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Google shows off Honeycomb

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  • Google's Brin: U.S. abandoning science would be 'foolish' 

    Google co-founder Sergey Brin sits down with CNN's Rachel Crane to talk about the future of technology in America.

  • Ohio is testing out self-driving trucks 

    Ohio's $15 million investment in self-driving trucking may endanger the future of one of the state's most common jobs.

  • Stackable micro-apartments for the homeless 

    Developers in San Francisco have created a line of stackable pods as a potential solution to the city's overwhelming homelessness crisis.

  • Inside the world's greenest, smartest office space 

    It knows where you live, what car you drive and shortly, it'll remember how you like your coffee. We're not talking about a personal assistant, but the next generation of office building. 'The Edge' in Amsterdam is the world's greenest and smartest work space.

  • What is a DDoS attack? 

    DDoS, or Distributed Denial of Service, is a common method hackers use to take down websites and services. CNNMoney's Samuel Burke explains what it all means.

  • India's robotics industry is growing 

    The robotics market is expected to double in India over the next three years. Homegrown innovations, from Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz's driverless shuttle to A-SET Institute's 3-D printed robot, are helping to push the industry forward.

  • Brit + Co founder: 'Women are too honest' 

    Brit + Co founder, Brit Morin sits down with CNNMoney's Laurie Segall to talk about the importance of being creative and how women can get ahead in Silicon Valley.

  • Holiday Gift Guide: Wireless headphones 

    Now that Apple's ditched the headphone jack, wireless headphones are hotter than ever. These are our picks for the 2016 holiday season.

  • How this Indian city is attracting startups 

    Makuta VFX is a boutique animation company behind the Indian blockbuster, "Baahubali." It's based in Hyderabad, a city hoping to become a top destination for startups by 2020. A new incubator called T-Hub helps entrepreneurs grow their business ideas.