Y Fliker
Fliker F1
Company: Yvolution
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Price: $99-$129
Age: 5 and up

This Dublin-based startup specializes in ride-on toys. It launched its latest innovation -- Y Fliker -- at Toys R Us stores nationwide in September.

The Y Fliker is a three-wheeled scooter that works very differently from traditional two-wheeled scooters. You don't have to kick the pavement to glide on it. Instead, the scooter is propelled as you sway your body, said Yvolution spokeswoman Analei Samaseia.

"This is a self-propelling scooter that moves when you move your body weight from side to side," she said. "It's almost like skiing. "

The foldable Y Fliker comes in three different models for kids that all have handbrakes. "We wanted this to be a family activity. So we have two models for adults as well," said Samaseia. "This is a lot of fun and it's environmentally-friendly, too."

Source: CNNMoney
- Last updated November 19 2012 11:38 AM ET
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