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Startup puts Flash on iPhone

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  • Elon Musk's Boring Company releases slick video 

    Elon Musk's The Boring Company has released a computer-generated video showing a network of underground tunnels for cars.

  • A Pope Francis TED sermon: Tech can lead to more equality 

    Pope Francis made a video appearance at the TED 2017 conference themed "The Future You." He discussed how technology could lead to "more equality and social inclusion."

  • 'The Circle' director on a world without privacy 

    Director James Ponsoldt talks to CNNTech's Laurie Segall about his new movie 'The Circle' and the fine line between transparency and a lack of privacy.

  • A List of Human Temptation 

    Broken relationships, suicides, data driven cheating -- this is life after the Ashley Madison hack.

  • In Pursuit of Ashley 

    Data shows when you're at your weakest. Could you be programmed to cheat? Laurie Segall reaches out to current and former Ashley Madison employees to find out the truth about the company.

  • The Science of Cheating 

    In this episode of Mostly Human, Laurie Segall explores how Ashley Madison used algorithms that would make you more likely to click-for-affair. She also speaks with biological anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher to find out if humans are programmed for monogamy.

  • A Pastor's Suicide 

    A husband who cheated. A hack the exposed him. A year later, Laurie Segall revisits one woman whose life was irrevocable changed by the Ashley Madison hack.

  • The Modern Day Scarlet Letter 

    An investigation into the human impact of a hack that exposed 36 million potential cheaters. Behind the hack, there were suicides, broken families. And inside the War Room of Ashley Madison, there were millions of dollars on the table, death threats, and a ticking time bomb that would explode with society's secrets.

  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt on our celebrity obsession 

    Laurie Segall sits down with Joseph Gordon-Levitt to speak about how he hopes our children will build better social media platforms.