Gay marriage is a boon for biz

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  • How a love of luxury travel became a profitable business 

    Focusing on the top end of the travel market has helped Lysbeth Fox turn her love of adventure into a profitable company.

  • How e-commerce is helping Japan's 'City of Blades' thrive 

    Sakai has been Japan's undisputed "City of Blades" since the mid-16th century -- nearly 90% of all Japanese-style chef knives are made there. Now, city authorities are hoping e-commerce will help keep the craft alive.

  • The business behind bullet-proof fabric 

    Gelvenor Textiles produces approximately 215 million square feet of high performance materials a year, including bullet-proof fabric.

  • Checking into halal hotels 

    Faith is part of the fabric of society in Malaysia, and has given rise to new industries. We check into one of Kuala Lumpur's halal branded hotels to see what exactly that entails.

  • These Palm Beach businesses shut down when Trump visits 

    The Lantana Airport in Palm Beach County takes President Trump's frequent visits to Mar-a-Lago a lot harder than the other businesses in this corner of South Florida.

  • A Tokyo startup's big plan for tiny algae 

    Euglena is smaller than the thickness of human hair. A Tokyo-based company named after this tiny organism is set to break ground on Japan's first algae biofuel refinery and hopes to help power planes by 2020.

  • Using robots to build a superior golf club 

    Inside Japanese golf brand Honma, creator of the gold plated golf club, where they merge the human touch with robotics to improve production.

  • Delivering beers by drone 

    Rakuten is often referred to as "Japan's Amazon," but it wants to be a global tech giant. The e-retailer launched 20 years ago. Today it is the highest-ranked Japanese company on Forbes' list of "Most Innovative Companies." CNN sees how Rakuten is leading the way to commercialize drone deliveries.

  • This startup is a growing platform for Muslim women 

    Fashion website Amaliah started as a curation platform for Muslim women in the UK, helping them find clothes that are both modest but fashionable. Since, it has grown into a community of more than 250,000 Muslim women sharing ideas and discussion beyond just style.