Here's why the middle class feels squeezed

Middle class income is back to where it was in 1995 — but people are paying more for many things, including college, homes and even a movie ticket.

Median household income: Up 0%
Incomes have gone nowhere since 1995
Tuition: Up 61%
You’ll shell out a lot more to earn that college degree at a private, four-year school
Home: Up 13%
Putting a roof over your head has gotten more expensive, as the median existing home price rises
Movie ticket: Up 22%
Bring more $$ to pay for your Saturday date night
Gas: Up 94%
Prices are up at the pump
Big Mac: Up 28%
That special sauce will cost you more
Grand Canyon: Up 64%
The increase in entrance fees may also take your breath away.
Sunday New York Times: Up 31%
All the news that's fit to print has gotten pricier
Car: Down 21%
At least it costs less to buy a new set of wheels. Honda Accords have gotten cheaper.
Sources: Income – Census. Homes – National Association of Realtors. Tuition – College Board. Movie – National Association of Theatre Owners. Gas – U.S. Energy Information Administration. Big Mac – The Economist. Grand Canyon - Grand Canyon National Park. New York Times – New York Times. Cars –; All prices in 2013 dollars By: Tami Luhby and Tal Yellin