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Flipboard: iPad 'only tablet that matters' 
CEO Mike McCue says Flipboard, the popular iPad app is coming to the iPhone in the summer, but there are no plans to build an Android app. Play
Google's 'me too!' music cloud 
Vic Gundotra of Google says cloud services like the company's music and movie offerings will be big for Android. Play
Uphill battle for Google's iTunes clone 
Google launched a new cloud-based music and video service Tuesday, but it may not be enough to compete with Apple's digital behemoth. Play
Google's Android piracy problem 
Mari Baker, CEO of game developer PlayFirst, says piracy and the 'freemium' model make Android a challenging platform. Play
Secrets of an Apple insider 
Former Apple designer Andrew Borovsky talks about what it was like to work for the notoriously secretive tech giant. Play
Intel's new 3-D chip design 
Intel's new transistor is 3 dimensional, making it faster and a sure sign Intel is going for the exploding tablet and smart phone market. Play
A great tablet for $250 
A recent software update has transformed Barnes and Noble's Nook e-reader into a "tablet lite," complete with e-mail and an app store. Play
Searching for Google's CEO 
The elusive Larry Page faces threats from Facebook and Apple as Google, no. 92 on the Fortune 500, looks beyond search. Play
Google Voice missing key features 
While offering free text messaging and calling, Google Voice still lacks support for picture messages and requires a data connection to communicate. Play
iPhone tracking 'no big deal' 
iPhone users outside the Apple store during the launch of the white iPhone 4 say the iPhone's location tracking does not scare or bother them. Play