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Stanley Bing
Problem Manager
A reader in Dallas writes:
I "take the initiative" to investigate IT system outages. We are told to use "tools" to do problem solving, such as "the five whys", and other mystical approaches. Read more and tell us what you think.
Who does less work for their paycheck -- a construction-site flag waver or backup dancer/pop-tart hubby? Fortune's Stanley Bing offers up some of the most satisfying, lucrative and least useful professions in America. Excerpt from "100 Bulls**t Jobs... and How to Get Them (Harper Collins)." (more)
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1. How much time do you spend on the Internet at work?
a) 15 minutes every hour, and always on Outlook
b) Three hours, which is totally average according to research
c) Six or seven hours, much of it on YouTube
d) From about 6 a.m. to 8 p.m, because I'm in the middle of an awesome massive multiplayer role playing game right now and if I log off trolls will kill my avatar.

Readers' 20 best bulls**t jobs readers sent in hundreds of bulls**t jobs. We've picked 20 favorites - jobs that are the most satisfying, lucrative and least useful. Here, in readers' own words, are the best bulls**t jobs.
BS Jobs The scholarly discipline of Bulls**t Studies has blossomed in the last several years, fertilized by a number of critical works on the subject and the growing importance of the issue across a wide range of professions. Now, best-selling author and lifelong practitioner Stanley Bing enters the field with a comprehensive look at the many attractive jobs now available to those who are serious about their Bulls**t and prepared to dedicate their working life to it. (more)