Market madness: U.S. vs. China

U.S. investors
How many own shares?
13.8% of families
10-12% of households
How often do they trade?
53% trade at least once a month
81% trade at least once a month
Largest exchange*
$19.7 trillion
Shanghai Stock Exchange:
$5.9 trillion
Top companies by market cap
Apple ($725 billion)
Google ($375 billion)
Exxon Mobil ($357 billion)
Berkshire Hathaway ($357 billion)
PetroChina ($330 billion)
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China ($275 billion)
China Construction Bank Corp. ($209 billion)
Agricultural Bank of China ($197 billion)**
How is success defined?
Achieving individual investment goals
Beating the rest of the market
What’s the main reason for investing?
To retire comfortably
For fun! Playing the markets is enjoyable
When markets spike...
23% U.S. investors say they’d invest more
43% Chinese investors say they’d invest more
Source: State Street Global Advisors, Gallup, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Oxford Economics, Federal Reserve, World Federation of Exchanges; Notes: *As of end-May; **As of March 31, 2015