Global gas prices «Click column headings to re-sort»
Effective Date
Caracas Apr-06 $0.12
Kuwait Apr-06 $0.78
Riyadh Apr-06 $0.91
Buenos Aires May-06 $2.21
Mexico City May-06 $2.25
Beijing May-06 $2.40
Johannesburg May-06 $3.70
Sydney May-06 $3.76
Mumbai May-06 $4.13
Brasilia Apr-06 $4.60
Tokyo May-06 $4.93
Frankfurt May-06 $6.10
Rome May-06 $6.15
Brussels May-06 $6.33
London May-06 $6.36
Hong Kong May-06 $6.54
Oslo May-06 $6.99
Note: Self-service prices have been collected where available (usually in No. American, Europe and Japan)
Source: Associates for International Research, Inc.