 days a year for fundraising, Room to Read founder John Wood shares advice for making comfortable trips.

  • Staying fit on the road 
    Staying fit on the road(2:01)May 5 2009

    'Biggest Loser' trainer Jillian Michael shares her tips for exercising in hotels without gyms.

  • Travel in comfort and style 
    Travel in comfort and style(2:43)Apr 22 2009

    Andrea Bernholtz, president of Rock & Republic, shares her tips on how to travel and look fabulous.

  • Jettisoning jet lag 
    Jettisoning jet lag(1:46)Apr 15 2009

    McCann Erickson N.Y. Chairwoman Nina DiSesa offers her tips on how to travel comfortably.