Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth's real-life cartoon cars

Los Angeles' Galpin Motor Sports claims to have the biggest collection of cars by the father of the 'Kustom Kulture' movement.


ed roth car gallery

This isn't exactly a car. Actually, it's not a car at all. The Rotar is, basically, a very small hovercraft. It hasn't really flown, though, since one fateful car show in Detroit's Cobo Hall convention center in 1964. One of Roth's assistants revved the Rotar's turbine's too fast, causing one of the fans to fly apart, seriously injuring bystanders.

One of the turbine blades was removed from Cobo's ceiling 45 years later and was then mailed to Bachman.

With eight Ed Roth cars to his name, Bachman claims to have the largest single collection of Roth cars and that's not counting a plethora of Roth memorabilia.

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