Ford C-Max Hybrid: A sporty spud

Ford's new hybrid gets 47 mpg, it will fit all your stuff and, believe it or not, it's a kick to drive.

Cockpit technology

The C-Max is equipped with Ford's love-it-or-hate-it MyFord Touch interface for using the stereo, navigation, phone connections and other things. A lot of people seem to have a hard time figuring this system out but, really, I've never had a big problem with it.

Yes, there might be four different ways to do the same thing but that just means that, if you have a hard time with three of those ways, there should be at least one you can deal with. Another plus is that Ford vehicles, unlike most others, actually have voice commands that work most of the time. (I have noticed that they tend to fail most often when you're trying to show off how well they work.)

Source: CNNMoney
  @peterdrives - Last updated October 22 2012 03:15 PM ET

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