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11:13am: The last time the European Central Bank cut interest rates, it took investors by surprise. It will be a shock if the central bank doesn't cut them further Thursday. More
May 22: Europe has enjoyed a period of calm after years of crisis but a big protest vote in regional elections this week could shake markets out of their complacency. More
Apr 30: Europe took another step closer to taxing financial trading when the EU's highest court dismissed a legal challenge by the U.K. More
Apr 23: The eurozone kept government borrowing under control last year, meeting its own limit for the first time since 2008, providing more evidence that the region is emerging from a devastating debt crisis. More
Apr 15: German economists and analysts are feeling cautious about the country's future prospects because of concerns that the crisis in Ukraine could hit trade with Russia. More
Apr 10: Greece has issued new bonds to international investors for the first time since its economy collapsed four years ago, threatening to bring the euro down with it. More
Apr 9: Europe wants to give shareholders the power to limit top executive pay by forcing companies to hold binding votes and to say how it compares with what employees make. More
Apr 3: Negative interest rates? Printing money? They're now both firmly on the agenda in Europe if prices remain weak over a long period of time. More
Mar 31: Price pressures in the eurozone continued their four-month slide in March, renewing talk about the risk of deflation and central bank action to spur the economy. More
Mar 20: Companies going public on exchanges in the U.K., the Netherlands, Denmark and Spain have raised $12.4 billion so far this year, easily surpassing the $9.2 billion raised in the United States. More
Feb 14: Europe's recovery picked up pace slightly in the last three months of 2013 as economies across the eurozone recorded stronger growth. More
Feb 7: Six German judges cast doubt Friday on the legality of one of Europe's main weapons in its battle to save the euro. More
Jan 31: Another interest rate cut in Europe could be just around the corner as the risk of deflation rears its ugly head again. More
Jan 28: The U.K. economy continues powering forward, with the latest official figures showing the fastest annual rate of growth since 2007. More
Jan 16: Sales of new cars in Europe fell for a sixth straight year in 2013, despite some strength returning to the market in December, as a sluggish economic recovery put a brake on spending. More
Jan 14: French President Francois Hollande unveils program of tax and spending cuts in bid to revive confidence in country's stagnant economy. More
Jan 9: European Central Bank facing calls for more action to stimulate activity even as its British counterpart ponders how to react to a recovery that is racing ahead. More
Jan 8: At a time of record unemployment and stagnant wages, the findings inflame European concerns over outsized executive pay. More
Jan 6: Britain faces a fresh wave of billion-dollar cuts to government spending, signaling the scars of the financial crisis one of Europe's strongest economies have far from healed. More
Jan 3: Spain, one of Europe's hardest hit economies, is finally catching a break on unemployment but most of the jobs being created are temporary. More
Dec 18: Europe agrees the biggest pooling of national power since the birth of the euro with a deal on the core elements of a banking union. So what does it mean, and how will it work? More
Dec 13: Ireland's rescue by the EU and International Monetary Fund has come to an end after years of austerity but the country will bear the scars for years to come. More
Nov 28: The U.K. is ending cheap bank funding for mortgages in a bid to control the growing risk of a property bubble. More
Nov 27: Germany's new coalition government promises Europe more 'tough love' while rolling back some reforms at home to help workers and pensioners. More
Nov 26: Rich Chinese and other wealthy foreigners are being promised the keys to Europe as cash-strapped nations offer passports in exchange for investment. More
Nov 21: A deepening slowdown in France is hurting Europe's fragile recovery and reviving fears that the region's second biggest economy could slip back into recession. More
Nov 14: Three years after turning to the EU and IMF for ?85 billion in emergency aid, Ireland is poised to become the first bailed-out eurozone country to make a full return to financial markets. More
Nov 14: Europe's recovery from 18 months of recession stalled in the third quarter as exports slowed and the region's second biggest economy slipped back into reverse gear. More
Nov 13: EU officials will conduct their first ever review of the Germany economy to investigate claims it may be frustrating a broader recovery across the region by relying too heavily on exports. More
Nov 13: The U.K. economy has come roaring back since teetering on the brink of a triple-drip recession, surprising even the most senior officials at the Bank of England. More
Nov 7: The European Central Bank surprised markets Thursday by cutting interest rates to a new record low in a bid to prevent the eurozone sinking into a period of stagnation and deflation. More
Nov 5: The eurozone crisis is not over yet, warns the EU, as it trims its forecast for 2014 economic growth and predicts unemployment will stay at record levels until 2015. More
Nov 4: Pressure is mounting on the European Central Bank to cut interest rates to new record lows as the specter of deflation looms and a strong euro threatens the weak economic recovery. More
Oct 23: The European Central Bank announced a year-long health check of Europe's banks Wednesday in a bid to restore confidence and support the region's tentative recovery from recession. More
Oct 8: An investigation into the possible manipulation by banks of exchange rates in the $5.3 trillion foreign currency market has widened to include European authorities. More
Oct 2: The European Central Bank said Wednesday it was ready to cut interest rates or inject more cheap cash into the banking system to prevent a fragile recovery in the region's economy from being blown off course. More
Oct 2: Italian markets cheered Wednesday as former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi withdrew his bid to torpedo the coalition government. More
Sep 30: Italian markets were shaken Monday by the weekend collapse of the country's coalition government after just five months but a chance that early elections could yet be averted kept losses in check. More
Sep 27: London house prices have hit record highs, jumping by 10% in a year and earning some lucky homeowners more than their annual pay packets. More
Sep 26: Six months after Cyprus was bailed out by the EU and IMF, its economy is reeling with workers facing deep pay cuts and rocketing unemployment even as the rest of Europe claws its way out of recession. More
Sep 25: A plan to cap bankers' bonuses will be tested in Europe's top court after the U.K. government launched a legal challenge against the measure, saying it will increase financial risks rather than reduce them. More
Sep 22: German Chancellor Angela Merkel won clear backing for her handling of the euro zone crisis and Europe's biggest economy Sunday as voters gave her party a resounding victory in national elections. More
Sep 20: Germans vote Sunday in an election that should mean continuity for Europe's crisis management, but still holds the potential to shock markets if Angela Merkel fails to win a third term as chancellor. More
Sep 12: Moves by Europe's competition watchdog signal a crackdown on corporate tax cheats could be gathering steam. More
Sep 12: Eight out of 10 British businesses say they want the country to remain in the European Union, even as leading politicians consider breaking ties with the EU. More
Sep 5: The European Central Bank forecast Thursday a slow economic recovery and repeated its pledge to keep interest rates low as it waits for more evidence that the upturn will be sustained. More
Aug 28: German Chancellor Angela Merkel says allowing Greece to join the euro was a mistake that helped create the region's debt crisis. More
Aug 22: Europe's recovery looks to be gaining traction thanks to a revival in activity in the region's biggest economy, Germany, according to the latest survey of business activity. More
Aug 20: Greece will need additional financial support from its European partners on top of existing bailouts worth 240 billion euros, a senior German politician says. More
Aug 14: Just seven weeks into the job as Bank of England governor, Mark Carney faces growing doubts about his signature policy of guiding markets to expect low interest rates for the foreseeable future as the economy gathers pace. More
Aug 14: The eurozone recession is over. Gross domestic product across the 17-nation area grew by 0.3% in the second quarter, according to a flash estimate from Eurostat. More
Aug 9: The U.K. population just got a boost with over 810,000 new babies, which should help power the country's economy forward. More
Aug 8: Greece's job crisis is showing no signs of abating despite evidence of recovery in the broader European economy. More
Aug 7: The Bank of England said Wednesday it would not raise interest rates until U.K. unemployment falls to 7%, a level it doesn't expect to see for about three years. More
Aug 6: Italy provides further evidence that the eurozone's prolonged recession may already be over after data showed its economy shrank by much less than expected. More
Aug 2: The Greek government has slashed taxes at restaurants in a bid to boost spending and tourism. More
Aug 1: The European Central Bank and the Bank of England left their benchmark interest rates unchanged, while both move towards issuing more Fed-style guidance. More
Jul 31: The latest report from the International Monetary Fund projects that Greece's bailout is missing as much as ?11 billion in funding. More
Jul 31: The latest eurozone unemployment figures indicate a slight decline in the number of jobless people across the region, marking the first dip in over two years. More
Jul 25: The recovery in the U.K. economy is gathering pace as rapidly rising house prices encourage consumers to forget austerity and spend rather than save. More
Jul 24: The strongest reading of private sector activity in 18 months may mean light at the end of a very long tunnel for the depressed eurozone economy. More
Jul 21: The U.K. economy is shifting up a gear and leaving its European neighbors trailing. More
Jul 9: Latvia will adopt the euro from the beginning of next year, becoming the 18th member of a currency union that just a year ago risked disintegration due to a credit crisis. More
Jul 8: Greece satisfies international lenders that it can get its economic reform program back on track, paving the way for eurozone finance ministers to approve the release of the latest installment of rescue loans. More
Jul 5: Fears of a return to crisis in the euro zone receded Friday as Portugal patched up its fraying coalition government and Greece neared a deal with lenders that should ensure its bailout cash keeps flowing. More
Jul 5: Switzerland issued new guidelines this week to its banks that should make it easier for the U.S. to catch American tax evaders who are hiding money in offshore accounts. More
Jul 4: Europe's central banks sought to protect their struggling economies from a Fed-induced spike in borrowing costs by signaling they'll continue to provide cheap money for a long time to come. More
Jul 3: Political turmoil in Portugal is threatening to reignite Europe's debt crisis after a year of relative calm. More
Jul 1: Mark Carney faces a huge to-do list as new Bank of England governor, but he'll enjoy the richest compensation deal of any major central banker in return. More
Jun 27: Bondholders and shareholders will be forced to rescue failing banks, according to a new agreement by European Union finance ministers. More
Jun 21: The smallest party in Greece's ruling coalition quit the government Friday, throwing the country back into political turmoil as it struggles to keep an international bailout deal on track. More
Jun 19: The U.K. government is preparing to sell its 39% stake in Lloyds Banking Group as it looks to return two of the country's biggest lenders to the private sector. More
Jun 18: Swiss politicians have blocked a draft law that would allow the country's banks to share secret offshore account information with U.S. tax authorities. More
Jun 13: U.K. authorities should launch a full investigation into Google's "manifestly artificial" corporate structures to ensure it is complying with tax law, a committee of lawmakers said Thursday. More
Jun 12: Greece's state broadcaster ERT was taken off the air overnight Wednesday in a highly visible reminder of the country's continuing economic crisis. More
Jun 6: The unemployment rate in France continues to climb, hitting 10.4% in the first quarter of 2013. More
Jun 6: The European Central Bank trimmed its forecast for the eurozone economy in 2013, but left interest rates unchanged as expected. Says it still believes a gradual recovery will begin in the second half of the year. More
Jun 6: The IMF bent its own rules to bail out Greece back in 2010 and prevent much more serious damage to the eurozone and world economy. More
Jun 4: Just 12 months ago, Greece was at risk of leaving the eurozone. This week, a U.S. corporate raider who made his name two decades ago, has offered to buy 10% of all Greek government debt issued last year. More
Jun 3: The French government raked in nearly 720,000 euros by selling off some of its finest wines at an auction last week. More
Jun 3: Spain and the U.K. lifted Europe's economic gloom a touch Monday with the strongest readings of manufacturing activity in many months. More
May 31: Unemployment in the troubled region keeps climbing, with Spain and Greece feeling the most acute pain. More
May 30: The U.K. economy may be crawling back to growth, but the number of people relying on food handouts is soaring due to welfare cuts and unemployment. More
May 29: Austerity has been put on the backburner in Europe. Now officials are emphasizing economic reform and growth. More
May 29: The European Central Bank should follow its recent interest rate cut with more radical action to tackle recession and record unemployment, the OECD said Wednesday as it slashed its forecast for the eurozone economy. More
May 23: Business activity in the eurozone declined at a slower pace in May but surveys published Thursday suggest the region's longest recession will extend into another quarter. More
May 22: European leaders took the fight to tax cheats Wednesday with a pledge to share bank account data across the EU and accelerate initiatives to tackle abuse by companies. More
May 22: The International Monetary Fund tells U.K. to increase spending on infrastructure and cut some corporate taxes to shore up its fragile economic recovery. More
May 21: Europe misses out on one trillion euros in tax each year. Little wonder its leaders are stepping up their efforts to tackle fraud and aggressive tax avoidance. More
May 16: France wants to see the creation of a eurozone government within two years to help lift the region out of its economic slump. More
May 15: Germany narrowly avoids recession in the first quarter of 2013 but its return to growth isn't enough to prevent the eurozone economy from contracting for a record sixth consecutive quarter. More
May 13: Despite recession and record unemployment, most Europeans still back austerity, believing governments should be cutting spending to bring down debt, according to a new Pew survey. More
May 3: Europe takes another step back from austerity, saying it may give France two more years to meet borrowing targets as eurozone's second biggest economy slips back into recession. More
May 2: The European Central Bank cuts interest rates for the first time in 10 months, taking them to a new record low as the prospects of economic recovery in the eurozone this year begin to fade. More
May 1: The cash-strapped French state is selling off some of its fine wines in order to raise money and invest in a collection of more modest vintages. More
Apr 30: Slumping prices and record unemployment bolster the case for Europe to ease up on austerity and cut interest rates to inject life into its stagnant economy. More
Apr 29: Memories of Europe's debt crisis faded Monday as investors sent yields on Italian bonds to their lowest levels in over two years after a new government was appointed. More
Apr 29: Stuck in recession, with inflation rates tumbling and unemployment rising, the eurozone looks set to get its first cut in interest rates in 10 months this week. More
Apr 26: Recession-hit Spain needs two more years to meet budget targets agreed with the EU, the government said Friday, presenting a new challenge to the region's austerity drive. More
Apr 25: Europe's deteriorating economy is wreaking havoc on global automakers, as car sales across the continent have sunk to their lowest level since the mid-1990s. More
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