Apple I computer: $374,500
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The first brainchild of Jobs and Wozniak originally sold for $666.66. Yet if you're an owner of one of the 200 Apple I computers today, it can fetch more than 500 times that price.

In an auction run by Christie's in November 2010, an Apple I was sold for more than $212,000. The item also included a signed letter from Jobs himself. The auction house announced last week that it would put another Apple I up for bids, with the expectation that it could fetch as much as $126,500.

Neither of those come close to the $374,500 winning bid for a working Apple I at a Sotheby's auction in June. That device went for more than twice the $180,000 the auction house expected.

- Last updated September 04 2012 06:50 AM ET
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