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Table of Contents:VOL. 8, NO. 6 - July 2007
The 50 Who Matter NowThey inspire us. They motivate us. Sometimes they infuriate us. But most of all, they are impossible to ignore. In our second annual ranking, Business 2.0 has compiled an unabashedly subjective list of the people, products, trends, and ideas that are transforming the world of business. (more)
Burning Man grows upAmerica's counterculture jamboree is also a $10 million business. Now it's trying to leverage its brand -- and save the planet -- by (gasp!) inviting corporations. (more)
How David Allen learned to relax, go with the flow, and market his mysterious elixir of success. (more)
These entrepreneurs turned themselves into business icons. Their next move? Telling you how they did it. (more)
Nova Spivack, dotcom pioneer and grandson of Peter Drucker, is racing to bring meaning and order to the chaos of the Internet. And he's not alone. (more)
The wide world of Wi-MaxGoodbye, Wi-Fi? Mobile carriers are about to start rolling out Wi-Max to blanket cities with broadband. (more)
Startup Veoh launches an application that could become the TiVo of the Web. (more)
No more classes, no more books: High school is going online. (more)
To 70 million Americans with intestinal problems, swallowing the RFID SmartPill could bring relief. (more)
FortiusOne makes it easy for anyone to put a mashup on the map. (more)
Hospitals find robots to do the drudge work for $2.85 an hour. (more)
Even the best execs can use some help, so Accenture developed a digitized trainer to whisper in your ear. (more)
Cleaning up contaminated water is big business, which explains all the companies coming up with tiny solutions. (more)
Wind or solar? Standard Renewable helps you make the choice. (more)
Richard Branson has a new rival in the space-tourism race. (more)
Bosses get a helping handWant to promote the folks who are kicking butt, not kissing it? New online services show bosses who's really getting the job done. (more)
Web-enabled game consoles are giving marketers new ways to target those elusive males. (more)
Your startup's business is booming -- but do you have what Wall Street is looking for? Here are five tips to get you ready for an IPO. (more)
Upselling on the Web is becoming more effective than ever, thanks to recommendation engines that make connections in surprising ways. (more)
Today's 3-D software lets engineers see how products work even before they build them. (more)
Tips for hiring coders and restoring your Google rank. (more)
The 'extreme concierge'The hours are extreme at Crispin Porter & Bogusky's offices in Boulder, Colo. Thankfully, so are the in-house stores of bikes, skates, and snowboards. (more)
A Bluetooth headset that juggles calls and tunes, the power outlet that goes where you do, and a workout for your brain. (more)
The latest receivers for your car move with you in a whole new way. (more)
Hotels are competing to spoil guests the most, and business travelers are reaping the benefits in massages, special pillows, loaner pets, and more. (more)
Why e-mail is bankruptOnce a time-saver, e-mail has become a burden. That's why bold entrepreneurs stand to get rich fixing it. (more)
Without regulators as watchdogs, lawyers -- love 'em or hate 'em -- are our best defense. (more)
Mining inefficiencies in the online ad market has become a great way to make a buck. (more)
Pascal Riffaud wants to sell seats at posh restaurants. But their owners have reservations. (more)
Sun boosts sales of servers by giving them away, UBS learns the hedge-fund game isn't as easy as it seems, J&J gets a tummy ache from a new mouth rinse meant for kids, Amp'D Mobile finds that a hit cell-phone show isn't enough to stave off creditors. (more)
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