Home is where the art is

Think your office is edgy? The CEO of Start Mobile proudly describes his as 'Pirates of the Caribbean on acid.'

By Michael V. Copeland, Business 2.0 Magazine

(Business 2.0 Magazine) -- Forget Nerf rockets and Razor scooters -- those dotcom accoutrements would seem downright stodgy at the headquarters of Start Mobile, where the fridge is filled with Guinness and the payroll is filled with folks named Vulcan and Chor Boogie.

Start, which licenses the work of emerging artists for use as cell-phone wallpaper, is based in an old warehouse that was once an after-hours club in one of the grittier parts of San Francisco's Mission district. At one end of the space, a design team has just loaded T-Mobile's new Sidekick with digital art.

At the other, above a stairway festooned with palm fronds and faux Roman ruins, the aforementioned Vulcan spray-paints a canvas. Near the fully stocked bar, a large table serves as a communal desk for the five-person staff. "We have instant access to our art-world partners," explains CEO John Doffing, who nonetheless concedes that his "office" is unusual: "A visitor recently described it as Pirates of the Caribbean on acid." Top of page

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