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Table of Contents:VOL. 8, NO. 7 - August 2007
Have you driven a Fjord lately?Think's zippy little electric car is a Web-enabled, carbon-free Scandinavian driving machine. If it takes off, it could help reverse 100 years of automotive history. (more)
Digging the nuclear futureThe revival of a once-reviled technology is turning a company you've never heard of -- Canada's Cameco, the No. 1 producer of uranium -- into a blue-chip energy giant. (more)
The giant Korean electronics manufacturer shed its image as a purveyor of cheap knockoffs more than a dozen years ago. So why doesn't it get more respect over here? (more)
A decade after the genocide, the tiny African nation has reemerged as a mecca for American entrepreneurs seeking redemption and profits alike. (more)
Silicon Valley is the least of it. The user-generated content revolution is in full swing around the world. Here are the sites to watch. (more)
We don't need no stinkin' lawyersA Spanish startup tries to kill off the lawyers by bringing contracts online. (more)
India's Sahara Care House lets expats send stuff -- not just cash -- to the folks back home. (more)
Betahistine was once used to combat vertigo. Now this pill has a larger purpose: fighting obesity. (more)
The theaters' next blockbusters? Games on the big screen. (more)
What BitTorrent did for the Net, mTouche is about to do for phones.  (more)
Forget wind and solar -- the next wave in clean tech is just offshore. (more)
A Chinese electronic cigarette is delivering nicotine sans toxins. (more)
Red means hot. Mottled means askew. The next big thing in coffee is color-changing lids. (more)
What has 18 wheels, Wi-Fi, and beds for 44 people? A pop-up hotel. (more)
Get ready for the world's first carbon-free city -- smack-dab in the center of the oil-rich Middle East. (more)
The rise of the white-collar nomadWant to see the world and collect a healthy paycheck? Grab your laptop and become a white-collar nomad. (more)
Why a company called Zen is raking in millions with a new breed of advanced weapons simulators. (more)
Is there a low-cost way to test foreign markets? Our experts have the answer. (more)
Programs that let MBAs start out in developing nations offer a lifetime's worth of real-world experience. (more)
South Africa's Stormhoek winery caught its buzz by courting the blogosphere -- and saw sales jump sixfold. (more)
British retailer is taking the Web way upscale by offering limited editions of luxury goods. (more)
EggheadsHow an egg-shaped room is helping the Danish Commerce Ministry to hatch dozens of creative ideas. (more)
For the airlines' premium customers, the royal treatment begins on the ground. Welcome to four of the world's most luxurious airport lounges. (more)
Our annual 'not sold here' edition features a watch that brings video to your wrist, labeling tape that gives files geek chic, and more. (more)
Cell-phone carriers have finally heard us: We want to take our phones with us, no matter where in the world we're headed.  (more)
Mercedes's diesel SUV is fuel-efficient, as clean as anything on the road -- and still illegal in five states. (more)
You, too, can be a rainmakerA crafty entrepreneur in Cyprus is showing companies how to squeeze more high-quality sales leads out of paid search -- and make easy money in the process.  (more)
South Korea has found a way to help companies deal with hard times. Why can't we do the same? (more)
CBS's $280 million buyout of is just the latest jewel in Danny Rimer's crown. Here's how Europe's top VC rules his Old World startup kingdom. (more)
LG receives a boost from status-symbol cell phones, Nissan cashes in by getting in touch with its feminine side, Danone gets less than it bargained for in a Chinese joint venture, a Mexican bank takes the microfinance model to, well, the bank, and more. (more)
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Have you driven a Fjord lately?
Think's zippy little Web-enabled, carbon-free electric driving machine could help reverse 100 years of automotive history. (more)
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