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  • Barbie. So not hot right now 

    Toy maker Mattel's earnings disappoint investors as a drop in Barbie sales cuts into revenue.

  • Intel bucks tech stock slide 
    Intel bucks tech stock slide(1:02)Apr 16 2014

    Intel is up nearly 3% so far this year, unlike its brethren on the Nasdaq. Looks like the chip maker's focus on tablets and cloud computing is starting to pay off.

  • J&J healthy amid selloff 
    J&J healthy amid selloff(0:59)Apr 15 2014

    Johnson & Johnson showed strong growth, especially in pharmaceuticals, while its less-mature biotechnology cousins take a beating.

  • H&R Block up ... but not due to taxes 

    H&R Block loves April 15. But shares are rallying Friday because it is selling its bank to BOFI, an online financial firm. BOFI shares were up too. And don't forget to do your taxes!

  • Bed Bath & Below? Retailer's stock sinks 

    Home retailer Bed Bath & Beyond had a stellar run in 2013, rising almost 45%. But its tumbling share price so far this year reminds investors that momentum stocks can't go up forever.

  • Robot surgeon stock in ICU 
    Robot surgeon stock in ICU(1:10)Apr 9 2014

    Intuitive Surgical, maker of the da Vinci robot surgeon, warned that sales would be weak and the stock tanked. But the company recently hit a 52-week high after the FDA approved its latest product.

  • A Nasdaq stock investors are hungry for 

    While the popular technology stocks in the Nasdaq have taken a beating lately , investors are happy to chow down on Kraft. There's nothing cheesy about its big dividend yield.

  • Tech stock pullback not over yet 

    The Nasdaq has been hit hard lately. But after a nearly 40% pop in 2013, a real correction for tech and other momentum stocks may still be needed.

  • It's still a low and slow barbecue recovery 

    The latest jobs report confirms that the economy is still stuck in a painfully sluggish recovery that began in 2010. It's low and slow. Just like cooking meat on a barbecue.

  • Netflix in trouble? Not so fast 

    Netflix's stock is down more than 20% from its record high. Shares may still be overvalued. But concerns about competition from Amazon and others are overblown.

  • End of era for Sears without Lands' End 

    Sears is still a poorly performing retailer. But the stock has bounced back sharply due to hopes for its upcoming Lands' End spin-off and other possible real estate plans.

  • Ford shines while auto industry slumps 

    Shares of Ford rallied in the first quarter while GM's stock was hit hard by recall woes. But shares of Toyota and Honda are stuck in reverse as well.

  • Airlines no longer a laughingstock 

    All the major airlines -- including Delta, Southwest, and the 'new' American Airlines -- have had strong gains so far this year. Looks like consolidation is working for investors ... if not consumers.

  • Awful quarter for Best Buy and Staples 

    It's hard to be a brick-and-mortar retailer in the age of Amazon. Best Buy and Staples have tanked as investors worry about the 'showrooming' effect.

  • Honeymoon over for new BlackBerry CEO? 

    BlackBerry shares have enjoyed a solid start to 2014. But the stock fell Thursday after being downgraded to a 'sell.' With lackluster quarterly results expected Friday, is time running out for John Chen to turn around the company?

  • No luck for slot machine maker IGT 

    Maybe the house doesn't always win. IGT shares tumbled after the slot machine maker issued an earnings warning and announced layoffs.

  • Sonic's stock booms 
    Sonic's stock booms(1:32)Mar 25 2014

    Drive-in restaurants are retro-cool. And thanks to strong earnings and a fun ad campaign, shares of Sonic have been on a tear lately. But is it overvalued?

  • 'Divergent' is not a bomb for Lions Gate 

    Shares of Lions Gate tanked last week on poor reviews for 'Divergent.' But the strong box office shows it may be another hit franchise like 'Hunger Games' and 'Twilight.'

  • Red Lobster, Olive Garden still a mess 

    Darden Restaurants wants to spin off struggling Red Lobster. But Olive Garden is not doing well either. The entire company is missing the restaurant stock rally this year.

  • Homebuilder stocks have solid foundation 

    Homebuilders like Lennar and KB Homes have shown strong earnings despite winter weather. Investors hope the stocks continue to bud in the spring.

  • FedEx earnings freeze, investors shrug 

    Shipping giant FedEx blames the cold weather for its poor earnings. But its stock was already down before the results. Ditto for UPS. And other transportation stocks are doing well.

  • GameStop falls on Walmart fears 

    Walmart's announcement that the company will now allow customers to trade in their old video games may eat into GameStop's bread-and-butter business. Investors are wary.

  • Keurig percolates. Up 50% in 2014  

    Shares of Keurig Green Mountain are up 50% in 2014 thanks to an investment from Coke and new deal with Starbucks. Now the K-Cup maker is being added to the S&P 500.

  • Down. Up. Down. Market induces nausea 

    Stocks plunged in January, soared in February and are down again in March. Why? It's all about global fears. Maybe the bulls will be back in April.

  • No holes in doughnut stocks 
    No holes in doughnut stocks(1:05)Mar 13 2014

    It has been a good 2014 for investors who have a sweet tooth. Krispy Kreme and Dunkin' Brands have been tasty stock picks.

  • GM's stock is a lemon in 2014 

    Recalls and investigations have plagued the start of Mary Barra's tenure as CEO of General Motors. But if she continues to address the issues head on, a stronger economy and auto sales should help GM.

  • This company loves the snow 
    This company loves the snow(1:32)Mar 11 2014

    Let it snow. Douglas Dynamics, a maker of snow plows, loves the winter weather. It reported strong earnings and its stock (ticker symbol PLOW) is up on the news.

  • Nasdaq 5000 again? It may happen! 

    It's been 14 years since the Nasdaq hit its record of above 5,130. It's getting closer to that milestone again. But are overvalued social media stocks a sign of a new tech bubble?

  • Yellen is Bernanke 2.0 
    Yellen is Bernanke 2.0(1:24)Mar 7 2014

    The solid jobs report led to a bump in Treasury yields. The market expects Janet Yellen to keep Ben Bernanke's tapering plan in place. And that's okay.

  • Costco slumps...but doesn't blame weather! 

    Shares of Costco slipped as results missed expectations. But at least the company didn't use snow and ice as an excuse. Sluggish holiday sales and weak foreign currencies hurt profits.

  • Should Icahn shut up about eBay? 

    Shares of eBay are near an all-time high even though Carl Icahn keeps attacking the company for not spinning off PayPal. So should Icahn stay on the warpath or stop talking?

  • Tobacco stocks get spark from merger rumor 

    Where there's smoke, there's fire? Lorillard and American Reynolds are higher on merger rumors. But investors could get burned if no deal happens.

  • Gold soars as Ukraine crisis escalates 

    After a terrible 2013, gold is shining due to Ukraine-Russia tension and broader fears about fragile emerging markets.

  • 3D printing is not a bubble 
    3D printing is not a bubble(1:05)Feb 28 2014

    3D Systems reported good enough earnings and guidance to impress investors. The whole industry is bouncing back from a sluggish start to the year.

  • Best Buy isn't best stock to buy 

    Shares of Best Buy surged after the retailer's weak sales topped low expectations. It joins a long list of struggling retailers, such as J.C. Penney and Sears, that have rallied this week despite relatively poor results.

  • Is the worst over for Target? 

    Target shares surged even though earnings sank due to the data breach and weak Canada sales. As bad as results were, they still topped Wall Street's expectations.

  • Home Depot builds on housing market 

    Investors are happy as Home Depot reports earnings from the end of 2013, increasing dividend payments. Poor weather could hurt the company at the start of this year, but don't expect winter to last forever.

  • Market cheers Netflix-Comcast deal 

    Looks like Wall Street is addicted to streaming Netflix. Both Comcast and Netflix stocks are up on news of faster speeds in a partnership.

  • Groupon needs a group hug 
    Groupon needs a group hug(1:21)Feb 21 2014

    Daily deal site Groupon is finding it hard to compete with Amazon and eBay. A better social media and marketing strategy might help too.

  • No smiley face for Wal-Mart 
    No smiley face for Wal-Mart(1:15)Feb 20 2014

    Wal-Mart shares fell after reporting results that were 'meh' and a disappointing outlook. The company cited concerns about the economy, higher taxes and, you guessed it ... the weather.

  • Herbalife flexes muscle in China 

    The stock of controversial nutritional supplement company Herbalife ? famously shorted by billionaire investor Bill Ackman ? has been up over the past 12 months. But China's probe into rival Nu Skin might spell trouble ahead.

  • Carl Icahn can't lose 
    Carl Icahn can't lose(1:19)Feb 18 2014

    Another win for Carl Icahn. His bet on Forest Labs has paid off handsomely. He's riding a hot streak with Apple, Herbalife, Chesapeake and his own Icahn Enterprises stock.

  • Gold shines while Bitcoin tanks 

    Gold has outperformed the stock market this year thanks to renewed inflation worries and emerging market currency chaos. Is Bitcoin's plunge also helping?

  • Tune in for more cable mergers? 

    Comcast's bid for Time Warner Cable has investors wondering what's next for Charter, DirecTV, Cablevision, DISH and privately held Cox.

  • Cisco: Tons of cash, little growth 

    Poor Cisco. It was the only Dow stock to miss out on Tuesday's Janet Yellen rally. With lackluster earnings due out after the bell, it's no wonder investors are nervous.

  • Don't bet on Sprint/T-Mobile deal 

    Sprint shares rose thanks to solid sales growth and subscriber gains. But since Sprint is doing okay, regulators would likely shoot down a T-Mobile merger.

  • Yelp stock gets glowing review 

    Yelp popped on reports that Yahoo will include Yelp reviews in its search results. Investors also love Yelp's strong revenue growth.

  • Is Apple becoming IBM? 
    Is Apple becoming IBM?(1:24)Feb 7 2014

    Apple stock is up on news that they are buying back stock. But what investors really want to see is a new line of innovative products.

  • 'Frozen' assets: Disney soars 

    Yay, old media! Disney shares were surging following strong earnings and sales. ESPN continues to be a monster and the box office smash "Frozen" helped too.

  • Smart move by CVS to end cigarette sales 

    Shares of CVS fell after the drug store chain said it would stop selling tobacco products. That's a short-sighted reaction from Wall Street.

  • Cisco's return to glory? 

    Even though the stock is down this year, Cisco is sitting on billions in cash. And some analysts think demand will pick up.

  • Blame Michael Phelps? Really, Netflix? 

    Netflix warned that the Olympics may hurt earnings. Redbox is also struggling, but didn't say it was London's fault.

  • Zynga looks like a fad 
    Zynga looks like a fad(1:57)Jul 26 2012

    Points for BUBBLE in Words With Friends? Zynga's results may be bad news for Facebook.

  • Amazon and Expedia: Earnin' like it's 1999 

    Grab a flannel and lace up your Doc Martens, two Washington based .com vets are reporting earnings reminiscent of the late 90s tech bubble.

  • EA stock spikes on takeover report 

    A South Korean newspaper reports Japanese gaming company Nexon is eyeing EA, but the maker of Madden has long been a takeover target.

  • Shocker! Apple makes billions 

    Strong global iPhone sales helped Apple beat expectations, as usual. Doubters beware - it's hard to hate on AAPL.

  • Blood in the water at Netflix 

    With shares tumbling, more losses, and a host of healthy competitors, Netflix isn't dead in the water but it's certainly wounded.

  • No smiley faces at Wal-Mart 
    No smiley faces at Wal-Mart(1:47)Apr 23 2012

    A bribery scandal in Wal-Mart's Mexico unit has its stock price tumbling. Can other retailers take advantage of the stumble?

  • No grimacing for McDonald's investors 

    With a boost from strong earnings, McDonald's isn't the only fast food co. on the up and up. Chipotle and Yum! Brands are following suit.

  • A win for eBay is a win for Yahoo? 

    eBay reported strong earnings, mostly driven by its PayPal division, whose former head is now at the helm of Yahoo!.

  • Rise of the robots 
    Rise of the robots(1:34)Apr 18 2012

    Intuitive Surgical's robots help surgeons perform precise procedures and now the company's stock price is on the heels of Apple and Google.

  • Apple's 'bubble' hasn't burst 

    Five days of stock declines has investors squawking about an Apple 'bubble,' but the tech giant is doing just fine.

  • Google may be just a little evil 

    Google's stock split is a slightly devious move to concentrate power at the top.

  • Shell finds a sheen, is not #winning 

    Royal Dutch Shell's stock dips after oil is sighted near two of Shell's Gulf of Mexico rigs. Spills are a risk for all oil stocks.

  • Nokia: The Finnish RIM 
    Nokia: The Finnish RIM(2:00)Apr 11 2012

    Mobile device makers Nokia and Research in Motion continue to struggle against Apple's iPhone and Google's Android operating system.

  • Want $1 billion? All you need is an app 

    An app, a dream, and millions of users couldn't hurt. But as Facebook forks over $1 bln for Instagram, has the app craze gone too far?

  • AOL: You've got money! 
    AOL: You've got money!(1:48)Apr 9 2012

    AOL is surging in early trading after the tech and media company agreed to sell patents to Microsoft for more than $1 billion.

  • Return of the King: BK going public again 

    Fast food chain Burger King is gearing up to re-enter a market where it will face stiff challenges from Chipotle, McDonald's and Wendy's.

  • Come on, feel the recovery! Or not... 

    Jobless claims are down from a week ago and GDP is growing, but for most Americans the recovery is much too mild to feel.

  • Annie's IPO rakes in the cheddar 

    Organic food company Annie's makes its public debut and investors are salivating. But there are other organic options for the IPO averse.

  • Will the Dow soon hit a new all-time high? 

    As the markets rally, the economy shows signs of life and the Fed pledges to keep rates low, some investors are partying like it's 2007.

  • BATS: A swing and a miss 
    BATS: A swing and a miss(1:52)Mar 26 2012

    Stock market exchange owner BATS had to cancel its IPO following a computer snafu that also affected trading in Apple.

  • Hunger Games tips odds in Lionsgate's favor 

    It's complete 'Panemonium' for investors and fans alike as moviegoers queue up for The Hunger Games and shares of Lionsgate soar.

  • Pressure on China to cut rates 

    With its economy beginning to look sluggish, China must follow the example set by Western banks and cut rates to avoid a global slowdown.

  • Oracle's good omen for tech 
    Oracle's good omen for tech(1:35)Mar 21 2012

    Oracle's strong earnings could prove to be a bellwether for tech as The Hartford bows to pressure from activist investor John Paulson.

  • Big banks are not out of the woods yet 

    Bank of America's strong showing in 2012 has some investors flocking back to big banks, but be careful, most are still risky bets.

  • Apple cracks open its war chest 

    Apple is using some of its nearly $98 billion in cash to offer investors a dividend and buy back $10 billion of its own shares.

  • Worms in Apple stock? 
    Worms in Apple stock?(1:19)Mar 16 2012

    The new iPad is out and Apple shares briefly topped $600 ahead of the release. But the stock may need to take a breather.

  • Cisco makes $5 billion bet on video 

    Despite calls from some investors to backtrack from the consumer business, Cisco has bought NDS Ltd., a software maker for set top boxes.

  • The bank stress test bait and switch 

    Bank stocks soared on news of JP Morgan Chase passing the stress test, but unfortunately for eager investors, not all banks fared as well.

  • China: Quit hogging rare earth minerals! 

    The U.S. wants China to stop limiting exports of rare earths used in tech products while Apple's new iPad already seems to be a success.

  • China's surprising trade deficit 

    Exports slumped in February, possibly due to European economic woes. Meanwhile, two of China's 'YouTubes' are merging.

  • Starbucks ices Green Mountain 

    Shares of the K-Cup maker are plummeting after Starbucks announced a new single-serve machine that doesn't involve Green Mountain.

  • Global McSlump 
    Global McSlump(1:40)Mar 8 2012

    McDonald's same store sales surged in the U.S. last month but they were much weaker in Europe and Asia.

  • Pandora gets boxed in 
    Pandora gets boxed in(2:12)Mar 7 2012

    Online radio company Pandora Media missed forecasts and the stock plunged -- just like other unprofitable social media IPOs.

  • Monster for sale despite better jobs news 

    Monster is officially on the market, but don't hold your breath, the job search company has been a rumored takeover target for years.

  • iPad 3? iPad 2S? Who cares? 
    iPad 3? iPad 2S? Who cares?(2:04)Mar 5 2012

    No matter what Apple calls the next version of its tablet, it is likely to be a huge success for the company.

  • Yelp IPO soars! Are you kidding me? 

    Yelp shares soar 60% in its IPO. Will it maintain momentum or fall like other social media IPOs?

  • A March madness for stocks too? 

    The Dow and Nasdaq are both at multi-year highs, but investors should be wary as the indexes hover near key milestones.

  • Shiny Apple, flat SODA 
    Shiny Apple, flat SODA(1:45)Feb 29 2012

    Apple is now worth more than $500 billion but it's still a cheap momentum stock. The same isn't true for home beverage maker SodaStream.

  • Priceline soars sans Shatner 
    Priceline soars sans Shatner(1:35)Feb 28 2012 earnings blow past estimates, thanks to its European unit. The stock is surging but it may not be a bubble.

  • Lowe's shows housing improvement 

    Lowe's and Home Depot showed increases in sales and beat expectations for earnings. These earnings could be signs that the U.S. housing market is leaving the "emergency room."

  • Is this a true JCPenney turnaround? 

    Excluding charges related to its turnaround plan, JCPenney turned a profit in the fourth quarter. The stock is up 21% over the past month.

  • Netflix's new streaming rival 

    Comcast positioned to take a chunk out of Netflix's streaming market share, after announcing plans to start a competing service, Xfinity Streampix.

  • Greece bailout: Hold the Ouzo 

    The Eurozone reached a 130 billion euro bailout deal to help Greece avoid default. Will this finally bring better economic days to the debt-plagued nation?

  • Wall Street food fight! 
    Wall Street food fight!(1:41)Feb 17 2012

    General Mills is lowering expectations but Heinz and Campbell Soup both beat forecasts.

  • GM: Back in black 
    GM: Back in black(1:39)Feb 16 2012

    With GM posting huge earnings just a few years after being on the brink of failure, has the bailout and forced reorganization worked?

  • Don't make a hulking hedge fund angry 

    While activist investors are making power plays on Yahoo and insurance company The Hartford, Warren Buffett puts more cash in tech.

  • Investors buying into the Linsanity 

    Shares of MSG are up as newfound star Jeremy Lin starts the Knicks on a hot streak. But investors shouldn't get as fired up as the fans.

  • LinkedIn is the anti-Groupon 
    LinkedIn is the anti-Groupon(1:49)Feb 10 2012

    Social media sites are not all created equal. LinkedIn's profits topped estimates while Groupon posted a shocking loss.

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