Best hotels of 2014

Hoping to treat yourself to a tip-top getaway? This exclusive look at luxury travel network Virtuoso's annual 'Best of the Best' list reveals nine hotels that 9,000 high-end travel agents voted tops in their categories -- from the sweetest spas to the tastiest eats.

Best spa

best hotels bulgari spa
  • Hotel: Bulgari Hotel & Residences
  • Location: London

The Bulgari spa offers some of the most sought-after spa treatments, ice showers and steam rooms available. But the real crown jewel is a 25-meter colonnaded swimming pool with full body massage jets, finished with tiny gold leaf glass tiles.

Guests can relax in loungers and cabanas while they wait for synchronized four-handed massages (about $950 for 2 hours) and emotional healing with the modern-day wizard (about $1,000 for 90 minutes).

- Last updated November 18 2014 09:21 AM ET