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  • App helps women cut closet clutter  

    An Atlanta startup has a new app that lets women trade unwanted clothes for items they'll actually wear, reducing the amount of clothes clogging closets and landfills.

  • Circus artists say demand is on the upswing  

    Top circus schools say opportunities for performers are on the upswing thanks to the "new circus," or Cirque Nouveau. You've seen these artists in Cirque du Soleil, on Broadway and in TV commercials like the Mariott Residence Inn ads featuring an aerialist flying on suspended silks.

  • Magazine refuses to Photoshop women  

    A former model, tired of the hyper focus on looks, starts a magazine that hires models of all ages and sizes.

  • Have a product idea? Build it here 

    GE Appliances' FirstBuild micro-factory gives inventors the chance to turn an idea into a product for sale.

  • Florist takes weddings on the road 

    Las Vegas florist and wedding officiant Victoria Hogan thinks the desert is romantic -- the perfect backdrop for a wedding. So she designed a 1950s style 'Teardrop' trailer, hitched it to her jeep and started planning 'pop up' weddings.

  • Rwandan helicopter service offers tours and training 

    Akagera Aviation, which launched in 2004, offers tours, medical evacuations and also trains locals to become pilots. Managing Director Patrick Nkurikiyimfura says the strategy to the company's success is maintaining a presence in Rwanda's neighboring countries.

  • Seattle business wants to end 'tyranny of trousers' 

    Utilikilts owner, Steven "Krash" Villegas was inspired to make his first kilt prototype while working in construction. He feels his kilts, made in Seattle, are far more practical for men then bifurcated pants.

  • Buffett, Blankfein, Bloomberg and Dorsey on one stage 

    There's more than $100 billion in net worth on this stage. Warren Buffett, Lloyd Blankfein, Michael Bloomberg and Jack Dorsey give their advice to small business owners at a Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses graduation.

  • Delivering healthy meals on demand  

    A California company has found a speedy way to deliver home-cooked meals to your doorstep.