State of Small Business Video

  • The champion of championship belt making 

    Dave Millican has been making championship belts out of his garage for WWE and other wrestling companies for most of his life.

  • Fashion startup makes clothes with snark 

    Online company Betabrand mixes fashion with humor to create Internet buzz and engage its fans.

  • Pinball machines for the 21st century 

    Jersey Jack Pinball is looking to reignite interest in pinball by making machines with LCD screens, LED lights, and modern electronics.

  • The arcade trying to bring pinball back 

    Modern Pinball NYC is hoping to reignite interest in the classic game by opening a business where anyone can stop in and play.

  • Luxe furniture made from old bowling lanes  

    Jim Malone, owner of Brooklyn-based CounterEvolution, takes abandoned bowling lane wood and creates beautiful pieces of furniture for your home or office.

  • Bob Marley inspires son's coffee startup 

    Reggae legend Bob Marley's son Rohan co-founded Marley Coffee, a brand dedicated to sustainable farming and social entrepreneurship.

  • How Big Gay Ice Cream came to be 

    Douglas Quint came up with the idea for a different kind of ice cream truck one summer in NYC, and Big Gay Ice Cream has since blossomed into a brand with storefronts on both coasts.

  • How hand-crafted ukuleles are made 

    Mike DaSilva left his job in the tech industry a decade ago and followed his passion, making beautifully hand-crafted ukuleles that sell for thousands of dollars.

  • Turning America's street guns into jewelry 

    Peter Thum, founder of Ethos water, has a new socially conscious business venture, Liberty United, taking guns from cities like Philadelphia and Syracuse and turning them into jewelry.

  • NY lobster business claws back after Sandy  

    Superstorm Sandy hit Susan Povich and Ralph Gorham with nearly half a million dollars in rebuilding costs. But one year later, Red Hook Lobster Pound is back on its feet and business is booming.

  • Cronut - the treat people wait hours for 

    The Cronut, a croissant-doughnut hybrid filled with cream, is taking NYC by storm, with people waiting hours in line and paying as much as $40 to get one.

  • Pitching the next great startup 

    From undercover yoga, to frozen yogurt for dogs, small business owners trying out for the ABC series 'Shark Tank' give their quick pitches.

  • View from Main Street in one small town 

    We visited Maplewood, N.J., and spoke to small business owners about what it's like to run a shop in today's economic climate.