Government contractors brace for spending cuts

Some companies have built successful businesses on government funding. Now, as Washington gets ready to begin automatic budget cuts, these firms are taking stock.

Everyone Counts: Saves states money

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  • Revenue: *
  • # of employees: 48
  • Based in: San Diego, Calif.

Electronic voting systems may not sound glamorous, but they got some star power this week.

Voters in this year's Oscars for the first time could cast their ballots online using an electronic system developed by Everyone Counts. The company is making online voting systems for mobile phones, iPads and PCs.

Today, 80% of Everyone Counts' business comes from government contracts, said CEO Lori Steele.

Steel, a former investment banker, acquired the Australian election technology company in 2006 and relocated it to the United States.

Eight big states, including New Jersey, Utah, Colorado and Oregon are current clients, and 85 counties have also adopted the online system, said Steele.

The online voting system is 30% cheaper for local governments to maintain than traditional voting booths.

As a result, "we're not too concerned about budget cuts," said Steele. "An economy like this is the perfect environment for us. Our service will help states save money."

* Steele declined to disclose the company's annual revenue
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